More than 30 more than 30 shoes are left, where is the mirror skin of the world?

The Bine of the South China Sea, the waves patted on the reef. Yikeling explored his head toward the sea, the tail was going to northeast. That piece, there is a Nanhai street 镜 community known as “leather shoe village”.

Next to the road to the sea, the Hi Mei Community is to the sea, and a unpatising residential building is filled with shoes and semi-finished products, and seven or eight workers are busy. Lin Chengyou picked up a pair of semi-finished shoes, turned over the sole.

The shoe factory opened in the residents of the mirror community.

“One day, I have nearly 300 half-finished products with another worker.” Lin Chengyou said. The old man who has worked in a self-ended fireworks, and the home shoes to others were shut down for 6 years ago, and they went to 4 shoers in the Tong family shutdown.

Lin Chengyou’s experience is the epitome of mirror skin shoe.

In the mid-1990s, the mirror skin footwear is unprecedented, and there are more than 300 shoe factories, and the employees have more than 30,000, with an annual output of nearly 10 million, the output value is nearly 500 million yuan, and the products are exported to overseas. Time to move, now there are only 30 leather shoes in the book, and there are only 30 leather shoes in the volume, and the employees are less than 2,000.

Semi-finished products are placed in Sigdida shoe factory workshop.

In the face of new crown epidemic, the impact of global trade, the foreign trade orders account for the big shoe village, and the smashing shoe village is more snow.


“Recently, the city has been quite paying attention to and support for the issue of Mirror Lee Village. It has sent several departments to come to investigate.” The president of the Shoes Commerce Chamber of Commerce in the Electrician District said: “We recognize that it is very eager to combine the South China Sea Tourism The development of the island is introduced to the new model of Wenbao consumption in the mirror skin shoe industry. “

September 14th “Southern Daily · Electric Whit” 01 Report.


At the peak, attract more than 10,000 people.

The home near Liu Mei is the opening worker of Sigda Shoes Co., Ltd. On September 10th, she received two work orders, and the two styles were opened for a total of 165 pairs. “Today, this quantity is estimated to overtime, and you can do it at night.” Liu Mei said.

Liu Mei is opening.

Schidida Shoe Factory covers an area of ​​2000, has the largest factory building in the mirror community. From a family workshop to the modern large factory, Sigda’s change and stick to refracting the mirroring footwear industry from a small way.

It is reported that,

In the early days of the reform, the mirror fishermen wash the feet, apply the shoes technology, ten households and eight households opened a leather shoes, and each family sent a person to participate in production and production, and the shoes technology spread, family workshop Began to rise.

The workers responsible for the lattice in Sigda Shoes Plant are busy.

In the mid-1980s, the mirror people grabbed a business opportunity. “The old-style pointed leather shoes are uncomfortable, the market is difficult to open. The smart can be opened. The smooth mirror shoe will quickly seize the market’s movement, and turn into the production of comfortable big shoes.” Yan Quan said, Triple leather shoes , The product is in short supply, and the mirror shoe industry began to develop rapidly.


In the 1990s, some shoe factories captured the market demand to turn-produce pool. Sales have been rapidly high, and the production of the shoe factory has increased from thousands of pairs of thousands of pairs of thousands of times a year, and the number of shoe factories also developed more than 300 in the mid-1990s.

“Also, some foreign trade companies heard the news, to the order of the mirror shoe factory, some shoe factory turned to export. The electric white skin shoe came out of the country and sold around the world.” Yan Quan said:

“Whether it is quality or styles, electric white skin shoes are recognized and loved by customers from all over the world. To today, dreams, Jinli, Hibin, Belle, Hasel, Flower Mon, Red 蜻蜓, camel, Dunxi Road and other brands are still in mirror Label village is produced. “

The thriving of the lobby village promoted the division of labor of the industrial chain. In 1990, 30-year-old is strictly attacked the market for fits. “Small-scale shoe factory single-enamed horse purchase materials are not easy, and the demand of the concentration is unified to foreign procurement, and the resources of all localities can take the initiative to come to the door.” Yan Quan said, “Now, the national leather shoes can be found.” “

Yugi Village also spontaneously formed a transport team, and three or four teams were competed in providing services.

In 1995, he served as Cui Zhengxu, deputy director of the Mirror Village Committee.



Encounter market fluctuations and epidemic effects double strike

Lin Qiuha is one of the earliest people who have exposed foreign trade orders in Mirror Lounge.

In 1992, Lin Qiha founded the Hongmei Leather Factory of Electricity. 4 years later he began to contact foreign trade orders. At that time, a foreign merchant from mainland shellfoot to Africa, discovered Lin Qiuha’s shoe factory through Shenzhen trading port.

“Place the version, confirm the order begins to produce. At the same time, 4 plants started at the same time, delivery for a month.” Lin Qiuha recalled, “At that time, I took a foreign trade order, and more than 1 million pairs were started.”

However, in the early 21st century, the merchants found that Wenzhou’s shoes were more advantageous through the Canton Fair, and the cooperation agreement was signed with Wenzhou’s large factory.

