Beautiful generous Korean version of white short-sleeved girl jacket knit, detailed knitting tutorial

Korean version of white short-sleeved girl jacket

(Sanli 2 coarse yarn: No. 7 knit)

1, after the needle, 95 needles, double-sided, the needle,

Treatment: front and lower needles, reverse weave, so repeated. 10 (row) -2 (2 needles) -7 (sub), after the 14-pin (already woven 70 row), then the 6-row pattern, change it to all the weave needles, co-weaving 20 rows, divide the needle (2 pins on the side): 2-5-1 (flat), 2-2-1 (small swallow closing pin), 4-1-11 (small swallow closing pin).

The rear piece co-woven 70 + 6 + 20 + 2 + 2 + 44 = 144 rows (completed).


2, the front of the needle 56 needles (in which the couple accounts for 20 pins)

The pattern is the same as the rear film, pay attention to the knitting of the chord: the front line 2 knit needle, the first needle, the first needle, the second needle, the second needle does not need.


Preferred score-rear clutch: 2-5-1 (flat), 2-2-1 (small swallow closing pin), 4-1-11 (small swallow closing pin).


After receiving the seventh flower needle, start the division: 2-10-1, 2-3-2, 2-2-2, 2-1- (received only 3-4 needles left, complete Take the same 144 discapsule


In the left front of the eye: 2 needles, the second row can be added 2 pins.

(Dedish eyes and necklines 3 rows, double-breasted: 5 needles outside, stay 3 pins inside)


(The following stagnation is from the top of the above eye, that is, the first flower needle difference is required to start the eye.)

3, 50 pins from the sleeves, the needle method,


Weaving: One row, one row, the weaving 6 is changed to all the weave needles, at this time, the 3 needle needs to be divided; 2 needles per 4 row, add 4 times (50 + 3 + 8 = 61) Needle)

Weaving 20 rows to begin the needle, both sides need to receive: 2-5-1 (flat harvest) × 2, 2-1-1 (flower needle clutch) × 2, 4-1-4 (flower needle clutch) × 2, 4-2-7 (flower needle clutch) × 2.

4, about 84 pins, with the top 8 knit 14, divided into 7 needles, and use the No. 7 knit 12 row, and then the No. 6 needle is completed. The red side is from the needle.

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