True pit! Korean clothes love down jacket is exposed “price price of 1500 costs only 75”, netizen: fly it to China

A penalty is notified, accidentally exposing the background of Korean fashion giants – clothes.

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau disclosed the information of the Penaltie (Shanghai) Fashion Trading Co., Ltd. (“Trouble Fashion”). The information shows that the company counters price up to 1598 yuan / piece down jacket, the cost price is only 75 yuan / piece, the tag premium is as high as 20 times.

According to Jingxi Municipal Bureau of Supervision [2022] No. 41, the clothes is installed on July 2, 2021, and the Dan Donggunteng Garment Co., Ltd. has a total of 80 products to produce the above products. Production costs 75 yuan / piece.

On September 20, 2021, the clothes of the clothes were used for sale in Beijing Hanguang Department Store Co., Ltd. (Hanguang Department Store), and 2 of them were used in Beijing Jun Tai Pingyang Department Store Co., Ltd. (Jun The counter sales of Taiyuan stores, marking 1598 yuan / piece.


From November 3, 2021, 2 were sold (1 of which were sold for sampling), not recovered. The sales were 22,237.2 yuan (sold at a price of 30%). The cost of deducting the production cost and the mall has a total of 742.86 yuan, paying taxes 171.89 yuan, and the parties have profitable 1322.45 yuan. The value of the above products is 14,400 yuan.

As a result, the Beijing Xicheng District Market Supervision Administration is ordered to remember the illegal act and decided to fined 144 million yuan, confiscate the illegal income of 1322.45 yuan, and confiscated illegal property.

For this kind of practice, there are netizens commented that “I will fly it to China.”


It is worth noting that due to adulteration, the clothes are fined last year by the fake, with a fake, and the next year has been punished last year.

In February 2021, the production of clothes, sales of unqualified products, were posted by unqualified products, and was confiscated for illegal income 553.2 yuan, fined 717.2 yuan.

In April 2021, the clothes were put in the goods in the goods, mixed, with fake, charged, or pretended to be qualified goods, or fined 20,000 yuan by Shanghai Minhang District Market Supervision Administration, ordered correct.

In June 2021, the clothes of the clothes were fined 200,000 yuan by the Shanghai Market Supervision Authority due to false or misunderstood business propaganda. The clothes of the clothes have also been fined 10,000 yuan for the wrong publicity of advertisements or other methods.

It is reported that the Fashion Fashion was established in 2007, which is a company registered in China. The Yinger Love Group shows that the Group is founded in 1980 and initially started with women’s wear. The company covered more than 40 brands such as Eland, Spao, Scofield, Teenie Weenie, thousands of dollars, because of the early main school style, once “900 million girl dreams”.

Among them, Teenie Weenie brand is a very familiar Vikini brand. In 2016, the domestic brand Vigna announced the TEENIE WEENIE brand and the brand-related asset and business, which were reserved. The transaction value is 5.7 billion yuan.

At present, the Yinger Love Group has developed into the first largest fashion retail group in Korea, and has become an internationalized enterprise that has become a full-service life in the six core fields of “clothing and food and residence”.

Early China’s layout was earlier in China, and the Chinese Years Group was established in 1994, and its brand has been based in Shanghai and the Group has more than 7,000 stores in more than 100 large schools in the country. Since 2010, Chinese loving in love has also introduced retail, catering, tourism and other universities, and the core undertakings continue to expand. (Beijing time finance, Chen Shi)