Support 2K screen 360 degree almost no dead angle Wing P10 surveillance camera evaluation

The smart camera is already a must-have for many families, used to protect the security. However, many smart camera clarity is relatively low, and functions are relatively simple, with a very big gap with professional monitoring cameras. In response to this demand, the wing released a cloud-based monitoring camera P10.

Simply, the wing P10 monitors the picture output of the camera supports 2K resolution, and the two-way PTZ can basically cover the 360-degree perspective and have a number of security guards. Not much nonsense, enter the topic, share the experience of this household surveillance camera.

Simple fashion standard two-way cloud

Refer to the monitoring camera, many people will emerge in the brain of a long lens. As the monitoring camera of the positioning home user, the wingline P10 is simple and fashionable, which can be integrated with home decoration.

Due to the standard two-way cloud platform, the wing P10 monitoring camera can be mounted on the ceiling or fixed on the wall. Open the package, you can see the fixed file, and there is a gift of expansion screws and accessories.

支持2K画面 360度几乎没有死角 翼联P10监控摄像头评测

In addition, the appearance of the product is almost consistent with the smart camera. Different, the wingline P10 is a two-way cloud, which can be rotated at 90 degrees up and down, and the left and right can be rotated 355 degrees, and there is basically no dead angle.

支持2K画面 360度几乎没有死角 翼联P10监控摄像头评测

If you don’t want to fix the camera on the wall or ceiling, you can also be placed directly on the desktop. There are 4 non-slip pads at the bottom of the camera, which is not slid on the desktop.

The circular camera has a speaker opening because this surveillance camera supports two-way voice, and the speaker is mainly used to vote. The power interface is behind the bottom, using the Micro USB interface, not a Type-C interface, a bit behind.

Wing P10 monitors the camera supports cloud storage and local memory cards, and then rotates up the camera up, you can see the SD card slot, and the reset reset button.

Installation simple white can also be easy

支持2K画面 360度几乎没有死角 翼联P10监控摄像头评测

Although it is a professional surveillance camera, the Wing P10 is installed very simple. Power directly directly, then scan the QR code on the instructions, download the App client.

Automatically register after the phone app is installed, and then follow the system prompt settings. When adding a camera, you need to scan the QR code in the back of the body, then let the camera scan the QR code in the App, then connect the WiFi in the home.

支持2K画面 360度几乎没有死角 翼联P10监控摄像头评测

It is important to emphasize that the Wing P10 monitoring camera only supports the WiFi of the 2.4G band, which does not support the faster 5G band. If WiFi is unable to connect, it is recommended to turn off the dual-frequency one of the wireless router.

As long as the camera can connect to WiFi, you can see the device in the mobile app. With the mobile phone APP, you can set the clarity of the camera, and you can adjust the angle of the camera. As long as you will operate your phone, install the Wing P10 monitoring camera is a very easy thing.

2K screen output built-in multiple security guard

支持2K画面 360度几乎没有死角 翼联P10监控摄像头评测

Many netizens are worried, the Wing P10 monitors such a small body, is the screen clarity is enough? From the actual experience, the 2k screen output is completely enough. Moreover, after opening the infrared function at night, a clear picture can also be output.

Considering the requirements of the user’s monitoring content, the Wing P10 monitors the camera supports two storage mode, one is cloud storage; the other is SD card storage. After purchasing, the vendor will give a 90-day free cloud storage service, and you can store a 1 day video.

In addition, the Wing P10 monitors the camera supports 128G memory card, which is more convenient. Since the memory card recording is an automatic saving mode, the 128G card can save 7 days of recording, which is more convenient than the cloud storage.

支持2K画面 360度几乎没有死角 翼联P10监控摄像头评测

By default, the camera is fixed in a certain position, and the automatic cruise function can be turned on on the mobile phone app. You can click the A icon directly on the monitor screen.

After opening the camera automatic cruise function, the camera will automatically catch the activity screen, then adjust the angle to record. In addition, you can turn on intelligent detection. Once you have a stranger, or there have been other objects, the camera will be recorded automatically and remind users through the mobile app.

To see the recording of the memory card or cloud storage, you can go directly to the playback function. In playback, you can see the recording screen saved according to time, and you can start playing directly.

支持2K画面 360度几乎没有死角 翼联P10监控摄像头评测

Summary: As a family surveillance camera selling prices, the wingline P10 cost is quite high. The advantage is that you can directly output 2K screen, up to 128G storage; you can intelligently monitor the environmental changes in home. The disadvantage is that the power interface is too late; WiFi does not support 5G band. However, the Wing P10 is more functional than the smart camera on the market, and the price is more affordable.