Want to fashionable and can you install? This waterproof wear-resistant Messenger bag directly let you bother! Also very movable

Speaking is good, grouped.


Not only is a sister, this sentence is the same for boys.

But it is not difficult to find it on the street. Most boys have only four seasons a year.


can choose?

It can be hot, and the back shoulder bag is easy to cover up the sweat;

Messenger bag, handbag, shoulder bag, if you choose, it is easy to be


Others DISS is not enough.


Today, Xiaobian will recommend this fashionable wild, cost-effective


Intellectual service

Portable bag.


01 2 main independent storage storage small body, large capacity

Since it is a backpack, then it is definitely necessary




Smart suit is set

Two main storage space

While using

Zipper design

It can be used as privacy storage.

On the other side


Magnetic buckle storage space

You can place bank cards, traffic cards, mobile phones or data cables.


It is also designed in the middle of the two independent warehouses.


Receiving pen

The location, you don’t have to worry about leakage after fixing the pen.

Designed outside the backpack


, You can install mobile phones, charge treasure, key, etc., convenient to take it.

In short, the mobile phone, charging treasure, wallet, keychain and glasses box, razor, and other small objects can be installed.

02 use waterproof fabric not afraid of water, not afraid of rain

First, on the selection of fabrics, adopted

Ancient rule

Nylon fabric

It is not afraid of water.

It is worth mentioning that,

The zipper of the backpack is also waterproof!

So whether it is a wind, or even a typhoon day,

Not afraid of water into the backpack.

Backpack fabric material


Don’t worry about the daily use is broken!


03 fashion simple design daily, commuting two incorrect


Shoulder strap can adjust long short

Avoid not suitable for loose.

And the shoulder strap of the backpack

Magnetic buckle design

It is more convenient to open and work.

Commuter shopping can choose


Leisure and not floating.

This backpack can also be used as a chest bag, which is easy to pick up your hands.


the most important is

When you make a chest bag, you can protect the property.

Let the thief can’t get started!

Of course, such a high-quality package is even if it is a pocket, there will be no “selling ticket” in the taste ~


Finally, the value of this backpack really can’t be skilled.

There is no flower whistle design, and the backpack minimally looks more and more significant.

The simple contour of the backpack is back on the body, nor is it cumbersome.

Do the Messenger bag, you can do a pocket, fashionable and practical.

The zipper of the backpack is also very smooth, not a card, after all, there is nothing more than the things, it is happy.


ZHIFU Zhizhi carrying 99 yuan

However, the price of hundreds, the price is super high, the second is fashionable BOY!

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ZHIFU Zhizhi


¥ 99