Hydrofgraduate energy integrated development “sample”

Want to achieve a large-scale promotion of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, must be “hydrogen station first” while optimizing the hydrogen supply chain, and do hydrogen storage. In the domestic existing industrial chain enterprises, there are not many participating in hydrogen storage and can focus on hydrogen storage and transportation.


Shanghai Hydro Maple Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “hydrogen maple energy”) is a member of “a few”. Up to now, in the country, 57 hydrogenstations and hydrogenation systems are built, and 10 hydrogenation stations are operated; in the production of hydrogen energy equipment, it is gradually forming three major bases, such as Rugao, Xinxiang Factory and Yixing Factory. Meeting the growing market demand; at the same time, it has also established an autonomous vehicle operation platform to promote the commercial application of hydrogen capacity.

From the upstream to downstream full-faced, Hydrogens Energy integrated strategy helps China’s hydrogen energy industry has developed rapidly.

Three basic business sections “头 并进”

Hydro-Maple Energy was established in May 2016. At the beginning of its establishment, it is a high-tech enterprise in investment, construction, and operation of Hydrogen Station. In recent years, with the hydrogen energy industry, the company is based on the operation of the hydrogen production station, actively constructs hydrogen energy network, creating system, storage and transportation, plus, hydrogen energy network circulation, has expanded the business to the upstream storage and downstream Hydrogen.

At present, the products and services of three major foundation sections of hydrogens, are: Hydrogen station construction and operation, hydrogenation station key equipment, and magnesium-based solid hydrogen storage equipment. The three basic business sections “are traveled” and jointly promote hydrogen maple energy to become a representative enterprise in the field of production and related equipment in China.

Hydrogen station construction and operation:

It is the sector involved in hydrogen maple energy. Up to now, its total is a diversified service, including the construction of “hydrogen purification-hydrogen-hydrogen-hydrogen-hydrogen can be used” demonstration engineering – Yangyang Coal chemical hydrogen energy card demonstration Engineering, “Natural Gas, Photovoltaic – Hydrogen – Aerated – Vehicle Applications” One Station – Aili High-Science Telion Station Demonstration Project.

At the same time, hydrogen maple energy continues to optimize the whole station control, and has achieved a significant decrease in operating energy consumption of hydrogen production station; and in order to make hydrogen stations more intelligent, hydrogen maple energy has been related to UCloud Youyun Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation, focusing on the “Industrial Internet Platform + Smart Hydrogen Station Construction and Operation”.

“Through years of hard work, we have accumulated rich hydrogen station construction and operation experience, forming a set of self-owned intelligent, standardized hydrogen supplementary operation management systems, we have complete conditions, it is ready to help domestic Hydrogenation Station Rapid landing, as well as standardization, chain, intelligent operation of Hydrogen, “Hydrogens.”

Hydrogen station Key equipment sector:

It is Hydro-Maple Energy to master a large number of hydrogen bodies operation data, and the business of how to optimize hydrogen energy equipment has a large amount of actual data support, and the product covers the hydrogen, unloading cabinet, sequential control cabinet. Wait.

This year, Hydro-Maple continues to upgrade on the basis of the original products, and independently develops a hydrogen, 45MPa direct diaphragm compressor, pneumatic valve version sequential control cabinet, dual system nitrogen cabinet, etc. Innovation has introduced new product new products, including 35 + 70 integrated hydrogen, 1000kg / 12h dual die compressor, 35 / 70MPa mining equipment.

Magnesium-based solid hydrogen storage equipment sector:

It is derived from hydrogen maple energy to optimize solid-state hydrogen storage, and at the same time, the hydrogen station can have sufficient high quality hydrogen sources, and the price of reducing hydrogen. At present, the world’s first 35MPa + 70MPa magnesium-based solid storage hydrogen storage station demonstration project is built in this technology route. In addition, based on the current standards of magnesium-based solid storage hydrogen storage, the industry’s development direction has no unified standards for active guidance, and hydrogen maple energy also led to draft “magnesium-based hydrocarbon solid storage and transportation system technical requirements” group standard ” He became the first standard for the solid storage and transportation of magnesium-based hydrogenation.

At present, hydrogen maple energy is fully promoting the commercial application of magnesium-based solid storage hydrogen, and has been in the first magnesium-based solid hydrogen storage production line in Xinxiang, Henan Province. At the same time, it has also completed the acquisition of Australian magnesium-based solid-state hydrogen storage company HYDREXIAPTYLTD. Hydrofgraduate integrates with both technical and resource advantages to push magnesium-based solid hydrogen storage products to domestic and foreign.

Comprehensive layout to create a “sample”

In the background of dual carbon objectives and countries, hydrogen energy can rise to the strategic status, the hydrogen energy industry presents a huge development prospect. In the face of historical opportunities, hydrogen maple energy relies on the three basic business sections to promote my country’s hydrogen production, storage and transportation, hydrogenation, and use hydrogen development, and create a small-integrated development “sample” in the field of hydrogen energy.

This year is the first year of demonstration policies, what are the specific market layouts of hydrogens?


Hydro-producing energy is based on Hydrogen and Hydrogen storage links, and actively expand the upper and downstream industrial chain: the upstream end is deeply bound to high-quality hydrogen suppliers, and have reached a strategic cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign companies, and develop advanced hydrogen production techniques for future green hydrogen production. Pavilion; downstream set up a self-main vehicle operation platform company, layout a hydrogen-fuel heavy card market, and link a professional manufacturer of large car enterprises and fuel cell enterprises, and promote the commercial application of hydrogen fuel heavy trucks, comprehensively construct hydrogen energy networks.


Hydro-Maple energy is based on the Yangtze River, actively expands the Beijing-Tianjin-Tianjin and the Pearl River Delta market, established Yixing Branch, Beijing Branch, Hubei Branch, etc., enhanced local service capabilities, and actively responds to regional needs.

The Yixing Branch is built in September this year, when the hydrogen maple energy and Yixing government signed, the total investment of 3 billion yuan construction includes hydrogen production and manufacturing, hydrogen storage production, etc., Yixing hydrogen production industry, etc. Investment and construction in 2022 – 2023 operations operations in 2 “Oil + Hydrogen + Electric” Integrated Energy Station.

“In the late stage, with the Yixing hydrogen maple industrial park, we will form three major bases in China, Xinxiang Factory and Yixing Factory to meet the growing market order; the company has promoted the business throughout the country in the region. In the main area of ​​the car demonstration, the overall solution of hydrogenation station is provided anytime, anywhere. “Hydro-maple energy is expressed.

In addition, this year, Hydro-Maple Energy actively expands overseas markets, except for the operational Australian magnesium-based solid storage professional company, also in North America and the European market. Hydrogens have blown to the corner of the international market.

At present, the demonstration policy is in an orderly, it is expected that the market will usher in a wave of small outbreaks, will Hydrofgraduate will plan to compete for new incremental markets? Hydro-formal energy revealed mainly three points:

1) The company constructs a strategic layout of hydrogen energy networks, solves the bottleneck of hydrogen energy, realizes high quality, stable, low price, convenient hydrogen, which is very small, and will form a core competitive advantage in the business model. ;

2) Provide localized products and services by establishing various branches, providing localized products and services to form rapid response advantages;

3) Accelerate Yixing Production Bases, three major bases simultaneously ensure that the demand for future growth is guaranteed, while the cost of achieving production is reduced by scale production.