Hanging wall clock, Master in clock

Specially picked out the clock on the double-sided wall to make a special immersive set, this fashion wall clock is very suitable for installation in the aisle or doorway, and the effects of both sides are very practical.

挂壁钟 ,时钟界的master

At the same time, the wall clock accounts for a certain spatial location, and the time creates space stereoscopic.

The simple wrought iron rack hangs double-sided wall clock, brown-yellow antique design with Rome numbers is a slow casual. The position of the wall clock is also a classic example.

挂壁钟 ,时钟界的master

White bell is eleganta-type wall clock, still luxurious, fascinating.

Wrought iron bell rolls, dark, is like guards in turn.

White pure wrought iron wall clock, Wen Wenya, European artwork, the atmosphere under the wall clock is so warm and romantic.

Classic wrought iron plus small yellow flowers and small green leaves, if a vivid art, smart jump, very rich.

挂壁钟 ,时钟界的master

Symmetrical wrought iron frame and upper in-business antique style, modern English plus arabic digital clock with the chain can sway, lively.

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挂壁钟 ,时钟界的master

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