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Understand the knowledge of prohibition, not only benefit we establish the scientific concept of restraint and maintain a good folk customs habit, but also help us correctly understand, treat traditional culture, but also make great convenience, in a friendly way to communicate with people .

When I was a child, I was not allowed to be, and some were quite unsuspetent. For example, you can’t take an umbrella or wear at home; if you scrape your wind, you can’t shout; you can’t refer to Buddha status; you don’t sweep the iron in the New Year; you can’t knock down when you eat, chopsticks can’t insert a bowl; you can’t see Animals, especially snakes; walking night road, heard that someone can’t look back, people have seven lights, one light soul, go back and lose a soul.

After growing up, there will be some stuff in Dongdong. For example, when playing mahjong, you can’t let others shoot shoulders, and make back easily. I can’t get married and the dog is not married. Otherwise, the chicken is not hungry; can not write a letter with a red pen; see if the patient can not send pear to send the clock; marry the woman can’t live in the mother of the mother; can not rush to others or The door is spitting. .

Anthropological believes that taboos is a general cultural phenomenon that humans are generally. Sacred, unclean, dangerous things, prohibited, suppressed behavioral control modes can be classified into taboos. The private taboos are generally from the worship and fear of the gods, the restraint and definition of desires, and the summary and summing of the lessons.

Common taboos in life

Folk taboo

I avoid the first day of the first month to sweep, lose garbage, splash, fear, sweep the blessing or wealth.

Avoid the first month of the first month, and the year is in the year, breaking the money, etc., causing ominous.

I avoid eating porridge in the first month, and I have a porridge in the next year.

One to the 15th taboo of the first month.

The ancients believe that the first day of the first month of the year is chicken day, dog day, pig day, sheep, cow, horse, and person. For this reason, I don’t kill the chicken. I will not kill the dog in the first three, I will not kill the pigs in the third day, I will not kill the sheep, the first five don’t kill the cattle, the first six do not kill the horse, the first seven do not need to be sentenced. In fact, living in the Tongwei people, do not kill the animals throughout the first month.

The first month of the first month is called “seven days”, do not leave relatives.

In the New Year, he avoided death, killing, etc.

In the Spring Festival, parents don’t fight children.


Ten the spring (spring), sleep, afraid that the new year is too sleepy.

The second “Dragon”, taboo needle, cut the knife, and the disaster is hurt.

Qingming, Duanyang Festival avoids cultivating cattle, there is “the bitterness, Qingming, Gu Yu, May 5”.

During the 18th day of the spring, Lixia, Li Qiu, Li Dong, the first 18 days of life, can’t start in the yard, think it is too old as the value, the land is unlucky, and the family is not good.

Thirty buses, I must go home to reunite.

The hen is called, the dog night is crying, the crow falls on the roof, the night pigeons are called near Zhuangzi in the evening, they all think that they are immune, maybe the dead.

Old menstrual period woman, pregnant woman, maternity, filial piety, size does not wash hands, do not avoid the “unclean” people such as households, food, gherlake, banned to participate in the sacrifice, temple fairs, etc., think that they will touch the gods, Sacrifice failed.

Avoid touching the statue with your hand, or directly refers to the statue.

Avoid the sun or rainbow.

Avoid unwash your hand to contact the law.

Avoid eaten things.

Birds are on the head.

Avoiding men entering the house, afraid of the mother’s bloodyness rushes himself, and it is not good.

When the old woman must go around the men, don’t walk in front of you, women give things to things, generally put on the table and on the ground, avoid your hands, for “men and women are not pro!” .

Women can’t enter the temple and others during menstruation.

Pregnant women are called “double people”, avoid participating in weddings, funeral, and ritual activities, otherwise they are considered unlucky.

Wolves, foxs and other beasts enter the home, only scared, can not cause death; cat dogs can’t die in the hospital; avoid catching flying to the home of the bird; avoid hucking birds.

When choosing a housing, avoid the “Ding” wordxie, think that the road is a downtown, shooting a house to break the fortune or family.


Avoid peeing on the bridge, otherwise it will be blind.

I avoid others on the roadside on the roadside, they are sick.

Avoid the waist on the waist, and the grass rope is considered to be only done.

Avoid riding on the top of the child, otherwise the child is not high.

Avoid wearing two hats, folk songs have “double wear hats, and brain”.

Before building a house, please ask Mr. Yin and Yang to be placed, determine the orientation “empty” does not “empty”, such as empty choice. Rain water in the courtyard can not fall into the rear garden; if there is a grave in the country, there is a top spot.

Going out, missing the accompanying, there is a statement of “Ning Chuxi, does not live ancient temple”.


