What mattresses do you sleep?

“Sleeping the bed, the hard bed” has always thought it is a good habit of people’s keeping, fitness. But experts warned that the hardness of the bed varies from person to person. In particular, children belonging to growth, such as sleeping mattresses, but will cause bone development and even leave “spinal side convex” hidden dangers. So, then Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the child to sleep.

Elasticity moderate, soft, suitable for children. The built-in high rebounded sponge, memory, artificial wool, luxurious appearance, definitely able to let children rest well, you can rest assured that children will be used.


There is 2CM brown, material environmental protection, soft texture, high quality of the spring inside the mattress, is super strong, and it is not easy to deform. Environmental and quality is very important to a mattress, but it is essential to children.


The appearance is beautiful, and it is more popular by children, while this mattress is not only beautiful, and the environmental performance is good. It has strong support for the human body, so that the force is balanced, so that the child is convenient and comfortable.


There are 528 springs in the net, and overall through heat treatment, all of the overall weight is evenly distributed over the respective support, and the force is more integrated, simple and durable. Children prefer to jump and make trouble on the bed, this is very suitable for your child.

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