YSL mouth red collection, rotten tomato is clear, wine red high, rust red is suitable for winter

As a master of beauty, every day, thinking about what kind of angle brings a colorful makeup. This time we started from the brand, bringing you the most suitable reddish lipstick in winter.

This small series organizes four slightly red-brown-tuning lipsticks that are relatively hot in different periods of San Rolans, and their texture and packaging are not very different.

But the only common point is to have a certain red brown tune, suitable for winter applicators.

There are four, which are the black tube, small gold bars, small silver bars and round tube series. If you are interested, you will look at the four evaluation.

# 416 rotten tomato black tube

It is biased, and the lip glaze gives people a feeling of a glass lip. This is not clear when it is a super fire old net red, which is worth everyone.

The film formation is also very fast and does not touch the cup, and it is very white, and the yellow girl is also suitable. The texture is completely clear and advanced clear,

It is really a favorite.

It is very nice to see a year, and the special big bug is the easy leakage of this flame. It may be a design BUG, ​​so it is best to have a small rubber ring, so it can completely avoid this situation.


The red tonar is bonded in the red, and the girl is full of girls. Thin pain is a very pure and energetic sister, and there will be a gentle gas field after thickness, and a beautiful lipstick.


# 107 tulle wine red small silver bars

After the mouth, it is thin and red texture, and the thick coating is red brown. Although this lipstick has a matte color,

But overall compared to small gold bars will be more moist.



Will be more translucent after you don’t dry your mouth, very good.

Reddish brown, very advanced, biased after thickness. For girls with lips, there is no pressure that can be started with no pressure.

As its name is, it is a red-tonal red, and it is not too picking up. However, deep blush girls must be cautious, relatively moist, so after the upper mouth, the color is not very good, the color is not very good.

It is easy to appear clearly in the hand, but I can’t figure out the pilot effects on the picture after my mouth.

# 09 Rust Red Little Gold Bar

This lipstick is a retro blue-tone red, and it is really a beautiful texture in the vintage pictorial after the mouth. It is a familiar black gold packaging square tube, thin coated with rust bovine blood red feel, biased.

But after the thickness is, it is really a special rust red, and it is entirely open directly to the gas field of the whole person.


With a certain brown tone, it is very suitable for the mouth of the winter, and the yellow girl can be assured.

Because it is a matte texture, there will be some pulling, so as long as you do a good job in advance in the lips, you will not be able to find a lip, you can feel free to start.

When I saw this, I could think of the fertile seaweed girl, and the exquisite makeup was taken in the afternoon. It was really too retro.


After thin coating, the enumeration is relatively heavy, and there will be this situation after recoat, the color is really too positive,

Winter it and black coat are made.


# 02 Cacao Bounce Silver Glitted Date Mud Red Brown

As a branch in the stars, it is not so much popularity compared to the small gold bars, but it is basically the color number of the shelves.

The yellow girl is also very natural and natural, it is a paste with a certain gold flash, so there is a thin flammation after the mouth. The design of the round tube is also very high and luxurious, and it will not give people a cheap sense.

At the same time, as a red brown system, its red is very positive, just as its name it also has a point. There is a faint fragrance, the texture is a moisturized texture,


So don’t take it particularly. But we must worry about the cup, so wait for a while to dry after a while, you don’t have to worry.

The above is the lipstick evaluation of the four red-brown tones of Yangshin. Do you have a sense of use? Welcome to leave a message. If you have interested lipstick directions, you also welcome the message below to tell us to give you evaluation.