The reason for the landing electric fan does not turn, how to do anything to do again to teach you easy repair fans

It is blowing the fan beauty. Suddenly discovered what the fan does not do? Many people think this is a big problem, in fact, the repair fan is not very complicated, today

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The landing electric fan is not turned,

How to do the fan does not turn, I hope to help everyone.

First, the reason for the landing electric fan is not turning

1. If the power is turned to turn the blade after turning off the power, you can drop some lubricating oil in the shaft, so that it can be lubricated to avoid the motive drag the wind.

2, if the capacitance capacity is changed to cause the fan without turning, the capacitor can be removed, change the same model new capacitor, it is recommended to choose more than the original capacitor, there will be a better rotation effect.

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3, the wind and leaves caused by wear are not rotating, the simplest or replacement parts.

4, if it is because of electrical failure, you can check the lines of the wiring, sometimes wire damage, depending on the problem.

5, the axial gap of the shaft is too large, and the gasket can be adjusted after removing the motor. But I have to pay attention to the rotor and bearings to pay attention to the rotor and bearings, and then use the screw to tighten it slowly. Finally, you can use the wooden to turn the shaft to ensure concentricity.

What should I do if the electric fan is not installed?

1, the power supply voltage is too low: the power supply voltage is measured with a mean, and if the voltage is too low, the electric fan is then started.

2, the rotor is sinking: re-assembly, restore the original position.

3, the winding wiring is reversed: the winding wiring is switched.

4, capacitance capacity is not enough or damaged: the new capacitance is replaced when the capacity is measured, and the capacity is not enough or damaged.

5, the fan wind blade is not enough: correct the wind and leaves, the new blade should be changed when the correction is not good.

6, plane bearing damage or lack of water: change the bearing or refueling.

7, the electric fan winding inter-turn is shorted: find a short-circuit point to repair, and the short-circuit winding is replaced when it is severe.

The above is the reason why the Fuzhou decoration network sharing the landing electric fan does not turn, I hope everyone likes it.