Warm “clothes” winter, Wudi County 518 difficult children put on new cotton coats

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On December 30, 2021, Wudi County, “Warm & Warl ‘Winter – Putting Love Home” donation ceremony. On the same day, the Wudi County Committee Propaganda Department, the county women’s party is mainly responsible for comrades to Xinyang Town Beach Village, sending a new year cotton, learning supplies to the difficult children, and understanding the child’s learning and life in detail, encouraging children to keep optimism The upward life attitude, self-confidence, work hard to learn knowledge, bravely chase your dreams.

It is understood that in 2021, the Wudi County Women’s Federation has actively integrated resources, improves the long-acting assistance mechanism of lonely children, carrying out public welfare activities such as “warmth ‘clothing’ winter”, coordinating a total of 164,200 yuan funds and materials, rescue left-behind , Difficult, special children 518 people have formed enthusiastic public welfare in the whole society, poverty alleviation, care for women, and good atmosphere.

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