Germany Disclosure: The Merkel government approves sensitive military sales before the transfer of power

According to the DP News, Berlin reported on December 16th, in the early days of handover, the Galaman’s government has ratified two sensitive weapons exports to Egypt.

According to the report, the Economic Minister Peter Altemir wrote a letter to the Federal House Speaker Betel Bas, revealing the details of the two transactions. The DPP reporter has seen this letter from the “Mirror” weekly report.

According to reports, the date of this letter is December 7th, that is, the new cabinet sworn and Merkel handed over government power to the day before the Olaf Walz.

The report pointed out that Altemir outlines the three weapons export agreements approved by the Federal Security Committee in the letter: Tyssenke Rapp Marine Systems can deliver 3 Meko A-200n multi-purpose standard frigate to Egypt; Baden- Dir Defense Company in Ver Tengberg was allowed to deliver 16 IRIS-T SLS / SLX Air Defense System to Egypt; Tyssen Krupp Ocean System Company was approved to export a 218-type submarine from Singapore.

The report believes that the export of weapons in Egypt is especially controversial. On the rankings of the German weapon export destination last year, the second place in Egypt, a total of approximately US $ 764 million in weapons.

The report pointed out that the Federal Security Committee is a civil cabinet committee with the Minister of Finance – The Minister of Finance – It includes the Minister of Finance. The current Prime Minister Olaf Turz himself is the former government’s finance minister.

According to reports, the federal government is obliged to quickly notify the Federal House on the Federal Security Commission issued an export license. When the Federal Security Committee made a decision on the above-mentioned sensitive military sales projects, the Merkel government only took a temporary function as a guard cabinet. (Compilation / Cao Weiguo)

Source: Reference Message Network