Craft: Short sweater with loose pullover with round neck (with woven illustration)

『 Craft as you like 』

With Line:

Chain alpaca hair 1 strand


486 g

With needles:

3.5mm crochet


Bust 120cm, garment length 52cm, sleeve length 32cm, sleeve fat 30cm, cuffs 22cm


This dress is very thin, don’t look at its thick line, and has a three-dimensional date shape, it looks like a small ball ball, but it is really thin.

When I wear it with a black shirt, I think it looks good, the photos taken are a little unspeakable, and the small ears on the front of the shirt are a little strange

Weaving instructions:

【Structure Diagram】


First, I borrowed the bottom swing needle of the sweater below and a set of jujube needles and cross-long needles on the body.

Later, these two patterns were used

Behind is the illustration I spliced and drew myself:

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