Beauty is to start from “head”, high-quality hat list strike

As the saying goes, the hairstyle is not enough, the hat is coming together. A good-looking hat, you can make it look more. It can also be too hard to attract others, and it can be done. Today, I recommend 4 wild and fashionable hats. What kind of style, what you want, you can give you! Let’s take a look!

First, straw hat


With the popular trend, straw hat gradually became popular single items that creative fake gardens, and gradually became an indispensable summer outlet single item. Whether it is a picnic or a seaside vacation, a straw hat can make your photo seconds into both a touch.

The straw hat of this big side is full of styles, and the hat is plastic, foldable and not deformable, and it can be rolled up to accommodate the place. The hat of the hat is very full, not only suitable for the romantic floral dress, but also the handsome pants.

Second, the baseball cap


Street beats always can’t leave the bodgyle movement. Of course, when you get up early in the morning, you can cover your big stove. Baseball hats are a lot of fashionists and stars!

The three-dimensional cut 360 ° of this baseball cap can fit the head, the cap is also three-dimensional, not only does not obscure the line of sight, but it can be better. When the sisters took a hat, I can take a careful braid, it is a sweet and playful girl who is sweet and sweet.

Third, fisherman

Although the fisherman has a narrower than the straw hat, its cap shape is more embossed, and the effect of forming the face will be better, and the fisherman is also saving the chuckle hand for saving the head.


This fisherman is very good, suitable for all kinds of faces, and even faceful sisters can also be easily controlled. And this is a fisherman cap that prevents the outside line, its sunscreen effect reaches UPF50 +, summer is afraid of tanned sisters, Pick it is right.


Fourth, big fisherman


The skill of the big fisherman’s cap defensive sunshine is Max! And the scenery is going out, when you don’t want to see people, you can avoid the existence of a big hat when you go out.


Tsful hat female fisherman hats Korean version of the tide student fashion wild hat sunscreen breathable folding beach hat pot cap sun visor DQ027YFMB beige

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Sisters with demand for outdoor activities can consider this big fisherman, it is really indispensable in summer. The hats are very breathable, wear in hot summer, will not feel stuffy.

In the last wearing a hat, pay attention to today’s hat is the protagonist or a role, no matter when, don’t let the matching is too cumbersome, it is not easy to get it. You can call the hat with the inner bed, shoes, socks, etc., which will make the match look more beautiful.