During the increase of 20%, five third-party iPhone batteries

The mobile phone has developed to today, the performance is getting higher and higher, the process is getting more and more advanced, the camera is getting better and excellent, the only thing that does not progress is the battery.

At this stage, there is a lot of defects, material restrictions, and there is no breakthrough in energy density, which can only provide more capacity by increasing the battery volume, providing a sustained life for the mobile phone. The limited cycle life, the battery after 500 cycles, is no longer able to meet the normal day’s battery life.

It can be replaced in the battery. After replacing a new battery for the device, the mobile phone can be completed.

In addition to the official shifting battery, you can also choose a third-party maintenance commercial battery, or yourself to change the battery.

Open an east, search “iPhone battery”, which is a dazzling. Xiaobian picks the batteries in the top five sales, buy it back, and test it.

Nakh, Pin, Flying Legs, First Wei, Roman Shi.

Packaging, accessories, price


First bathroom


续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评


Rated Capacity:

3.82V / 1715mAh



Paper packaging, drawer design

Attached to the disassembly tool, battery glue and installation tutorial

续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评

Flying leg


3.8V / 1975MAH


Metal box packaging

The box contains battery, battery glue, replacement tutorial, with disassemble tools, single plastic bags

续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评

Roman Shi


3.8V / 2000MAH


Paper pack, drawer design


续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评



Paper packaging box, plastic liner design

Only battery and battery glue are available in the package, you can purchase “to the store replacement service” while purchasing

I want to replace my own partner to need a backbone



3.82V / 2060mAh


续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评

Attached to the disassembly tool, battery glue and third party replacement guide

Among the above battery brands, the first bathroom and the Roman’s packaging are more beautiful. The victory is not attached.

All brand batteries are included with battery adhesive, and battery adhesives are used to secure batteries.

From the price, the first bathroom is the cheapest: 89 yuan, the winner is the most expensive: 149 yuan, the remaining three are also at 109, 129, 138.

Size parameters

Iphone internal design space is very compact, the space left to the battery is not very rich, long and wide, and the thickness is very nervous. A large-volume battery may cause the battery to be squeezed and cause safety hazards.

Xiaobian uses a cursor caliper measurement

Original battery

The length is 95.21mm, 38.12mm wide and 3.08 mm thick.

Standard by the original battery, five third-party battery sizes are compared.

Overall, the five batteries differ very little in size, the product is the smallest, and the Novich battery is the largest.

续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评

One of the important performance indicators of battery performance is

battery capacity

It represents the amount of electricity discharged under certain conditions (discharge rate, temperature, termination voltage, etc.), i.e., the capacity of the battery, usually expressed in amperation hu. (1AH = 1000mAh)

Depending on the measurement conditions, the capacity of the battery is divided into actual capacity and rated capacity.

“Actual capacity”

It means that the battery actually outputs at a certain discharge condition. Numerical is equal to the product of discharge current and discharge time.

“Rated Capacity”

Also known as the nominal capacity, in accordance with the standard promulgated by the national or relevant department, requiring the battery under certain discharge conditions when designing (communication battery is generally discharged to the termination voltage in a 25 ° C) when designing the standard (communication battery) The minimum amount of electricity is released.


Refer to

Rated capacity: 1715mAh

Among them, the first bathroom and winning batteries are consistent with the original battery parameters, and the other three brands of batteries are booming batteries.

Around 2000mAh, add approximately 17%, converted to 17% of life, but this is theoretical value.

Actual capacity test

The battery capacity test principle is simple, and the actual capacity, charge and discharge time of the battery is actually measured.

For measurement accuracy & improve efficiency, small compilation uses a professional eight-channel battery partition test system.

续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评

After the device is turned on, connect the computer.

Connect the battery

Set the instrument work steps

1. Constant voltage charging: set the charging voltage 4.35V, as of 0.05A

2, put: 10 minutes

3, constant current discharge: set discharge current 0.58A, cutoff voltage 2.75V

After the setting is complete, the device starts running and records the data.

Take the iPhone 6S original battery test data as an example to interpret it.

The blue line segment is voltage, red line segment is current

The red area is a charging stage

, Constant 4.35V charging, deadline 0.05A

Charged 3:40:40:45, charge the capacity 1800mAh, charge the energy 7.831WH

The yellow area is shelving

, Set ten minutes

The blue area is constant current discharge

续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评

Setting the discharge current 0.58A, cutoff voltage 0.275V

续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评

Putting up 3:06:21, release capacity 1801mAh, release energy 6.441WH

Some gaps with rated capacity 1715mAh / 6.55WH

Xiaobian also tested three original batteries at the same time

Original new battery “2 times, actual capacity 1780mAh”

Original old battery “662 times, actual capacity 1434mAh”

Original waste battery “Circulation 823 times, actual capacity 668mAh”

Using battery points test system testing, collecting summary

Draw the following histogram

续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评

Cycling 823 waste batteries

The charge is only 638mAh / 2.774Wh, it takes 3.3h.

Excellent 664mAh / 2.086Wh, time consuming 1.15H

Cycling 662 old battery

Into 1480mAh / 6.436Wh, time consuming 3.65h

Excellent 1489mAh / 5.154Wh, time consuming 2.567h

New battery circulating 2 times

Into 1799mAh / 7.823Wh, time consuming 3.633h

续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评

Excellent 1789mAh / 6.379Wh, time consuming 3.083h

The above data confirmed that the battery will gradually decrease, and the battery performance is decreased. Reflected in daily use, slow charging, fast consumption. With iOS10.2.1 and above system “Optimization”, iPhone reduction Carton problem is real hammer.

