Sausage bacon enters the “hot season” in advance, this year, there is a green pepper, wind and other tastes.

Another year of pussy sausage, the time of belloff. Although there is still two months away from the Spring Festival, there is a street, which is famous in Chengdu – Xinkai Temple Street, the popularity has been prosperous. At noon on November 20, Hongxing Journalists saw that some stores on the street were covered with sausage bacon, close to the roadside stalls, also placed colorful sausage bacon, in various shops, The citizens purchased before the booth are endless.


A street of sausage bacon often ushered in the peak season in December, but this year’s peak season seems to be a bit breakdown. The merchant of “Pony Food” Laofeng Shop told reporters that this year has gradually ushered in sales season from mid-October. “In the end of November, I started more than one in November, but I started a lot of someone in mid-October.” The merchant told reporters that this is related to temperature and pork prices. “This year is cold, everyone bought the sausage bacon.” The merchant said that in addition to the weather, the price of pork is also the reason for the hot sale of bacon. “The price of pork last year is more than 30 yuan, and the price of sausages will increase, sold 68 yuan a pound. This year’s pork is about 18 yuan, our family’s sausage is now 45 yuan a pound.”

The merchant explained to the reporter that in general, the price of sausage bacon is more than double the price of fresh pork in the market. “Fresh pork makes sausage bacon, first weight will be reduced by about 4%, plus a certain amount of seasoning costs, plus labor costs, the price is much more than double pork.”

“Tian Jiapo bacon” is also mentioned by the impact of pork prices. “General guests will come to buy sausages, but this year is more early. Some people worried that the ran pork may rise like last year, so they will not be in advance.” The merchant told reporters that 40 yuan a pound of bacon, now every day The amount is about 30,000, the business is very good, “many people buy dozens of pounds of dozens of pounds, but now is not the best business, the twilier should still have a little hot, the best time last year The turnover is around 110,000. “

In addition to the hot season in advance, this year’s bacon sausages have different places – the pattern varies. “Pony Food” business told reporters that this year added a new taste blue pepper sausage, the green pepper sausage only added green pepper, there is no pepper, and in addition to adding a little white wine, it will use cypress branches in the suburbs. Shell, the walnut shell smoked four hours. “Now everyone likes a wide range of tastes, so we still have to innovate.”


“Tianpo’s bacon” merchant told reporters that this year also adds a windy waf. “Smoking is the characteristics of our family. In previous years, it is the main sale of smoked bacon. This year, it has increased the wind, and it has a gambling, and spicy, this is also more choices.”

The reporter notused that not only the local citizens came to Xinkai Temple Street to buy wafers, but some foreign tourists came to buy lartaste. When the reporter interviewed “Tian Bo Barn” stall, the customer who took the baggage box had bought a few tens of pounds of bacon, asked the merchant to send to Hefei, “too heavy, I am not convenient to pick it up.” The customer tells The reporter, he heard that the bacon of this street was famous, and the special trip came back to try it back. “Tianpo’s bacon” merchant told reporters that she will send a lot of sausage bacon to all parts of the country every day. “Many are old customers, some are coming to Chengdu to play, some are Chengdu’s friends send them to them, they I like it very much, I added my WeChat, I bought it through WeChat every year. “

The merchant said to the reporter, while the customer who did not stop paying the queue, the weight of the sausage. “The business is too good, all four people in our booth don’t win. After the winter solstice, the business will be better. After all, I have to eat bacon sausages in the New Year, I have a feeling of the New Year!”

Red Star Journalist Peng Jing Photography Report



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