Love sticker left for children

Source: Xinhua News Agency Liberation Army Branch

The armed police force officers and men helped primary school to repair tables and chairs. Chen Feng photo

Xinhua News Agency, March 24, March 24: Love Sticker for Children


Liu Xin, Yang Qipeng, Wang Guangbao, sand

“Classmates: Don’t panic, don’t be afraid, my uncle has been guarding you around you. I hope you learn, go up every day.”

Leaving Chenjiagang Town Central Primary School, participating in the disposal of the “3 · 21” explosion accident, wrote a small notebook, stuck on the chalkboard and class of the classroom.

As the only central elementary school in Chenjiagang Town, Chenjiagang Town Central Primary School is not more than three kilometers away.

“When the explosion happened, I was going to practice the children in the class.” The second grade of the second grade of elementary school said, “The teachers said in order to evacuate the children in the playground, and after receiving the superior arrangement, the school should temporarily Closer. “

Under the coordination arrangement of the local party committee, here has become stationed in the armed police force of the “3 · 21” explosion accident. According to the arrangement of the education sector, 25th, primary schools must be completed. In order not to affect the children’s learning life, the armed police rescue unit decided to immediately transferred.

It is about to leave the school, the soldiers think of the most or children. They listened to the school teacher said that many children were scared when they broke out. “Let the children live with life”, becoming the wishes of officers and men.

How to do it to express the wishes of officers and men?

Xu Hengjun, the political commissar of the Armed Police Force, proposed that we brought our gratitude to the children, leaving our love.


The armed police soldiers have agreed that the activities given to the children will start this.

“Teacher: The relatively rush, health has tried to clean up.”

“Children, you learn”

… a small sticker is filled with the hearts of the armed police soldiers, posted on the classroom blackboard and lesson.


During the transfer process. The soldiers took the initiative to clean the school house, and put the seat bench back to the original position to help repair the indoor facility. They also came to the school cafeteria and toilet to assist volunteers to clean up hygiene.

In the cleaning, in a desk drawer, there is a 6-year military lesk Xuehao’s unintentional discovery of a small hamster left by the child. He hurriedly found the crumbs and water, taking care of the child for three days without eating “pet.” Also left a note to your child: “Children, your ‘baby’ I will help you take care of it, remember to study hard!”


In another classroom, the instructor Luo Youtong put five dollars and a small notebook, and a child’s notebook. Written on the note: “Hello, my classmates, the uncle is in a hurry, no notebook, use you a few sheets of paper, uncle is deeply sorry, please accept my apologies!”

Li Nianmin, deputy preparation of the Armed Police Jiangsu Corps, said: “The follow-up mission is also very heavy, but the people of the people in the disaster area give us our unhautus. We will work hard, scientifically rescue, live up to our expectations of the people in the disaster area. “

The officers and men of the Armed Police Forces left “love stickers” to primary schools. Chen Feng photo

The officers and men of the Armed Police Forces left “love stickers” to primary schools. Liu Xin photo

The officers and men of the Armed Police Force will place the condolences on the table and leave a child. Chen Feng photo

The officers and men of the armed police troops cleaned the table and chairs during the transfer. Chen Feng photo

The officers and men of the Armed Police Forces left “love stickers” to primary schools. Chen Feng photo