Telling, wearing “boots” this year, white is more advanced than black! With a large coat

Fashion has never been a topic with absolute definitions, we can pay great attention to the power of detail, you can also pay attention to minimalism, shaping simple style. But it happens to be the continuous learning motivation of our source, and it is possible to create such a variety of shapes.

The single product of the fashion circle is rich and varied, and the more you have a simple booties, the more you pay attention to the details, the more you can make a pair of boots bloom unlimited charm. How do you shape the body when you wear a booties?

I believe that most people’s answers are a pair of black boots. When you match the coat in the autumn and winter season, a pair of short boots is essential, but in addition to black, this year is popular with white boots, the shape is more fashionable, more beautiful!


White boots – style analysis

Pure white is a low-key colorful color, most fascinating. As the bright color, it is not a bitorious, but it is not a fat and bloated as a light color. This is the pure white fashion expression, and the boots are selected on white, which can be a key to a set of coat styles.


Pure white boots style, no monotonousness like we imagined. Let’s take a look at how fashion is how to put on white boots out of the best style.

1 elegant style

Mature women’s elegant gestures, relying on a pair of spared and fetched boots enough to show. The stilettening is designed to reduce the high-heeled bloated sense, and the tip tailor has extended foot lines, and the leg-long improvement is high. Middle-aged women chooses such a match, more recommended as a long dress as an inner, combined with a long jacket, appears to be angry, elegant and superior.

2 fashionable style

Trendy and avant-garde boots design change thousands, but we only choose one as an introduction, that is, the square head and white boots. The foot-designed shoe tip is quite Milan fashion week, and then the design helps the mat, the short boots are novel and fashionable. It is very eye-catching in a set of visual accumulation, even if it matches the simple suit with long jackets. It also appears to be full.

3 commute style

More suitable for winter commuter styles, don’t necessarily be limited to suit. Warm and thin skirt shape, with white boots, fresh and natural, minimalist. Especially the half-length pleated long skirt, special black, pear shaped body and apple body women are very applicable. The round head of the comparative pedicure is equipped with white boots low-key, and writes a new commute style with a dress combination.

4 retro style

Talking about a retro style booties, we are hard to think about Chesier boots. Folder with sharp edge design, full of french romantic aesthetics, plus a hair style bag hip skirt, shaping superior body lines. The lamb jacket that is very fitted with such a slender boots, both warm and temporary, simple tones can also make shape retro leisure, pay attention to it.

White boots – matching key


White boots are like a hundred black boots, in a particular wearing field, you can kill the Quartet. Not only the style of the style, the women of all kinds of body can also be easily controlled. In the style of short boots, we must keep in mind the following three key points ▽


Key point 1: Length Choose moderate

The boots also have a subtle boots length division, as much as possible according to their own leg-oriented and height conditions, with an ankle this line as division, the following two leg-oriented women should choose white boots

1 small short leg = and ankle boots


A woman who is biased is the most taboo long boots, which is easy to bury the leg shape, and the height condition is more disadvantageous. When choosing white boots, try to pick the boots low, just reach the length of the ankle. For the pants or skirt, more leg lines are displayed as much as possible, and the leg-type tabular shape is more conducive to the display of the shape.

2 big long legs = ankle boots


Women without height and leg type, you can choose white boots with no ankle height, it is best to connect with seven-point and nine pants and skirts, so that the overall body line is coherent, with long coat When it is more able to shape the shape of the body, the strength of the height and the body can be used to the extreme.

Key 2: Preferred coat

Short boots can create a more obvious leg-type line, which will show more leg ratios. If the leg type is thick, the body is fat, maybe worry about exposure of the body defect. So we prefer long coats as a boat boot. When shaping this winter shape, we need to pay attention to the material and color of the coat.

1 skin material is elegant


The superior textured leather coat is the most dramatic, and the leather coat of the long-term lace is mixed with white boots. A black white pool color combination is evenly uniform, and the two-piece leather items are all angry, handsome and display neutral.


Pure black leather coat can combine lamb fur collar and sleeves, dotted on grille or leopard pattern, and cool the temperament stand out, and the mouthful white boots are mixed with appropriate retro charm, high-grade Elegant.

2 lamb coat warm lazy

The other hot coat single item is a lamb jacket, with animal fur, lined in winter, and warm and type. Most of the color of the lamb coat is biased toward neutral, such as khaki, caramel color, dark brown, etc. Enter a hierarchy, gentle lazy effect super group.


3 knitted coat soft and gentle


In the early spring, the temperature is slightly cold, and when you go out and wear a thick coat. Use long knitted coats to shape gentle warm temperament is most suitable. Knitted coats and long dresses, add a beautiful adaptation, plus a white booties embellishment, delicate and elegant temperament matching gentle items, the fashion feelings echoes each other, and the simplest color is also refined.


Key 3: Nostalgic design


For the style of white boots, the only requirement is the sharp design. The longer the tip of the hoe, the more full of foot, the legs are naturally more distinctive.

1 “lower disappearance” wearing

If you want to create a popular lower disappearance, a pair of spiped short boots is essential. Because the most slender leg-type line is to be displayed, the sharp white boots are used to create a leg-type ratio, and the visual effect is more exciting. Small child people wear up the process of long suit, choose the mouth boots, and the same effect.

2 daily clothing dress


The most common trousers dress also pursues superior body scale division, a pair of mouthless white boots can also pull the long leg type effect. Especially with seven-point or nine-point trousers, the tip short boots modified foot type, which seems to be pure and elegant, and it is simple to make a simple shape.

This year’s white boots can be more fashionable than black boots, you will also start a pair!