Is it not used to block water? When the problem of FAW Toyota Details

In fact, as long as the readers who usually pay attention to the car complaints will clearly know that FAW Toyota has a car concept. From the previous owner complaining that the exhaust pipe bracket is broken to the vehicle hub screw break, it is timely reaction with FAW Toyota’s “unscrupulous section”, after all, the vehicle can Driving, it is not a big problem for them. In recent recently, there is car owner complaining about FAW Toyota’s work details, and this owner is angry to replace the vehicle.

New cars fall in two months to enter water?


Mr. Xu, from Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, recently launched a complaint, saying that it is only two months to land in the FAW Toyota Wichi new car. The inside of the carriage has been entered. The reason was that after the rainy day, after the rainy road, the water depth was not high, but after the section, I found all the foot pads in the car, and Mr. Xu came to the 4S shop to check the vehicle, 4S shop The result is that several rubber blocks in the bottom of the car are not strict, leading to water in the car, so I suggested that Mr. Xu pays 500 yuan to remove the seat for further repairs.

But Mr. Xu is not satisfied with this overhaul, but also complains to the rear, but after-sales supervisor, Mr. Xu is not waterproof, and the water is normal, facing the after-sales attitude of FAW Toyota, Xu Mr. also launched a complaint.

And Mr. Xu also hopes that FAW Toyota can solve the problem of vehicle closing rubber, avoiding more vehicles in the water; secondly, I hope that FAW Toyota can return the vehicle according to the car three guarantees, return the vehicle; at the same time, FAW Toyota can do the details Finally, I will openly apologize to it on the incident.

What is the role of blocker in the bottom?

When the car is designed, some drains will be reserved in the body, in the engine compartment, under the door panel, the trunk spare tires, the fuel tank cover, there are these holes under the bottom, and these drains, The bottom of the car has a special plug to block these holes, which is to prevent water from these holes to the interior of the carriage when the water is involved.

Of course, if the depth of the water is too high, the water is infiltrated from the door, then it can also open these closures, thus achieving the role of drainage, but normal, the new car falls two months, the car is blocked. It should also be able to achieve good waterproof performance in normal service life, but why after a wading section, the water penetrates into the car from the drain hole, which can only explain that the manufacturer does not correspond The test or assembly process is not limited, causing the clogging that does not play a response, and after-sales personnel call the so-called non-waterproof.

Can the vehicle return?

If the case from Mr. Xu is analyzed, such a situation is not enough to return the vehicle.

According to the three-package regulations, in the three-package period, the same fault repair exceeds 5 times or the maintenance of more than 35 days can be changed.

In addition, during the three-package period, 2 repairs were carried out due to serious safety performance failures, and the salesperson should be responsible for returning when the consumer is returned.

Based on Mr. Xu, the vehicle is due to the problem of blocked, which is not a serious safety performance failure, and the vehicle is also initially repaired, so it does not meet the return vehicle standard.


However, Mr. Xu has caused the vehicle to enter the water due to the problem of closing rubber during the three packs. The 4S shop should be free to clean the waters for Mr. Xu, and should not charge the fee. Because the car three packs are clearly stated that domestic automotive products have product quality problems during the household car products, consumers are freely repaired by the repair by the three guarantees.

Will the “unscrupulous festival” ruined FAW Toyota?


FAW Toyota is no longer the first time because of the vehicle owner, it is complained by the owner. In the eve of the car owner complaining that there is a defect in the fracture of the exhaust pipe bracket, and there is still a problem with multiple brackets; the owner has complained its RAV4 new car Should soon, the wheel has a bolt break; if there is an owner complained of the car, the problem, etc.

In fact, these are the details of the details. From normal driving, these issues may not affect the vehicle, but whether a owner really endures these problems? Perhaps the manufacturer thinks that it is not a problem, but the emergence of these small problems is undoubtedly the trust of the owner’s brand.


FAW Toyota was established in 17 years. With the past, the owner left “opening a not bad Toyota” and other good reputation, its sales have never been bad, but FAW Toyota is often because of assembly technology, details, etc., repeatedly sick, maybe big The quality problem is difficult to reflect on FAW Toyota, but these small issues will gradually destroy Toyota brand, which will be reflected in time.