High round circle is quite casual, lace long skirt with sequins as decoration, golden looks gorgeous retro

# What to wear today?

# 变 美 百科 全 # #

# 穿 红 黑 #

I believe that there is a skirt with a dress, the skirt and girl seem to be born, it can


Can also


sweet and cute,


Royal sister domineering.

It has a charm of charming attracted many girls.


So how do you wear it more about your temperament? Let’s take a look at the high round.

Gao Yuanyuan dress showing charm

I have always, high round rounds


The beauty is called that she unique oriental female temperament attracted countless fans.

In addition to her length

Senior temperament

In addition, the high round round dress is also a row, this hanging rose long dress, through the lace

Sequential element


Effect, let the whole skirt like a relief design, very

There is a three-dimensional sense.

And this design is also visually

More textive


Extreme charm.

Have to say that the high round circle is controlled by the body.

Very strict

In this hanging tight-fitting dress, it is also slightly

No fat

What’s more, this is very good in such a very picky lens.

So I want to try

Sniring tighthead

For girls, the control is the first.


Many girls are more or less have a dairy, that choice

Hanging tape

It is difficult to avoid a problem, that is

Easy to show

, Don’t worry, girls can learn from high round rounds, choose a

Broadband design

Sling dress.

By wide sling


Can be very good

Avoid embarrassment

At the same time, you can also meet the needs of your hanging long skirt, let you make your bright and beautiful.

Female charm.

Skirt fashion elements

Rose element

The high round face is really standard, no shortcomings, wearing a dress

Sense of elegance

Recently, the fashion circle is very popular

Retro beauty fan

Wearing, people have imitated the match of the classic beauty of the fashion world, and the common elements have fallen leaves.

Rose element

,as well as

Embroidered sequins design

Each is all in this hanging tape long sprinkle in a high round.

Even in the case where the light is not good, the deciduous long skirt is still


It can be seen that the sequins element is not only a non-mainstream representative, it is

A small amount

When the light is shine, it can be said that it is a skirt.

Find finishing touch.

If you want to be high round, wear the wear of falling leaves.

, Then choose to choose on makeup

Elephant color system

The earth is a very good choice.

Remember not to make a good makeup, the faint lip color can be very good


More prominent

The beauty of the skirt,

In order to prevent 宾.

This deciduous dress is not suitable for the red lips

Bright style

In order to avoid breaking its fresh and refreshing, it looks a little.

Dust quality.


Embroidery element

High round circles are quite casual, lace long skirts with sequins as decoration, golden look

Gorgeous retro

The design of the skirt is very delicate.

By embarking the rose embroidery pattern on the skirt, the rose pattern is highlighted


At the same time added a light gold

Lace embroidery

, Adding lace for this skirt

Sexy temperament.

But for the female star, this design is far less enough, so in order to let the stars on the stage.

More dazzling.

This skirt has been added

Design, sequins will flash in light shooting

Shining starlight


Because the deciduous dress belongs to

Warm color,

And the color is dull, it is very easy

Skin black.

So compare skin

Relatively fair

Girls, and this retroreal wear is not suitable for large-area embellishment or gold ornaments.

To avoid accessories

Take the focus

It is easy to weaken


Makeup hair style

A successful dressing, except for the dress of the skirt, it also pays attention to ornaments and hair makeup


Like this

Broadband slung long skirt

It has a territorial atmosphere, weakened it.

Sexy charm.

So when choosing a hairstyle, you can choose a very woman’s big wave curvature, back to back.

At the same time, big waves can also increase very well.

High head,

There are more hair, and the girls who have a relatively rare hair will be more

Molding sense


More skirt match analysis

Blue skirt

I believe that many girls will have more or less


For example, the arm is thick, there is acne and body

Not full enough

In the case of driving a long dress, there is still enough strength. Don’t worry, want to wear



It is not only necessary to bump in a long skirt.

Choose a lapel that is very urban women.

Waist skirt

It is also very nice.

Like this sky blue

Fan dress


It covers the above very well


Don’t worry about the arm of the arm, the back is not smooth, and the problem that the body is not confident, it is also for ordinary girls.


Very friendly.

In choosing this

White collar

It is important to say that the proportion of waist is very important.

Brought by a waist

Waist design

Can be visually visually good


And can be turned from five or five points ratios

Three seven ratio

, Instantly

Long legs


Because this long skirt is not landing design, but

Leather belly

For the body

Relatively short

In the girl, it is also very good to drive.

Orange skirt

Apart from

Cold color

The warm colors is also able to dress up, it has a cold-colored system not available.

Mingyan charm,

For important occasions, it can immediately grasp the focus of attention and become more

Highlights in the population

If you belong to itself

Girls, you can choose a sleeveless orange long skirt, through

Length length

Visually, very good

High effect.

Re-use it in the waist

Black belt

To build a proportion of three or seven things,



It immediately highlighted.

For this large-scale warm color, in the cost of clothing

Try to make a minimalist

It is very important to choose a black lacing like a choice of shoes.

High heel.

By minimal design

Styling reduction

To avoid visually


Aesthetic fatigue

I feel that it is a model

Effect is reduced.

Green skirt

Fashion circles have been very popular

Butter fruit colored and fresh green.

Because these two colors have very good effect, even if the yellow girl can live well.

The most important thing is that there is a very good green fruit and light green.

Agefield effect

Let the whole shape

Refreshing and people,

Very suitable for small women.

If you want to take out

, May wish to choose the shoulder design, as well as large V tailor design, exposed through small area

Add a woman’s taste

Introduced so many

Dress matching

I believe that you have already felt some of the high round circle.


Have you loved by the elegant and embarrassment? If you also like her wear, welcome in the message area

Tell everyone


Sequential element






Female charm.

Female charm.

Retro beauty fan