exposure! Baby cream ingredient blacklist! Don’t want to eat, see 3 words

Entering the spring, the weather is warm, the baby’s outdoor activities have increased, while delicate skin has also ushered in a new round of challenge!

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At this time, the baby is very easy to encounter.

Dry, get skin, itch, allergy

Waiting for a series of skin problems, if the nursing will cause stubborn skin diseases, parents must be embarrassing!

What makes parents is difficult,


In the use of children’s skin care products frequently stepping on

I don’t know which kind of baby, which is harmful!

Previously “big head doll” incident, believe that mothers still have a lingering, and excessive additives in baby cream causing birth to slow development.

So, how can parents do not step on?

Today’s article is bigger to solve problems for Bao parents! Hurry and understand!


Select skin care products and stick to 5 principles!

Baby is not an adult, baby’s immune system, and skin conditions are not yet mature.

Parents should not be lazy to use adult skin care products to your baby.

But parents can not blindly give birth to children’s skin care products, must be strictly selected.

When choosing, there is such a five major principles to follow:

1. Choose a big brand of children’s special skin care products

Parents want to buy baby skin care products,

First selected regular merchants such as big shopping malls, large supermarkets

Buy and choose a good brand reputation.

The admission threshold for these products is higher, and more security is higher.


Remember: Bao Ma’s baby cream to buy the child, moisturizer, etc. must be considered [makeup “.

National regulations



Wire-based products can not replace drugs

Therefore, don’t use the skin care products as a medicine!

2. Suitable for your baby is the key

Choose skin care products, let’s see your baby


, Two must look at the area



If the baby’s skin is biased, often eczema, then choose

More moist

Skincare; contrary, baby’s skin is more water, you can choose more



About regional differences, in some areas in the south, the climate is very moist, can even do not need skin care products; and in the north, the climate is dry, the wind is large, then pay attention to the moisturizing care of the baby’s skin.

What is the difference between the different texture skin care products?

3. The more simple, the better

If the baby’s skin does not have a rash, you can pick skin care products with moisturizing function.

Commonly safe moisturizing ingredients are: glycerin, Vaseline, or animal oil.

Add too many other ingredients, such as various

Fragrance, preservative, Chinese herbal medicine

Extract, etc., it is easy to cause allergies, and the child is used up and not safe.

As shown below, these ingredients are available for baby cream.

Similar to the following ingredients are not recommended for children.

4. Select small packaging and not easy to open the packaged product

Every time, infant skin care products is less, a bottle often needs a considerable time to finish it.

Products that use small packaging or not easy to open package can prevent harmful substances

At the same time, you can also avoid using incomplete waste, and prevent your baby.


Misuse, ingestion

5. Do not change the brand

If you often replace the skin care products, your baby is going to different skin care products.


This will be injured.

If your mothers must give your baby to change your skin,

It is recommended to apply a small amount of baby after the baby’s ear.

, Observe whether there is an allergic manifestation such as red, swollen swollen, and then continue to use after confirmation.


In general, parents should pick their eyes when they pick their children.

Refuse to counterfeit and shoddy products, but also use skin care products for your baby.

Then, in the face of this high-wind, dry climate, may be skin care products is not enough to save the baby’s skin.

Especially some sensitive, fragile parts, is also a serious problem. How do the parents care about the delicate skin?

Follow the scientific big head


Great wind, dry weather, how do these parts care?


Many parents want to give their children to protect from the head to their feet, but because of the lack of child care experience, they are not working, don’t worry, the Boats will tell you the small secrets of different parts of the baby:

Small face

The baby’s little face “injured” may be partial friction, stimulus, such as

Wash your face frequently, rub your face, etc.

In fact, the baby uses warm water a day.

1 ~ 2 times

You can, don’t repeat your baby, you should use it after the face is finished.

Soft and dry towel


Gently dry the water on the baby’s face.

Baby is more

Washing skin care products in time

(Moisturizing, Moisturizer, Moisturizing, etc.), firmly lock the water in the baby’s small face, especially the eczema baby needs moisturizing!

Also let your baby drink warm water, avoid going to the place!

2. Lips

The season, the baby’s lips are easier to dry, may unconsciously. If it is not in time, it is possible to cause a variety of problems such as dry, peeling or even bleeding.

Prevent your baby’s lips, to ensure your child

Eating balance, drink plenty of water, and correct bad habits such as bite lips, lips.

It is also necessary to help your baby’s lips to apply some moisturizing products, allow your baby’s lips to keep luster and moist.

3. Hand, foot

Spring baby skin care, how can I ignore the little hands and a little feet?

The baby’s skin is thin, it is easy to crack.

Mothers can don’t ignore the hand position when I apply a skin cream.

The position of the hand is the most exposed, and this part must be moisturized.

If you worry about your baby’s moisturizer, don’t give your baby your fingers and your hand.

But if you find a baby’s finger, it is recommended to make a moisturizing work.

In addition, if the baby’s little feet has a dry phenomenon, you can use it.

Warmly blister, then apply moisturizer in time.

4. Small fart

Red butt is a very common problem, mothers must make care for your baby.

Regardless of the diaper or diapers, you must change.

In order to reduce the baby’s skin and feces, the urine contact time, the parents will give the baby a diaper or diaper every 2 to 4 hours.


When cleaning the buttocks with warm water,

Try to let your baby’s little fart will first dry, then apply diaper cream, put on diaper.

It should be noted that parents should not be lazy for the province.


Wet diapers are not cleaned directly or dry, so although diapers are dried, they may still cause urinary rash.

If the baby is only mild red butt, correct care (

Timely clean, apply diaper cream, replace new diaper

3 days will improve.

If it has not improved or has a serious trend in more than 3 days, it is recommended to consult in time.

Baby skin is very fragile. For key parts, we must care carefully, so that the baby has a smooth skin, is the best love for him, mothers act now!

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