The high-waist A-line skirt is the gospel of the spring of the pear-shaped body, and the slightly fat girl wears it, and the waist line is still thin

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Most of the slightly chubby girls have a pear-shaped body with thick thighs, and this figure is highly recommended to buy a high-waisted A-line skirt!

Whether it is a long skirt or a short skirt, it can improve the waist line, lengthen the leg line, and cover the flesh of the thighs, match well, super thin, and send a small shadow today

3 kinds of A-line skirt wearing LOOK, it is simply the gospel of a pear-shaped slightly fat girl in spring,

Remember to collect first, spring is beautiful in advance!

High-waist A-line hip skirt LOOK:

Brown plaid skirt + yellow sweatshirt

The wind of this year’s plaid elements is really blowing very large, good matching, age-reducing temperament is easy, slightly slim A-line fit, just in line with the beautiful curves of the human body, plus the design of small high waist, very long legs!

Not only can it be matched with sweatshirts, but also very good looking with slim undershirts, the overall slim concave shape, and the slim top with the light and elegant sense of Miss Han Fan’er!

Coffee color plaid skirt + beige cartoon sweatshirt

The plaid skirt can be said to be a good match all year round, and the contrast check of coffee and beige is very attractive, a little retro, foreign and high-end 1

Choose skin-friendly woolen material comfort will not look stuffy, coffee color and beige fresh and playful, through the simple temperament of the college style, add a pair of canvas shoes can go out on the street, is the feeling of youth is right!

Black and white plaid skirt + white T-shirt + denim jacket

Spring season black and white plaid woolen skirt with denim jacket is a good choice, the inside is the classic black and white, the plaid has some more eye-catching index, denim is the standard of youth, this set, easy to wear and reduce age!

High-rise A-line skirt that lengths to the calf

Black A-line midi midi skirt + sweatshirt + denim jacket

Midi skirt is a midi skirt that is below the knee and not yet ankle, this length sweater long skirt dragging, and will not let the flesh of the thighs show the original shape like a short skirt, the black mid-length A-line version is a hidden meat “weapon”, and it is also one of the very suitable items for slightly fat pear-shaped girls, loved by girls!

This type of skirt looks ordinary, in fact, there are hidden intentions, generally there are split and regular models, the side stripes will visually elongate the leg shape, wear foreign and retro, how to match will not contradict, very versatile, malleable such a strong midi skirt, in the spring is recommended by both hands!

Black denim A-line skirt + sweatshirt

Denim pieces have always been the versatile products of the four seasons, with a tough sense of leisure, so that the whole has some cool feeling, loose fit large pocket design denim skirt practical and beautiful, lazy lazy do not pick the figure, with a simple gray sweatshirt simple and neat and monotonous, super gentle beautiful girl feel!

An umbrella-shaped A-line skirt

Red high-rise plaid umbrella skirt + black slim undershirt + denim jacket

The umbrella-shaped A-line skirt is a piece that appears in any season, and the pleated skirt that easily creates a girly feeling is OK no matter what it is paired with, and he is the one who wears it immediately to return to the 18-year-old girl.

The high-waisted umbrella shape, showing the length of the legs highlights the proportion of the body, and the pleated A-line shape spreads out to perfectly cover the thigh fat, full of girly feeling!

Green plaid high-waisted umbrella skirt + orange long-sleeved T-shirt

The umbrella skirt of the woolen fabric is more structured, and if you look closely, there will be colorful grainy variegated colors, uncommon, very heartwarming, the color is the green tone of the fire, with the orange top full of vitality, is the color of spring Yes, the beauty is right!

Gray high-waisted umbrella skirt + pink long-sleeved T-shirt

The gray pleated umbrella skirt is very Japanese-style, very temperamental and versatile, with a variety of sweatshirts, sweaters, small jackets are all stress-free, believe me this color of the small umbrella skirt closed my eyes!

With a pink top preppy style feeling so age-reducing ah, carrying a backpack, wearing white sneakers, and a comic heroine in travel notes, it’s great!

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