How do you pick a textured T-shirt? Learn these 5 choices, fashion wild and advanced

The first part: How to choose a t-shirt with a good look?
Part II: Practical formula for T-shirts

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Speaking of the summer must-have fashion items, T-shirts are famous in the list. But this is the necessary single product, but many people don’t know how to choose, so I bought a variety of problems, such as deformation, floating, shrinking, etc., always Do not wear a high level.


So today, Xiaorun chats with everyone about everything about T-shirt.

This article is divided into two parts:

Ready? Pure dry goods come.

First, how to choose the right T-shirt?

Summer T-shirt


The neck decides the upper body effect

T-shirt necklace

Many people buy T-shirts rarely pay attention to the neckline, often watching the eyes, in fact, this is extremely irresponsible for themselves. because

The neck of the T-shirt plays a soul in the T-shirt.

Different parties in different necklines are different effects.

Today, on the market, we

Common T-shirts have V-neck, round neck, square collar, and word collar.

Below, we will analyze the characteristics of these four neckts and suitable for people.



V collar T-shirt

V Le Lee design is more fashionable, and it is also a very wild,

V is well-modified, especially people, faces


Wear V-should have a small feeling from visual, thus showing the slender neck, Song Huiji is a super fan of V-neck. And this type of collar, those who have a beautiful neck, wear more charming.


Round neck


Round neck T-shirt

The round neck is the foundation of the T-shirt, not very much. but,


Small face, slender people are more suitable for wearing round collar



The face is big, the short neck, the people who have the neck, will be very fat

Especially the round neck of the neckline, the short neck man will be very strong, so the neck is short, thick, face big people, try not to choose a round neck T-shirt.




U collar T-shirt

The square can also be called a U profile, and its neck is more than round, compared to fashion. The square is also a way that is not very chasing, but it is more

Is a rescue of a short neck?

People who have a shorter neck are relatively thick, can choose a square collar T-shirt, because it can be thinned to be well slender. However, people who are very fat in the upper body, remember to choose this farm.



Word collar

One word collar T-shirt

The word collar should be a well-known in recent years. Whether it is a star or fashionable people, I like it very much. After all, it is very extra points for a good look. However, although the word collar is fashionable, it is very chailed, if the shoulders are very thick, there are many backsome, and the upper body is full of people will be more and more. For example, the star Jiang Xin, she is very fat, and she puts a word.


Those shoulders are very wide, and the meat is still don’t worry, and those shoulder meat are less, and the sisters of the swan arm quickly put it on it.


Shoulder line

T-shirt shoulder line

The shoulder is the line from the neckline to the shoulder, because the different shoulders are suitable for the T-shirts of different shoulders. First, let’s take a look at what should you.

Shoulder classification


It is a natural hanger, the proportion is very good, there is no clothes that are not suitable. Therefore, when choosing a T-shirt, it is suitable regardless of the shoulder loose or firm.

Wide shoulder

Jiang Xin is a wide shoulder representative


Wide shoulder clothes are slightly selected, it is easy to be strong, so the V-neck, the T-shirt who is standing should be very suitable for the wide shoulder. And the word collar, round neck and high collar are the weer girl’s mine area.

Narrow shoulder

Yang Zhou Winter Rainway

People with narrow shoulders are easily small, so it is easy to have a lightweight weight. So this shoulder line, is not suitable for wearing loose fat T-shirts, sleeveless T-shirts are not suitable because they can’t get up. And the round neck, a word, a little bubble sleeve, is very suitable for narrow shoulders, looks very fashionable.

Walk the shoulder

Liu Yifei shoulder representative


The person who has a poison is the feeling of visually giving the shoulders, and the clothes are slightly worn, they will give people the illusion. Therefore, people who are not suitable for V-neck, word lead, because they can’t get up, and more suitable for U collapse, especially a little padded shoulders.



Watch fabric

T-shirt division


The fabric is an important part of determining T-shirts. Today, the T-shirt fabrics we often wear frequently on the market are roughly divided into 4 types, respectively:

Cotton, silk cotton, fiber, quick dry.

Pure cotton T-shirt



Pure cotton T-shirt is a T-shirt we wear because it is good, it is comfortable, and it feels great. But the cotton T-shirt is easy to wrinkle and is not easy to recover, the material is also soft, so it is not suitable for many meat on the abdomen.

Silk cotton


The t-shirt fabric of silk cotton is smooth, and it is very cool, and the breathable is better. Compared with cotton, its fabric is slightly hard.



Fiber material


The t-shirt of the fiber material is relatively soft, the hand feels better, but the fiber T-shirt is easy to float, it is difficult to manage.

Quick-drying T-Shirt

Quick-drying fabric


The quick-drying T-shirt is generally a sports T-shirt. Its biggest advantage is that it is good for breathability, so it is very good. However, its material is relatively hard, compared to cotton, feel is not comfortable enough, nor is it beautiful enough. Therefore, the T-shirt is therefore recommended to like sports, and the daily work dating is still not wearing speed dry T-shirt.



Clothes trace

The quality of the T-shirt traces determines whether the clothes are exquisite. Look at the T-shirt, you can turn over the T-shirt,

Focus on the neckline, cuffs and hem.



When you look at the line, you have to look at whether the trace is flat, there is no knot. If a t-shirt is walking, there is a lot of heads, then this T-shirt is not over, it is easy to wear several times.

So when picking up the T-shirt, you must pick a detailed and flat T-shirt.




T-shirt match

The length of the T-shirt also affects the effect of the match. If it is a small child, pick the t-shirt, don’t pick too casual, big cross-shirt, not too long, length


Best 54cm

. Because the tensor of clothes will be five or five, it is neither high.

High child

And the high child, when picking T-shirts, it is not easy to be short, if there is meat, cross-width, so short T-shirt will undoubtedly expose the shortcomings. Therefore, it is very important to pick the appropriate length of clothing. Be sure to try again according to your own height.

The above five ways is that we have used experience when picking T-shirts in summer, no matter when, please keep in mind,


A T-shirt that is suitable for yourself is: good breathability, comfortable, well-being suitable for yourself, soft, good to manage cleaning, you can make your own T-shirt.

Master the selection skills of the T-shirt, let’s take a look at the second part:

Second, what is the matching of the EME formula?


1. T-shirt + wide leg pants (simple, generous) suitable for commuting, leisure, daily.


T-shirt with wide leg pants

2. T-shirt + jeans (proper casual style)

T-shirt + jeans


3. T-shirt + half-length skirt (suitable for vacation, street, seaside), is also a formula of literary girls

T-shirt + half length skirt

4. T-shirt + half-length skirt (wild, suitable for all occasions), is it too old?

T-shirt + half-length skirt

5. T-shirt + shorts (the choice of leg fine, the first place in the legacy, is also an exercise)

T-shirt + shorts

6. T-shirt + shirt (leisure and literary)


T-shirt + shirt


Small thunder shattering:

As a minimalist fan,

T-shirt is my favorite fashion item in summer, because it is simple, fashionable, clean, wild, not only can wear wear, can not be able to work, only if you can’t think of it


. Therefore, I have been studying the choice of T-shirts, summarizing 5 experience sharing to everyone. After all, let’s talk more, it will not choose it is 0, I hope that my share can help everyone.


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