After the superstition activities, hang up the red cloth or the door on the door, indicating “avoiding the door”, intended to ban outsiders from entering.

At night, I called the door outside the house called others’ name and thought it was a ghost.

The most taboo can’t be odor in marriage; it is also an uncomfortable, Zodiac Square.

Marriage gift is not allowed.

Avoid the empty disk in order to avoid marriage.

Do not break the happiness utensil, otherwise the husband and wife are not reunion.

When you marry, the bride is going to be hugged out of the house, the bride’s foot can’t touch the door, otherwise it will not be unwell.

The bride can cry in front of the groom home, but it is forbidden to cry again.

Avoid death from being dead, violent is carried into the house, usually put it in the outside of the foreign country, and the funeral cannot enter the village, we must go around the village to go to the grave.


I avoid crying when I am in the dead, I will drop my tears on the dead corpse, the deceased nostalgia, and she must not be super-born; avoid moving into the coffin, thinking that the soul is closed.

When I am in entering the tomch, the filial piety and the person in the field are in the pit.

Avoid the nails on the wood.

Cause the corpse before going out, avoid the cat near the body, afraid of fraud. I also avoid the dog, scream, afraid.


I avoid pregnant women or bore after the death of women; avoid causing food and killing the tissue.

Avoid leather and wool, fiber as a funerary, and the world is swallion to be beast or uncomfortable.

The loved ones, the death, generally called “殁”, “passed away”, “fairy”, “death”, “作古”, etc .; infant death is called “bad step”.

Equious women makeup, or wear colorful clothes.

Heavy filial piety is not casually visiting the door of the family; the parents have died in the world to shave, washing clothes, and splashing in the hospital.

Old, pregnant women sleep with pregnant women, so as not to “happy”, it is inevitable that there is no unlucky.

I avoid pregnant women out of night, think that the ghosts are ghosts at night, afraid to resist evil spirits, causing abortion.

Avoid your baby, you can born, you have a long tooth, and a parent.

Maternal banned food, not allowed to eat rabbit meat, so as not to break the fetus, grow into a race lip.

After the child is born, the gout can not throw or send people; there should be a red cloth on the moonfinder to prevent others to enter; relatives and friends visit the maternal, they can’t bring metal things to prevent milk.

Avoid saying “monkeys” or “fat”, “skinny” and so on.

Take a child who is eating.

Avoid writing letters and names with red pen.

Avoid children to eat pig brain, and they are afraid of clumsy.

Avoid drying pants.

Avoid widows to participate in marriage.

Amazer, a woman, otherwise it will be unlucky.

Avoid women across the hats, laid-of-lifetime production tools placed.

Avoid women’s crystal stone glasses, touch jade or agate’s smoke.

The younger generation cannot call the name of the elder; the wife does not call her husband’s name, which is generally replaced by the name of the child.

Avoid the size of the grave.

Avoid the oil cake, eat, think it is to be 孽. As the saying goes, “Fu is not heavy, and the oil cake is not a meat”.

Avoid others to eat a pot, afraid to bring blessings.

The kitchen fried fried food is joining; the unmarried woman can’t eat hurt bones (also called no mother bones) I am afraid to die my mother.

Do not slaughter or sell lames.

Business people avoid borrowing money before going to the market; but also avoiding the first guests to go, afraid of bringing a day of transceiver.

Singing the play is afraid to sleep, and the soul can’t recognize yourself.

Selling the reins while selling animals, terraking with wealth.

Avoid clothes outside at night, and wear the night.

When you put clothes, you can take the male clothes under the girl’s clothing, fear the man’s blessings.

Avoiding green hats (except military caps), thinking is that the wife is not loyal, there is an affair.

The garments of men and women cannot wear each other; men’s hats and women can’t touch.


Age avoids nine, say ten in the nine.

Available to take the initiative to send it after using others.

Avoid whistling in the house.

Avoid saying words or make fun of the physiological defects of others.

Avoid the name of the family and the name of the elders.

Avoid cutting the pear to eat two and a half with others, and the meaning of “separation”.

Avoid asking for young women age.

Avoid others, “fertilizer”, “heavy”.

In front of the people who don’t have a son, I will avoid the dramatic dramatic words; “said that the deaf is” ear back “, saying that the scorpion is” 眼 “, the body is fat, say” blessing “, called thin as” 癯 “.

Don’t swear easily, gambling, or some brains, overheat. The statement of “Ning eats ten losses, no gambling a curse”.

Cutting in the hometown, insight into the people, do not make anything, do not violate. Ten miles are not in general, Tongyu folk taboo avoided, most of them have their origins, and they have not been treated with feudal superstition. With the advancement of the times, the development of scientific culture, some taboos are no longer paying attention, some are still circulating in society.

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