3 thickened coats that are inseparable in winter, beautiful and warm, I bought a few pieces.

# Winter wear diary #

# 流 风 穿 #


# 穿 小 小 知 #

Sisters are good at noon ~

Yesterday afternoon, I received a fantastic message: “

Can I recommend some thickened coat?

“Must arrange immediately!

After entering the winter, in general, we will only wear “life” down jackets, only the temperament of the coat will be wearing temperament when attending events or dating.

I will share my sisters today. I have recently started recently.

Thickening coat

, The warm index is directly for five stars.

Small child


Slough fat

Girls can find themselves.

NO.1 short woolen coat

The first recommended is

Short woolen coat

This should be


Small child

The most friendly coat, especially

Lace design


Different from ordinary short woolen coats, this



More designed, it is a dark buckle design, more grades.

It also has a


Same color belt

When the belt is connected to the belt



. Put a small black pants under the highly confident girl, step on the double black boots, help you with your leg.

This short coat color is



However, it is completely different from the previous style, it is a reduced version “



“Coat, top body is implicit.


Belt design makes it


Two feelings


: When you open, you will be casual, and you can show your elegant temperament.

In order not to let everyone get it, I specially choose one.

White high collar sweater

It is very suitable for daily commuting.


If you want a commute, or

suit collar

woolen coat

Most score. Very thick and wind wind, the shoulder design is very atmospheric.

Take one piece

turtleneck sweater


In the south, it is not too big in winter. Downing is still


Small black pants + boots

Combination, warmth can also be legged.


This gratic wool coat has also brought a belt. Simple series not only lesks out of the waist, but also the visuality is high, the heart-moving sister action ~

NO.2 long section with coat

In daily life, or

Middle coat

We do the most, cover the length of your knee, representing more warmth, and it is more likely to wear high-level feelings.

I don’t say, you can imagine this is a



Coat? The wiring is uniform, and a needle is the essence.


Wool fiber

Close to cashmere fibers, it can be more warm than the general wool.

In addition to keeping warm, the version is equally excellent.

Large lapel design

More style, the upper body is demonstrated to highlight the air field. The two designs were too good, and the minimalist style was king.

This coat small child is also wear, because it comes with a belt, and the belt is easy to optimize the body ratio, and it is slim.

This is given to you is very

Han Fan

The style, there is still a bit

Tooling wind

The taste, cut it anyway


Very embarrassing

. It belongs to ordinary people, can also take the gas field.

It is not picking up



, Plus this


However, there is only a simple series, there will be a feeling of a random fashionable atmosphere.

Even if you are in the north, wear this coat, plus a collar, and the winter is not impossible.

If you warm, you have to be this


Double woolen coat


It is also very soft to touch. Just the pendant tailoring and fabric, the upper body is very thin.

NO.3 imitation leather hair body coat

Imitation leather

The coat is very magical, it has the version of the classic coat, which gives you the warmth of the warm coat.

This coat fabric is




Imitation lamb hair

(Is it super environmental protection), the texture is very thick, wearing it can get enough warmth.


Loose profile, plus the beetle sleeves, cool is quite Feel.

Moonlight + double buckle

Design, whether it is buckle or open, it’s fried!

In order to cooperate with this coat, I also chose a pair of fluffy flat shoes, feeling with it ~

The second imitation price of the coat is the opposite, its ear surface is outside, the velvet is full, and the touch touchd is a warm feeling.

The collar is highlight, aged

Doll collar



Design, very modified face ~

I hope that a few thickened coats recommended today can help our fans, see the next period ~


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Same color belt