Many boys are blind! Don’t be tangled, canvas shoes are the most

If you always tangle what shoes are best, this type of shoes are your best choice.

Over time, “plastic head” canvas shoes have been sought after by more and more young people, if you are still making the shoes in the early spring, this shoe, maybe your dish.

Another angle of this shoe is also very good.


White pure colors are not comparable to any color, this pair of “plastic head” canvas shoes, the color of the shoes and “rubber head” is deep, and it seems to have a faint fragrance.

White “rubber head” canvas shoes, the kind of youthful breath, and more distinct, more vintage, and more retro, and recall, all of them.

LOOK2: Striped Canvas “Plastic Head” Shoes

This “rubber head” canvas shoes, in the selection of canvas, unique characteristics, using fabric design of striped canvas, makes the whole double shoe more in line with the summer.

This striped “rubber head” canvas shoes, style, adopted “one foot” design style, very suitable for lazy wear, not to say, this design, this pair of shoes is particularly unique.


LOOK3: Colorful, creative “plastic head” canvas shoes.


The gray style “plastic head” canvas shoes, the shoe is also used with a round coated design, the shoes of this shoe are high, and the strap design is used, which presents a fresh fresh breath.

Surface color “rubber head” canvas shoes are not you have passing through, soil yellow all over the shoes, whether the upper or shoes are helpless, is a strong soil, in the design of the lace, show personal temperament .


About dark styles, “plastic head” canvas shoes, Xiaobian said that this shoe is really difficult to match, if you match the shallow pants with color, it will be very awkward. .


Dark brown, “plastic head” canvas shoes, with jeans way, everyone knows, is a deep color shoes to match dark jeans, trousers.