What is the skill of the oil hood cleaning?

The exhausted hood has been used for a long time, and the wind wheel will be stained, and it needs to be cleaned.What is the skill of the exhaust hood cleaning?PCHOUSE takes everyone to learn together.

First, clean the hood wind wheel, first step, first remove the wind wheel, unscrew the screws of the net cover and the mesh cover, remove the cover and the net cover.Then unscrew the fastening screw of the wind wheel and take out the wind wheel.


Second, the wind wheel, the volute, the oil pipe and the drain pipe can be cleaned according to the cycle specified in the specification.That is to put the removed wind wheel and the part in warm water in the neutral detergent, washed with a soft cloth and wipe it.Wash the dirt in the inner cavity of the volute in the inner cavity with a small amount of a neutral detergent, and then dry it with a soft cloth.

Finally, the above components are installed, after installation, check if the oil path of the appliance is smooth and whether the seal on the volute can be sealed.