How is middle-aged women become a hit mask, learn this eight kinds of demonstration, and fashionable easily double

Many middle-aged women are often monotonous, and it is easy to produce visual fatigue, especially in the winter of the weather, the older women need to use the skills to use the color matching skills. The brightening skin and the age of age are showing the temperament of the whole person and a good spiritual state.


First, the long outer cassette match

In trendy shape, the collision of color and color is an extremely important study. If the color does not match it, it is not only awkward, but there is no fashion sensation.


As a mentally mixed, we can first start from a small-scale contrast shape, such as this loose style pink long down jacket style, with a bright dark blue Miqi wool cap, light pink and dark blue Between, give people a new feeling of collision, sweeping the dullness of the winter, let the little sister become the fashion focus on the street, nothing.


Among the high-level contrasts, in addition to the color formation of the color between the items and the item, this color splicing coat can also be selected, like this black green stitching long down jacket, the down jacket of the stitching element On the solid color down jacket, it will be strongly strong, and it is also particularly tension.

Especially this fresh and elegant hue and deep color collisions have a stronger visual impact. This lady is on the choice of sweaters, and also with black green splicing elements, and the long cotton clothes There is a certain harmonious unity, so that the original eye-catching contrast color is not awkward.


In addition to this simple style of hit cotton clothes, choose a large-scale printing color cotton clothing, which is also more popular in the moment, like this red-blue white color design, the printed long plush jacket, the unique surface The sunset and landscape paintings, special literary fresh, visual presentation with a full-senior effect.

At the same time, it also makes the shape more enriched, and it does not feel tonless. This wide-shaped plush jacket is used to match the white-wave point elementary socks and the thick-bottom small leather shoes, which can cover the shortcomings on the body, gentle and slim.

Second, short housing collision match


In the short green fur coat and white straight skirt, the color is simple and uncomfortable, and there is a more bright color like this, then we need to introduce some black or white single items. The species, this can make the visual saturation reduced, and it is easy to create a harmonious match.

With a beautiful woman’s flavor, a loose thick fur coat can weaken bloated, and there is a lady’s taste, and the white pig’s shoes on the feet are particularly novel and fashionable, showing a different personality.

For middle-aged women, there is a fashionable match that will never be fixed. Even if this kind of fresh literary style is still in the middle-aged woman, it can still show a beautiful sense, with a light blue suit coat with a cowboy. The two tones of the half skirt, the sky blue and denim blue, both have a good difference, and a harmonious beauty, it looks particularly bright and energetic, nothing.

In addition, the red Chinese bunter on the blue jacket is decorated with a styling, which has both retro charm and showing a unique design.

In addition to elegant dress, middle-aged women can try this colorful Boy style, with bright-eyed blue jackets, lively and energetic.


Since ancient red blue, the red and blue are mixed with a harmonious nature, with the black casual pants of the lower body and the thick bottom of the orange splicing style, the personality avant-garde, and the unique trend is.

Third, half skirt collision color

Single items with grilled elements have the simplest contrast properties, in the winter, we choose this kind of grilled suits, not only elegant age, but also the whole with simple and hipster, don’t spend too much mind. It can create a model of exquisite and smile.


The large-area paving elements on this sleeve, the retro and exquisite, and the brown fluffy elements of the neckline and the brown stream of the lower body skirt have formed echo, add this in the skirt. A kind of emissive ornament can make the shape look more romantic,

We all know that the white is a very fresh and elegant color, and the bright red is a more energetic color, putting these two colors together, giving a sense of surprise, rendering strong Female charm.

Plush jackets and grille skirts These two different styles are matched together, and the total shot is also very high, and the style is not easy to make a biased. With black white colorful small leather shoes, it is easy to improve your temperament, and create a style of hazardous sage.

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