续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评

After reading the above analysis, enter the test lead

Five third-party batteries and original batteries, simultaneous charge and discharge test

续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评

The following is a list of test data summary

From test data, large-capacity batteries do have advantages.

Flying legs, Romans, Nih Available capacity is around 2000mAh, store more energy, get more lasting.

Among them, Novich batteries are best achieved in 2152mAh / 7.709WH / 3.733H. Relative to the original 1789mAh / 6.379WH / 3.083H, nearly 20% higher.

The product wins, the first bathroom and the original battery parameters are consistent, the test results are also poor, and the victory is slightly lower.

The above test data may exist in absolute values, but relatively, there is still a reference value in cross-evaluation.

Pillar map

续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评

Merger histogram

Capacity is not the only indicator of the battery

When the battery is working, the internal is a chemical reaction that has been charged or discharged, and there will be inevitable consumption during the chemical reaction. During the battery use, there will be a lithium ion being “locked”, so that the capacity of the battery will become smaller. At the same time, the pathways of lithium ions in the battery will gradually be blocked, which will also cause the performance and stability of the battery.

This is also why the battery declines with the number of charge and discharge.

Xiaobian uses the battery points test system, according to the above-mentioned charging settings, the six-piece battery is fully charged and discharged by 20 times.

Collect summary data to get this table.

31mAh loss, loss of loss of 1.7%

The most loss is the Novich battery

续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评

, Loss of 140mAh, accounting for 6.3%

The minimum loss is the winning battery

Increased capacity 29mAh

The largest capacity of Novich batteries, the fastest loss, relative to the other two increasing capacity flying leg batteries, Roman Shi battery, also have a large extent loss.

续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评

(The more the number of cycles, the more valuable loss data, the time limit, the small series circulates 20 times.)

Third-party battery reduction

iOS10.2.1 joins the “Degraded Equipment” mechanism, and the battery performance is poor, it will reduce performance.

Using an iOS 11.2.1 iPhone 6S, at 100%, 80%, 50%, 20%, 10% remaining electricity, using CPU Dasher X test CPU frequency.

续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评

Test is added

Original old battery

“Loop 662 times, actual capacity 1434mAh”, at 50% power, start to down to 1200MHz, only 911 MHz when low power is low.

This also confirmed “

The system will detect the temperature, battery power, battery impedance, and integrated these three variables, the system will dynamically adjust the highest performance of CPU, GPU, etc.

Fortunately, in five third-party batteries are more firm, there is no automatic shutdown and downfrigeration problem during the test.


续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评

It is also because it is because it is because of battery cross.

iPhone reduction gate

For opportunities, the battery itself has a life, belonging to consumables. The battery is transformed with the time of use, and the performance is deteriorated, and the battery can be resolved. The third-party battery is priced at about 100 yuan, and the battery is very cost-effective.

Therefore, Xiaobian selects a third-party battery test, gives a reference for Geeker who wants to do its own battery.

Five batteries measured, in packaging, accessories, design capacity, actual capacity, and circulatory losses.

1, Nishi, Flying Legs, First Health, Roma Shi to disassemble the tool, the winning battery does not attach the disassembly tool, you can purchase the online replacement service.

All batteries are equipped with battery adhesive, but there is no screen glue, iPhone 6S and later models have screen gums, which acts as dustproof and waterproof. And it is one-time, after the unpacking, the waterproof effect is lost, and the screen is needed.

2, the rated capacity of the five batteries and the rated capacity of the original, the remaining three models are increasing, and there is 2000mAh, the largest is Novi, the rated capacity is 2060mAh. Of course, the battery volume is also a Novich battery.

The measured battery actual capacity is the Novich battery. The initial actual capacity reaches 2215mAh, the initial capacity is the first bath, 1691mAh.

3, the battery has passed 20 complete charge and discharge cycles, according to the loss data, the most serious is Novi, loss of 140mAh, accounting for 6%, and the minimum loss is the victory.

续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评

4, five third-party battery is measured on the machine, there is no low power automatic shutdown and downconversion card problem.

5. Due to the limited test time, the test method is based on theoretical data, and does not fully represent the actual use, for reference only.

The test lasted for nearly a month, and Xiaobian selected a third party iPhone battery in Jingdong sales in December 2017.

Due to test instruments and small-knitted knowledge reserves, there may be leaks in the article, and I hope some professional criticism is correct.


I want to change the battery for the iPhone, Xiaobian suggest you

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2, if your device is not in Apple’s battery replacement business, or does not like the cumbersome appointment or waiting, you can choose a third-party service provider.

3, if you have the ability to do, you want to replace the battery yourself. After reading this assessment, I hope to bring you a little help.

iPhone uses a built-in battery

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Rated Capacity:

Rated Capacity:

续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评

Rated Capacity:

Rated Capacity:

3.82V / 1715mAh



续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评



Attached to the disassembly tool, battery glue and installation tutorial

Paper packaging box, plastic liner design

续航提升20%,五款第三方iPhone 电池横评

Original battery

Original battery