Zhong Shen Association: You should be cautious choosable to prevent blue lens, myopia is more than 500 degrees, not recommended large frame glasses

Anti-blue, large circle, and the popular glasses style is not necessarily suitable for your eyes. Recently, China Consumers Association (hereinafter referred to: China Consumers Association) released 20 comparison test results, evaluating the overall results “satisfactory”, but 3 mirror institutions were rated as “not recommended”, including: Aojo, Baoqing glasses, Op glasses.

It is worth noting that in the consumption tips released in the same period, the Central Consumption Association said that ordinary consumers should be cautious in choosing blue-ray lenses, and the high degree of consumers should not choose a large frame-type frame.

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China Consumption Association releases consumption tips that the current associated glasses standard does not specify the blue-racer effect of anti-blue lens, it is recommended that ordinary consumers should be cautiously select blue-racer lenses.

At the same time, special eye diseases such as macular diseases, such as age-related macular deformation, macular spatum holes, diabetic fundus lesions, based on ophthalmologists, recommended blue-ray glasses.

It is understood that Blu-rays are part of the highest energy and closest to ultraviolet rays in humans. Studies have found that Blu-rays may cause problems such as visual fatigue, deepen myopia. Long-term excess blue radiation can also cause chronic light damage to the fundus retina.

At the same time, according to Lu Xiaoli, the Ophthalmology of the Shuguang Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the visible light of the computer, TV screen, energy-saving lamp, etc., there is a large amount of blue light with a large number of irregularities. The public has a higher opportunity to get into blue.

With the awareness of Blu-ray hazards, sales of anti-blue glasses in recent years have gradually high.

According to the “2018-2022 China Defense Blue Glasses Industry Market”, the “Development Prospect Predicting Report” issued by New Sijie has been released, “in recent years, China’s anti-blue glasses market has a rapid growth situation, and the growth rate has increased year by year. In 2017, China’s anti-blue glasses market has reached 1.683 billion yuan, and the growth rate is as high as 22.4%.

But is anti-blue glasses really suitable for all consumers?

Lu Xiaili said that anti-blue glasses are suitable for use when using LED digital display devices such as TV, computers, tablets, and mobile phones, but not recommended long-range glasses in the daily life, because anti-blue glasses filtered part of Blu-ray, vision The picture will be yellow.


“This lens can lead to the scenes seen by the human eye, plus a yellow filter, which will cause inconvenience in the actual work, even color difference, and impact on adolescents.” Nantong Metrology and verification test Cheng Tianwei also analyzed the possible problems of anti-blue glasses in the “Effective Analysis of Anti-Blue Glasses”.

In July of this year, the China Glasses Association Quality Standards Professional Committee, the National Glasses Optical Standardization Technical Committee, organized the “2019 Defense Blu-rapers Technology Research and Quality Enhancement”.

The expert consensus released by this meeting pointed out that the public should correctly understand the role of Blu-ray to human health, anti-blue lenses can be used, but according to different scenes of the eyes, it should not be worn for a long time.


In addition, for some of the presently existing media to exaggerate the propaganda chaos of the blue-racer lenses, the glasses industry should promote blue-ray knowledge from positive guidance, publicize blue-ray knowledge, and use anti-blue products correctly.

Lv Xiaoli also suggested that consumers can be equipped with two glasses, a pair use in daily life, and a pair worn when using LED digital display devices such as a computer. At the same time, the public should also pay attention to the use of eye habits, supplement the right amount of vitamins.

“Blu-ray only reaches a certain illumination and time will hazardize the eyes, using the standard lighting, properly and reasonable use of the eyes, the blue light touched is not harmful to the eyes.” Lu Xiaoli emphasized.

China Consumers Association also suggested that consumers select the frame based on the mirror prescription.

According to reports, consumers below 500 degrees, can choose a larger frame shape and size (except for large frame); the degree of consumers at 500-800 degrees should try to select a smaller or half of the lens frame wide. Frame frame; consumer of the degree in more than 800 degrees should select a small full frame frame.

Why do you have a popular large frame in the past in recent years not wear it?

Luo Wei, attending physician, Hunan Children’s Hospital, wrote the harm of large frame glasses.

First, the lens used in large frame glasses is heavier, and it will continue to deform the nasal beam to the nose, and it will also cause eye fatigue, soreness, eyelid or nose.

At the same time, the mirror visual center of large frame glasses is difficult to maintain consistent with the pupil spacing of people itself. Its large-frame frame tends to cause the optical center distance of the lens to be larger than the pupil spacing, causing the wearer to decrease, visual field, strabismic, dizzy.

“The longer wearing, the higher the number of myopia, the more obvious the side effects.” Luo Wei emphasized.

In addition, since the lens is different, and the mirror is based on the point of the lens, the large frame glasses will fall due to weight, resulting in a pupil focus that cannot be kept from the center of the lens, thereby causing the persistence of visual disorders and vision. .

China Consumers Association also suggests that the frame selection should be suitable for your own face. The closer to the frame distance of the frame is, the closer to its own pupil, reduce the prism effect caused by the inappropriate frame of the frame, resulting in an unclear, dizziness, and nausea or even deepening.

For metal frame, China Consumers Association is recommended to choose carefully. If it is an easy allergic consumer, try not to choose a metal box (especially alloy material). Non-wearing consumers, can explain the need for the mirror of the frame to make the need for the mirror of the frame; if wearing, the light and comfortable frame can be reduced.

China Consumers Association also released the comparison test results of 20 fitted glasses in the same period.

The test-tested mirrors include Elephant, Huaxia Ophthalmology, Asian Glasses, Brothers Gaosunde, Aijing Ophthalmology, and Multi-Mirror, Fragma Products.

The test results show that 20 glasses of glasses, the horizontal distance deviation of the optical center, the horizontal deviation of the optical center, and the horizontal deviation of the horizontal optical center, and the visible spectral range transmit ratio, the ultraviolet spectrum range transmission ratio, the nickel release amount of the frame. The thickness of the lens is in line with national or industry standard requirements. In addition, although the vertical mutual difference between the optical centers in the various articles is different, but they are in line with national standards.

However, only 18 sample column mirror axis is equivalent to national standards, AOJO, Baoqing glasses lens axle directional deviation exceeds standard limit requirements.

It is reported that the intersection direction of the column mirror is the direction in which the astigmatism is located. The smaller the axial direction of the column mirror, the more accurate the cylinder shaft bits; the allowable deviation is exceeded, and the mirror will lead to the inquiry object, “replay” phenomenon, causing visual fatigue, resulting in vision.

In terms of anti-blue light, the blue performance of 19 samples complies with the requirements of industry standard QB 2506-2017; there are 1 sample Op glasses – Posi 1.60 non-spherical anti-blue transfair water film blue-ray blue performance beyond standard requirements.


It is worth noting that the overall evaluation results issued by China Consumers have shown that 3 mirrors are rated as “not recommended”, including: AOJO, Baoqing glasses, Op glasses.

Overall score results: