The most popular “Pine” in the winter is too fashionable! Listen to my arrangement

I believe that everyone will always encounter such a situation, and the common coats of the winter are more tone, but others can always wear different styles. Each girl has a loved heart, but only Get is a combination method, in order to enjoy the trendy feelings it brings.

Want to put the clothes out of thin and fashionable effects, the most common clothes formula is




. It can cover the body, modified body, and achieve a thin visual effect.

The loose jacket is wrapped in a body,

The big profile makes the proportion of upper body look for a lot of components.


If you want to balance this feel, you need to make it look more tight.


Looking at the fashion week, this technique is also favored by the fashion bloggers.

This kind of fashionable dress is really popular, it is slim and significant who can not love?


So how do you wear the match with “Panasonic”? If you want to know, you will continue to see it down ~

Cotton clothes + trousers

Ouyang Nana can be said to be a favorite of this kind of wearing, and it will be very clever in the choice of cotton clothes.



Mainly, instantaneous legs have long extended a lot ~


Since the fluorescent fire, all kinds of colored systems are also super pet, choose one

Bright cotton clothes

Outside, trendy index explosion table!


A black cotton clothing is still in real, and it is a sweater like Yan Mengyao.

Comfortable and comfortable

, Replace the small leather boots


Street feeling

Some came ~

Short black cotton clothes are really easy to wear


, Take a pair of Snaker motivation, and the tip of the boots also have the effect of taking the long legs ~

Ingeniously choose



Name is also good, white cotton clothes look clean and never, take a pair of small white shoes to do

Echo up and down

. The vest monet is also super good, keep warm while wearing a stacked personality!


Many fashion brands will have some time-friendly cotton uniforms. It is of course not let go for the trendy essence of love confessions, but this profile type is still wearing factors to consider the factors ~

Single item

Short cotton clothing coat more identified, perfect clear waist ratio, color is also superchard, take a pair of boots!


~ Red is really joking, design and style is also super anti-eye!

Jacket + trousers


Everyone loves the skin, but it is not more than the cotton clothes, and the cool feeling shows personality. Plus a belt like a ancestor, it is more highlighting the waist.


The ladie girl with a bit locker should be in one, no matter what you are sweet, retro style or the British style, wear it can find different yourself.

Wearing a profile loose denim jacket, the street in the face is very casual, and the lowerpit troupe or Legging can better extends the leg line, which is full.


The jacket of the imitation lamb hair is really ignorant this year. It has already won the texture only!

Coats can of course play with Panasonic matching rules, universal fairy coats are worth buying, whether it is solid color or grid!

The stitching style is also very powerful, not only the side of the character’s attitude, but also a gentle temperament, and more interesting.

The flying clothes coat has been fired now, and the heat is not reduced. Simple with small black pants, you can SLY, a pair of small white shoes, add a sense of casualness.

Nazi also often loves such a match, and the effect taken on the mirror is simply superficial, and it is visually particularly slim.

The jacket of the imitation lamb hair is not too soft, the version is also the kind of relaxed and comfortable. This is also a multi-color, there is always one

This style looks a little tooling but stitching the design of the imitation lamb hair, it is really a sweet salt! The waist also has a belt to tighten the waistline, love!

Top + trousers


Loosable David Under the next black trousers to tighten the proportion, straight pants and tights are very good choices

It’s more a lot of women’s taste, and it is also one of the care machines.


Trendy and sexy


Light color is full of temperament, giving people temperament and independent feeling, sweater tall and boots


mash up

Play up, but it is fashionable.

Yang Mi is still




The match, you have to say that the sweater and the middle tank socks are really consecutive, and the cold babies can arrange the light leg artifact, or take the bottom pants like Xuan Mei Xiaojie ~


Loose sweater can be increased by superimposing


, Leggings, sports shoes, one full look is very complete ~


This snow sweater is really very good, multi-color can also arrange it with the little girl! The group of snowflakes is more in accordance with the Christmas atmosphere ~ Heart ~

This loose twist sweater is arranged to be arranged! High collar design is warm and comfortable, the version does not pick people do not pick the body, the twist texture is full of texture ~