Swordsmans Black Swordsman Liuyi activities detailed crazy candy

What are the swords of the swords of the swords, and the young men of the Kyoto is brought about by the player’s friends. The sword gods Black Swordsman June 1st event introduced, let Xiaolan for the player friends. Good partner. Under the explanation, let’s take a look!

June Six Candy Gift Carnival Public Measurement Day, let players enjoy the unmarried welfare, with the continuous increase in players, given that some of the later players did not get the package, the eight brother mobile game network official website provides you with six spree benefits,

Diamonds, candy gift boxes can be collected during the game.

The game Raiders main line copy can drop the festival props [candy gift box]. Use the [Candy Gift Box] to have a big chance to open the ultra-thin orange equipment, orange role, orange jewelry. [Gift box] can be exchanged for massive rare resources.

刀剑神域黑衣剑士六一活动详解 疯狂糖果来袭

The above is the knife sword gods Black Swordsman Liuyi activities, crazy candy hit the whole content, more knife swords wonderment Black Swordsman Raiders, information, announcement, please pay attention to An interest network sword God Domain Black Swordsman Zone.