The sky rice cooker is from the new and industrial innovation.

Text: Chinese people pay attention to food, delicate practice, require strict. As a home cooking electrical appliance, the sky is the same, and the food cooking is focused. Recently, there are many new rice cookers in the sky, and the multi-performance multi-models are met to meet consumer demand. In autumn, as a home appliance purchase hot season, the skyline is listed, and the consumer is good, the sales are warm and not reduced.

Innovation technology of the new revolution

As a leadership brand of ceramic appliances, the skyline combines traditional pottery and modern technology, and it has made eighth generation of ice flames. On the market, the general porcelain can only heat 100 ° C, and the intercity double high temperature firing technique is fired at a high temperature at 1390 ° C, which can resist the temperature difference of temperature difference between 330 ° C. Ceramic liner, retaining rice natural nutrition, ensuring that rice fragrance is not lost. All porcelain liner, isolated metal pollution, health and health. In addition, the horizon first 3D stereo environment heating, gathering around, ensuring that rice is hot and more balanced.


The sky is constantly pursuing technological innovation, closely combined with the latest technology. The new IH smart rice cooker as a pioneer, preemptive, so that consumers are bright in front of them. IH smart rice cooker is a new IH electromagnetic heating technology, using three-dimensional circulating boiling technology and new threaded hot plate, top microcamples and heat plus the bottom fierce heat, satisfying 360 degree circulation heating, achieving uniform and efficient purposes, delicious aroma rice is easy have to.

Coverage full range to meet multi demand

With the continuous improvement of people’s life, the diet demand is diversified, and the performance of the skyline products is constantly upgrading. The new series of new products, the function is more user-friendly, simple to cook the rice, is also suitable for boiling porridge, soup, cooking, etc. Feeling method. Some new products have special porridge functions to meet the special needs of the new child. Products are also more intelligent, sensing probes, real-time detection temperature; liquid crystal display, smart touch control; steam valve control, micro-pressure design adjustment temperature.


The sky is paying attention to each consumer’s food quality. It is committed to the research and development and innovation of cooking appliances. The healthy diet is the desire of each consumer, and it is also the brand pursuit of the sky. The rice cooker manufacturing industry is fierce, and the sky has always been developing and innovating, promoting industrial optimization and upgrading, and strives to achieve rice cooker product line to enrich and brand.


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