The ancients also use “sofa”? Let’s take a look at what is the ancient sofa in ancient China?

In ancient furniture, there are four types of bedding, tardroom, royal bed, shelf bed, step. The latter two kinds are only used as bedding, for sleep, and the first two, except sleep, there is also a function of sitting. Among them, the main function of the Luo Han bed is to entertain guests as a seat, similar to the “sofa” used today.

Luo Han Bed is also called “Luo Zhandi”, a bed with screens and backs behind, but not a column top rack, is an ancient Chinese to rest and treat furniture, by Wang Shiziang called “the ideal Tools. The Luo Han Bed came by the Han Dynasty, and its shape has a size, usually called “bed”, smaller called “couch”, or it can be said to use it in the bedroom to keep “bed”, use It is a “stay” in the living room.

Luo Hao bed can be sitting, generally in the middle, laying scorpion, hidden pillow, hidden pillow, standing on the bench, put in the hall hospital, similar to the modern sofa, the bed of the bed can be used It can also place a cup of tea with a cup of tea, like a modern coffee table.

▲ Luo Han Bi in the “Five Tong Section” in the Ming Dynasty

The Sui and Tang Dynasty’s life custom of the ancients was sitting on the ground. Although the Song was evolved into a foot foot, but the habit of meditating legs was always retained.

The Maiti Dano, Luo Han Bin is a furniture that is reserved for the old people.

Luo Hao Bed was the earliest is used by the monks, and later after changing, it is widely used in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

It can be seen that the origin of Luo Han bed is also more noble.

Luo Hao bed and general sitting equipment, not only can be used for sitting, but also as a single bed, match a small number, put a fitting, bed three sides, people sit above, is a good value, treat guests One of the highest levels of sitting.

Because Luo Han Bed has double-function in bed and shaded, it can be placed in the bedroom in the bedroom. You can sit on the bedroom, play chess, and you can lying here, enjoy a relaxing time.


It is also a good choice to place Luo Han Bed in the living room. You can also match the contemporary sofa in the living room.

The study is perhaps the most suitable for the Luo Han bed, and it is possible to integrate with the book, the tea, which fully highlights its concentrated ancient rhyme.


▲ Han Xi Night Banquet

In a widely circulated “Han Xi Night Banquet”, we can also see the scenes of the ancients to stay at the arrival of the Luo Han, which is also the highest level of etiquette from the ancients.

Casual can also be passengers, a bed meets people a variety of needs, and there is no wonder that they have grown.