82 batches of books sampling, 25 batches of carcinogens exceed the standard! How does the child’s safety guarantee?

The book bag is the supplies that students will be in contact every day, but they are poisonous, and they have not surprised.


Recently, Shenzhen Metrology Quality Testing Institute tested 82 batches of student school bag samples in market circulation, showing 42 batches of samples

Short chain chlorinated wax wax

The content range is from 0.007% to 9.5%, and the detection rate is 51%.


25 batches of short chain chlorinated wax content exceed the EU relevant regulatory requirements

The non-compliance rate is 30%. In a test in 2019, there were 6 batches of plastic bags contained short chain chlorinated wax wax, and 5 of which were outside the EU standard limited requirements.

What is short chain chlorinated wax wax?


Chloride wax is a commonly used plasticizer, mainly used in plastic products. Its use is a flexibility of plastic and improves the touch. Especially in the manufacture of school packs, the appearance of the school bag is better, and the hand is enhanced, and thereby attracting consumers.

In the field of chemical industry, chlorinated wax is divided into short chains in accordance with the length of the carbon chain, and the neutral chain and long chain are relatively.

The more short carbon chain, the stronger the poisonousness,

So the short chain chloride wax and the neutral chloride wax are higher than the long chain.

According to the “Dangerous Chemicals Catalog” developed in our early New Year,

Short chain chloride wax is listed as carcinogenic categories 2

Harm aquatic environment – acute harm category 1, hazardous aquatic environment – long-term harm category 1. This substance not only has the tendency of carcinogenic, but also has a long toxicity, and the endanger is long.

In “Strictly restricted toxic chemicals” in China, short chain chloride wax is also ranked, which not only has biotexicity, but also has accumulatory, long-term short-chain chlorinated wax wax in the environment in animals and humans. Survey in the body,

Further, an immune system and a reproductive system are affected, resulting in environmental pollution.

Zhu Yi, Associate Professor, Chinese Agricultural University

Indicates that short-chain chlorinated waxia attached to the bag will slowly volatilize in an indoor constant temperature, but will not degrade, and there will be long-distance migration. Especially students follow the bags every day, some children will be pillow bags when they are nap. In the long run, the toxic substance will enter the human body through the respiratory tract, and the health is buried in the health.

Children’s stationery hidden 2 health risks

In fact, in modern student supplies, because most of them are plasticized products, it is not only a school bag, other learning or toy supplies, but there is often a lot of health hazards.

Colorful color, when a cardiac

In order to attract the consumer of the child, it is often favored by the students in the colors and rich in stationery.

Li Cunyi, Associate Professor, College of Chemistry, Chongqing University

Indicates that the colorful stationery, manufacturers often add plasticizers, these color pigments may contain carcinogenic amines, lead, mercury, cadmium and other heavy metal elements,

Long-term contact will have carcinogenic risks.

Smell aroma, hidden toxicity

In addition, different aroma on stationery is not natural taste, but the material synthesized by chemical raw materials. Such as medium toxic synthetic raw materials


Will emit an aromatic odor, medium toxicity


Will emit fruit smell, long-term contact with these smells, will have a great hidden danger.

So everyday purchase stationery, parents buy to pay attention to safety, do not look at color and smell, choose quality assurance products. At the same time, parents should remind their children, stationery supplies are practical, don’t pursue exquisite outsourcing.

After all, children’s tumor disease has become an indisputable fact.

Children’s tumor high, parents pay attention to children’s abnormal performance

In 2019, a global child and adolescent cancer issued by “Willow Knife · Oncology” showed that children cancer were the burden of the world’s sixth large cancer, of which my country’s child cancer burden ranked second. Domestic data also shows that in the past decade, the incidence of tumors across the country has grown at 2.8%, and in the last five years, the incidence of malignant tumors in urban children has increased by 18.8%.


Sean Scholar, Dean of the Bayi Children’s Hospital, Beijing Military Region General Hospital

It is said that since childhood is difficult to express the body discomfort caused by the disease, the premature probability of child tumor disease is low, and it is often a medium and late stage. In this case, parents should pay more attention to the various exceptions that have occurred in their children.

1. Unidentified face pale and bleeding

This is often accompanied by fatigue, anemia, and loss of appetite. Because children are difficult to express symptoms, they should be treated immediately after parent discovery.

2. Frequent fever

The child has a fever, especially the fever, and the fever of long duration, it is very likely that leukemia or other tumor disease. In this case, routine antipyretics and therapy are often ineffective, and parents should take their children as soon as possible.

3. Pain in unknown reasons

If you have pain, headache, abdominal pain, or other body part, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

In addition, if the child appears in a short time

Weight loss, early sexy, endocrine disorder

Wait, you should also seek medical attention immediately.

Prevent children’s cancer, a family

Preventing child tumor diseases requires comprehensive measures.


Liu Aichun, Director of the Blood lymphetaine of the Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Harbin Medical University

Indicates genetic factors, immune system defects, viral infections, environmental pollution, and nutritional imbalances are the related causes of child tumor disease.

Therefore, in order to avoid the influence of genetic factors, before pregnancy and pregnancy, young quasi-father mothers should do self-care. Especially pregnant women,

Avoid contact between harmful substances during pregnancy

In particular, the drug is taken and radioactive inspection, must be vigilant.


Guaranteed the child’s nutrition balance.

In terms of diet, health and reasonable and nutrient balance, can not let children drink colds, some parents love children, excessively allow children to take high fat and high sugar diet, thus causing great harm to health.


In addition,

Ensure the health of your child’s living environment.

Whether it is toys, stationery or home living environment, to avoid toxic and harmful substances, buy children needed, must go to the formal place to buy a regular manufacturer’s goods, while requesting and retaining invoices, problems can guarantee their rights protection.


Children’s drugs must comply with medical advice,

Do not take medicine to your child. At the same time, avoiding children to go to some places with chemical hazardous substances, reduce toxic hazardous substances do not have to come into contact.

Compared to adults, due to limited expressive ability, parents should pay attention to everyday life. Only parents have improved a vigilance to set up the guardrail, and the child’s health can be guaranteed.

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