“Wenzhou’s footwear has built into the city, and some of our shoe factories will go to Wenzhou to purchase raw materials, and it is difficult to compete in the price.” Lin Qiuha refined.

In the contest, the brilliant hide of the footwear industry has begun to consider unprecedented competitive pressure.

After reflection, Lin Qiuha decided to return the file from Shenzhen to Guangzhou, contact a larger overseas merchants to do foreign trade wholesale business. And the mirror skin shoemaker guilty in the handling of the handicrafts, with the demand for world merchants, with Wenzhou shoes, modern factory, facing different roads.

“Before the epidemic, a factory can do more than 1 million pairs of exports of more than 1 million shoes, with an average annual output value of 15 million yuan.” Lin Qiuha said.


Shoes are painking carefully.

Yan Wang is the earliest person in the village of Lapsear. The responsible person of this Electric and Fei Xingcheng Shoe Factory was also founded in 2000. In 2007, it began to grab all display opportunities on QQ, and Taobao shop opened in 2008.


“On the time, I will take pictures, there will be a sale, and it is not like the current platform system.” Let Yan Wangzhao take proudly, 2018 “Double Eleven” is sold in his Taobao shop Wan double shoes.

However, an industry fluctuation is inevitable. Industry report shows that 2012-2016, my country’s footwear industry sales revenue showed increased trend, 2017-2018, demand presents a decline in fluctuations. In 2018, the sales revenue of China’s footwear industry fell to 611.733 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 17.82%.

Song Qinghui once said that in recent years, Daphne’s loss, Belle market, many old shoes enterprises in the crisis, the root causes the long-term lack of creativity, did not grasp the trend of the era, leading to the brands gradually aging,

On the one hand, there is no new blood, the young people don’t like it; on the other hand, the price is not high, and middle-aged and elderly people do not buy.

The influence of market fluctuations and epidemic, so that the mirror leather shoe village encounters a double strike, and the shoe factory drops to 30. “Peak period, more than 10 vehicles in the foreign shoe in a day. Now a car can go for three or four days.” Cui Zhengxu said.

“It is difficult to say that the entity is difficult, the e-commerce is also difficult, the platform is getting more and more. Now more people join the tread broadcast army, I also often open the trend belt.” Yan Wangpu said that he is actively hugging Young people prefer platform.

In residential building shoes, busy shoes on their respective stations.

New machines

Want to explore the road brigade to integrate “Second Spring”


As early as 2013, many shoe companies realize the importance of the development of the group, and the electrician footwear trade will be born.

“The Chamber of Commerce has set up a garbage cleaning team in the Hiri Mei Community, and the mirror community has been completely resolved in the long-term industrial waste.” Yan Quan Road said when talking about the business of the business meeting: “The establishment of the Commission not only makes the footwear industry Communicate with each other, share market information, and become a bridge that the footwear industry is related to government departments. “

However, how do you have a major trend of industry? The transformation is imminent.


The reporter noted that in the 13th plenary plenary meeting held in August, the deputy secretary of the Maoming Municipal Party Committee and the Mayor Zhuang Yuequn particularly mentioned in the analysis of the economic work to promote the transformation of traditional industries.

“In the past, some traditional industries have started early, found, such as Water East Bay leather shoes manufacturing, Xinyi bamboo, Gaozhou gloves, etc. have been an advantageous traditional industry. However, because the opportunity is not enough, the guidance is not enough, and it is gradually shrunk. To strengthen support, help import more new formats, guide traditional industries and rural rejuvenation organic combination, and promote traditional industries. “Zhuang Yunxun said.

Yan Quan has told reporters that in several months, including Mao Ning City, Electric and White District, Water East Bay New Town, Human Society, Finance and other departments came to investigate, and some ideas in the study gradually became clear.


It is reported that on July 1, Maoming City Shoe Craftsman Training Base, the Shoe Workarie Studio was unveiled in the mirror community and some shoe factories. In mid-July, the Electrician District People’s Social Security Bureau issued a work program on promoting high-quality development of leather goods and leather shoes in electric white district. In addition to combing a series of employment entrepreneurship to ensure that the eligible leather goods should be enjoyed, it also proposes to pay attention to the training of footwear industry and industry workers, regularly carry out pilot training, vocational skills training activities such as leather, footwear, leather, and vocational skills training activities. . In addition, Maoming City Manufacturing Strong City Construction Leading Group is also in the development of high-quality development work programs that promote the high – quality development of the mirror of Nanhai street.

Shosers being rubber for soles.

The location of the mirror community is in the range of tourism islands in the South China Sea. At present, combined with the development of the South China Sea Tourism Island, a plan to introduce the consumption of Wenbao will focus on the handicrafts of the shoes and craftsmanship, dedicated to the traditional tradition of hand, let the artisan spirit return, let the “mirror manufacturing” Create glory.

“We have already colored a street as the site selection of the street of the mirror leather shoes. After upgrading the street shops, we can build a leather shoes store, experience hall, etc.” Strictly said excitedly:

“When I arrived all over the world, all China’s best styles of shoes are here, let everyone buy high-priced hand and shoes while traveling. We have to do a week of leather festival, inviting domestic and foreign leather merchants Come.”

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