New Year, these 5 net red candy pan can do, sweet and crisp, quickly collect and learn

It is going to have a New Year, you have prepared 5 net red candies. You can get it in a pan, sweet and crisp, hurry to collect it!

First, [net red milk dates]

Production ingredients:

Original: 200 grams of cotton candy 100 grams of milk powder 20 grams + 20 grams of butter 15 grams of red dates 30 big almond 30

Tea / Cocoa taste: 200 grams of cotton candy 15 grams + 20 grams of tea powder / cocoa powder 10 g Butter 15 grams of red dates 30 big almond 30

Production Method:

1. Prepare 90 red dates, the size is the medium-sized red dates; first clean water, remove it, drain water;

2. Remove the jujube nucleation with your own method.

3, plug in a big almond; the rest is doing well;

4, then prepare other ingredients required: marshmallows, milk powder, butter;

5, the pan does not stick to the pan, the fire is added to butter melt;

6, then add marshmallows in slowly stir fry until the cotton candy, then add milk powder, stir fry evenly;

7, add the red dates in, stir fry until you make every red dates to cotton candy, you can turn off the fire;

8, then wear a disposable glove, take the hot dates even in the milk powder, put on the milk powder, wrap a layer of milk powder; this speed is fast, the cotton sugar is cool. If the cotton candy is cool, it will heat if it is hot.


9, tatcha and can taste are the same approach. That is to mix the tea powder / cocoa powder with milk powder in advance. In this way, our three tastes is done, it is simple, and the ingredients are more common, and it is delicious and coming, it is a good choice!

Second, [net red milk crisp]


Production ingredients: 1 box of cotton candy 100 grams of milk powder 15 grams of meat loose amount butter 20 grams

1. The butter is placed in a milk pot, and the small fire slowly melts;

2, after full melting, add marshmallows, and stir fry until cotton glucogenization;

3, after all of the molten sugar melts, add milk powder;


4, quickly stir fry evenly, turn off;

5, then wrap the egg roll evenly on a layer of cotton candy. The speed is faster here, the weather is cold, the coagulation of marshmallow is not good;

6, finally put in the meat pine bowl, evenly wrap a layer of fluffy, and even even even;

7, you can make a variety of flavors, cocoa, tea, strawberry taste ….. you can!

8. If you can’t get it, you can pack it, the New Year is a small snacks. Guests. You can also install packaging, watching beauty, and send friends and friends are also very good!

Third, [three-color sow sugar]

1. Prepare the ingredients required;

2, butter is placed in a pan in a pan;

3. After the butter is integrated, adding a small fire to the cotton candy and stir fry;

4. After the mixture of cotton candies, add milk powder to continue to stir fry;


5, after the marshmallow is mixed with milk powder, add nuts and dried fruits;

6, mix well.


7, put on the baking tray, press the flat;

8. After cooling, cut into your favorite size;

9, 3 kinds of taste of nouga, not sweet, rich in milk, how can the New Year have less than such candies, really super convenient, super delicious!

Fourth, [Mechanic Trium-Snowflakes]

Production ingredients: 200 grams of cotton candy 200 grams of Xiaoxu biscuit 150 grams happy fruit 40 gram Baudu 50 grams cranberry dried 50 grams coconut oil 40 grams Coconut 10 grams Coco powder 5 grams coffee powder 10 grams milk powder 30 grams

2, coconut oil is placed in a pan, and the small fire slowly melts;


3, after melting, add marshmallows, stir-fry until cotton glucogenization;

4, then mix the powder uniformly, quickly mix and mix the mixture and mixed with marshmallow;


5, turn off, add biscuits and nuts, mix evenly;

6, pull it with a hand to the cotton and wrap the biscuits and nuts;

7, the baking plate is laid on a layer of oil, sprinkle with a layer of milk powder or stir well, then put the cotton sugar ingredients, press uniform, finally sieve a layer of milk powder or coconut powder;

8, you can eat it after you are cooling, you can eat it;

9, super delicious coconut tie, snow, crisp, do it. A taste that is very hot this year, you can do it in your home, you can do it at home, don’t need an oven, the pan can do, very convenient, the packaging is good!

Five, [authentic snowflakes]

Production ingredients: marshmallow 150 g biscuit 150g nuts 100 grams of cranberry dried 50 g Butter 30 grams of milk powder 35 grams

2, preheating in the pan, add butter to melt;

3, after the butter is all melted, add marshmallow slowly stir fry;


4, after frying into cotton sugar, add milk powder and stir fry;

5, add the biscuits, nuts, and cranberry;

6, stir well, let cotton candy are wrapped in the biscuits and nuts;


7, after cooling, pull uniform with hand, try to make biscuits cotton candy more uniform;

8, put in the mold or in the square baking tray, press the flatness and tighten, finally sieve a layer of milk powder;

9. After cooling, cut the block and eat it;

10, the weather is cold, I really want to eat sweets, think about it for a long time, I haven’t made snowflakes, I bought a little material, or the taste of it. Doing this delicious thing at home is still very convenient, the pan can get! If you like to eat, you can try it at home!

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Production Method:

Production Method:

Production Method:

Production Method:

1. Prepare the ingredients required;

1. Prepare the ingredients required;


1. Prepare the ingredients required;