Acrylic ceiling lamp, make space more open

With the improvement of the quality of life, people have made more requirements for the ceiling lamp. For example, everyday is natural, sleep is warm, read to be soft, gathering is enough … according to different time, different needs, white light, warm Multiple effects such as light, neutral light should be free to switch, of course, but also have aesthetic personality.

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The ceiling lamp can not only save space, but also make the space look more open, the main choice for family lighting lighting, to achieve the above ideal effect, in addition to creative design, essence is also excellent on the material. Unlike traditional glass, alloy materials, acrylic materials, let these ideas are perfect. OTL lighting this (Chen Hui) acrylic light has a good material, translucent light, softly, color can be individually customized, can meet various decoration style ceiling lamps.

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Illusion of epidemic elements, integrating lighting design, acrylic ceiling lamp reflects simple, elegant, fashionable personality characteristics, with modern decoration environment, exquisite and simple, can perfectly fits American simple, modern home, Northern European creative, and so on.

The ceiling lamp at home is not only to bring shining and warmth to the living room, but also pay attention to protect your eyes and use safety. OTL illumination acrylic lamps light transmittance can reach 93%, soft light, clear visual, can effectively avoid glare damage, relieve glasses fatigue, and only half of the glass, relatively light, can reduce load-bearing pressure, not like glasses Fragile, the safety factor is higher. In addition, the ceiling lamp is a common electrical appliance. If not durable, often replacement will also bring unnecessary trouble, so it is very important to use good materials, OTL illumination acrylic lamps have excellent weather resistance and high temperature resistance, such lighting Durable, it is not easy to get yellow. Be

OTL lighting · Home lighting join · Lighting manufacturers wholesale