Fashionistas are planting grass? Reveal why men’s pants expert Jiumuwang’s co-branded little black pants are so popular

This autumn and winter’s men’s pants fashion circle will be amazed by the Jiumuwang joint model of small black pants. On October 21, 2021, the co-branded little black pants of Joeonewang xDavide Marello (former GUCCI designer) was released. When the highly artistic print design meets the star little black pants of men’s pants expert Jiumuwang, the joint model debuted on the whole network and was sought after by many fashionistas.

“Black technology” fabric creates good pants, and small black pants define a new generation of business men’s pants

Jiumuwang Little Black Pants was born in 2019, and the original intention of its launch is to creatively develop a star item that integrates business, leisure and sports based on many practical life pain points such as traditional business men’s pants that are too tight, too constrained, and detrimental to the health of men in the workplace.

The fabric used in the little black pants is a high-elastic fabric with excellent stretch and recovery rate creatively developed by JOEONE. Different from ordinary woven garment fabrics, JOEONE combines weaving technology with fabric characteristics to create a 360-degree high-elastic fabric woven by knitted and woven with a stretch rate of up to 4 times that of ordinary fabrics(1). The fabric has undergone a thorough finishing process and repeated testing, and has excellent ductility and resilience, as well as a memory function.

The fabric elasticity of the little black pants is very large, in the process of making the fabric into pants, the waist process is particularly important, Jiumuwang customized exclusive accessories for this, which not only ensures the elasticity and comfort of the fabric itself, but also makes the waist and abdomen wrapped better, and will not be arbitrarily deformed. Relying on the data of 12 million people accumulated over the years (2), Jiumuwang Little Black Pants has excellent shape, stable pants, good wrapping, comfortable and stylish, soft and moderate. As a good pants that truly solves the dress needs of business men, it has been recognized by the market since its birth, and many customers have reported that they do not want to wear other pants after wearing Jüherd Little Black Pants.

A stylish extension that makes the little black pants more possible

With the development of society and the improvement of living standards, men’s attention to appearance and appearance has gradually awakened, and in the choice of clothing, they prefer to wear comfortably, but also pursue taste, style, fashion and other elements.

In this collaboration, while continuing the excellent performance of classic black pants, JOEONE joined hands with former GUCCI designer Davide Marello to launch a joint series of small black pants, combining the artistic print design with the comfort and versatility of small black pants, allowing us to appreciate the fashion charm of men’s pants.

Davide shares his design path: “Prints can be a true reflection of a person’s state of mind and can help people express themselves and their personality. “The bold and creative design of the Jiumuwang co-branded little black pants has captured the love of many fashionistas, and in their outfit display, we not only let us feel the outstanding visual expression of the little black pants, but also let us see more possibilities of Chinese men’s pants aesthetics.”

Focus on young customers and look forward to future development

The growing “Little Black Pants Family” of JOEONE is the brand’s long-term plan for the emerging young consumer groups. Jiumuwang has been focusing on the field of men’s pants for 32 years, facing the product needs of young customers, while maintaining its own competitive advantage, and doing a good job in forward-looking layout. JOEONE continues to integrate international fashion resources and renew its new product matrix: in January 2021, it joined hands with Guido Tahra, a well-known Italian designer, to launch the joint series “Jubilee”; In March of the same year, together with former Zegna designer Louis-Gabriel NOUCHI, he released the 2021 Fall/Winter collection inspired by the “Great Wall of China” and with pants as the core, and then brought NOUCHI to Paris Fashion Week in June, staging the first pants show of the centennial Paris Fashion Week, which surprised the world. This time, in cooperation with former GUCCI designer Davide, the joint launch of small black pants, JOEONE once again uses excellent pants quality and the fashion style of artistic design to show the fashion trend direction of Chinese men’s pants.

Deeply cultivating the field of men’s pants, Jiumuwang uses professionalism to create the ultimate star items. In the future, it is necessary to make Jiumuwang little black pants a must-have pants for professionals and become synonymous with the pursuit of workplace comfort, and at the same time, by continuously building a “little black pants family”, one step to solve the needs of working men for pants matching. It is this kind of development idea that constantly meets the needs of customers that has made the continuous iterative innovation of Little Black Pants since its launch, and has sold more than 1 million pieces so far, which is loved by young mainstream people!

Relevant data description:

(1) “Elongation up to 4 times of ordinary fabrics”: The test results of certified testing institutions are compared with ordinary fabrics of this brand.

(2) “12 million human body data” source: Joemuwang and Beijing Meidaojia Technology Co., Ltd. established cooperation to jointly collect the results.