Nausea! Ferrero Jiana Chocolate, Mildew Mother! Consumers: brand attitude, disgusting

I bought a box of Ferreo Jiana Chocolate in the supermarket. Opened, it turned out to grow “white hair”! A total of 4 chocolates, all moldy! Ms. Huang, Ms. Huang, to help, telling this happening of her long-awacked.

Long hair! Long hair!

Eat extreme disgusting

When I recalled the scene, Ms. Huang was now “extreme disgusting”. She told the Jun. On December 12th, she purchased a box of 4 pieces of Jiada chocolate in “Easy Buy Supermarket” located on No. 69, Minhang District, Minhang District.

After returning home, she took the packaging, biting a small mouth, and immediately felt that “it is not strong”


Take a closer look, chocolate actually long hair! I spit the chocolate bite on the spot, and the water should not stop the mouth, and nausea to the lively and vomiting!

4 packs of consumers purchased by Jianda Chocolate

Shopping Receipt

Help Jun see the photos provided by Ms. Huang,

The edge of the chocolate covers a long “white hair”; in the “pothyut off” in chocolate, there is still a lot of mildew


Ms. Huang said that the date of production of chocolate is May 31, 2021,

Shelf life from February 25, 2022

The product is still in the shelf life, why do such serious quality problems? !

Ms. Huang immediately found “easy to buy supermarket”, the relevant person in charge is also a bunch of her belly:

We are all purchased from regular channels, in the shelf life, who knows this kind of thing?

an examination! an examination!

All inventory

Subsequently, Ms. Huang went to the Roofer’s service hotline. After a staff member records, it will be investigated. A few days later, Ms. Huang received a reply from Ferrero.

They told me that I have already checked it.

Found the remaining Jiada chocolate all moldy

In this answer, let Ms. Huang feel very incredible:

If it is just an example, you can explain, a batch of products are moldy, how is the quality control of Ferrero?

Help Jun ruling to the “Easy to buy supermarket” person in charge. The other party said that after the incident,

Ferrero sent people to the store, disassemble the packaging inspection, and the remaining chocolate is really moldy.

In the phone, the person in charge reveals more about helping the monarch,

Ferrero chocolate has problems, they are not the first time in them.

I don’t want you to say, I have eaten a few moldy chocolates. But because it is encountered, I don’t want to make things, I have not reflected it to the brand.

Respond! Respond!

It is not sincere

Help Jun Dial the Ferrero customer service hotline, the staff said to report to the relevant departments. After that, a Ferrero’s staff returned, and the other party acknowledged.

The chocolate purchased by the test consumers is indeed produced by the Ferrero brand, and there is indeed a moldy phenomenon.

After comparison, the same archive sample is no signs of mold; there is no data abnormality for related records of the same batch product. therefore,

We believe that there is no problem with the production process

This staff further explained that the initial survey results of the product circulation link are,

The supermarket may have problems with the channels, transportation and storage links, transportation and storage links.

Chocolate is high for storage environments, humidity temperatures. From the export to the circulation link, there will be affected.

For Ferrero’s reply,

Ms. Huang believes that it is “emphasizing the reason, there is no sincerity”

As long as the chocolate is within the shelf life, there is no damage to the outer packaging, the brand is responsible to ensure that its quality is qualified. Now there is a big problem such as long mood, how can you directly remove responsibility to a partner? !

Ms. Huang told to help Jun, Ferrero gave her a compensation plan to pay 5 boxes of chocolate, but she refused.

My appeal is that the brand must find out that every link is found, and truly identify the problem, give the public to understand the content of the public, to the public can rest assured the quality commitment!

Now use the dismissal, compensate the attitude of the consumer, and the extremely nausea of ​​mild chocild, even nausea

exposure! exposure!

When to face the problem

In recent years, the New People’s Evening News has repeatedly reported various quality problems in Ferrero chocolate.

It is especially dissatisfied with consumers, and the brand is or “loss”

■ There is a consumer reflection, and the Ferrero box that has not been unpacked is “mixed” into a flying insect! The company acknowledges the fact, but even if there is a relevant department, there is no payment.


■ Ms. Wang reported that in Ferrero chocolate, I have eaten white locusts and black bugs. What makes her feel cold is that the brand has played “lost” after registration.

In this regard, many consumers speak:

Ferrero must bear the responsibility of the big brand, strictly control the production, logistics transportation, quality preservation of the product, firmly hold the “bottom line” of food safety.

Don’t use the “faint” attitude and a lot of so-called “unable to explain”, overdraw your own brand quality, and the trust of overdraft consumers.


When can Ferrero give consumers to explain? When can I get out of the face?

Help Jun will continue to pay attention

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