Does the aisle lamp design require a channel of the corridor light?

The corridor, especially a small corridor, and the light source is a very important issue. In addition to the use of sunlight, this is also possible to achieve this purpose through the rational arrangement of the fixtures. In a home environment, the main role of the aisle is to undertake the traffic, handling furniture or items of the family, so the aisle requires high illuminance to provide sufficient brightness. So, what is the corridor light to use? How to arrange the small corridor fixtures, let’s take a look.


Aisle corridor design requirements

过道灯设计要求 过道走廊灯用什么灯?

1. Light: The bright light can make the space appear spacious, or to alleviate the tension generated by the longhouse. The aisle is often used with multiple cartridge lamps, spotlights, and wall lights to create an optical environment.

2, illuminance: In home environment, the main role of the aisle is to undertake the traffic, carrying furniture or items of the family, so the aisle requires a high illumination to provide sufficient brightness. It is recommended that everyone provides a main lamp based on the depth and width of the aisle, or a master plus a few pairs of lights to ensure the illuminance.

3, color temperature: Family environment is more suitable for feeling warm, comfortable color temperature, such as incandescent lamps close to the warm color of the sun to provide lighting for the home environment. Therefore, as a frequent home aisle, it is more unique to lighting with a light-tone light, preferably in a warm-colored lamp light that is uniform or close to other spatial color temperatures.

4, decorative: The selection of the aisle lighting requires simple appearance and bright, and the shape is elegant, avoiding the use of too complicated, gorgeous lighting. In practice, it is recommended to set a main lamp in the central point of the aisle, and then cooperate with the corresponding spotlights, cartridge lamps, wall lights and other decorative lamps depending on the special structure of the aisle to achieve a good decorative effect.

What is the aisle corridor?

1, ceiling lamp

The ceiling lamp is arranged in the corridor. This approach is most common in engineering design. Suitable for residential buildings or industrial, teaching, office spaces, and scientific buildings, especially external corridors. The ceiling lamp is equipped with a dust-proof gasket. It has good sealing performance. It can avoid small flying insects into the lampshade, which is suitable for places where the corridors and mosquitoes are more. This illumination method is not high, but the cost is low. This type of lamp produced by the formal manufacturer, its lighting is good, and the light is soft, it is not easy to discharging, and the efficiency of the lamp is high, and better results can be achieved. Premium products should be selected as much as possible. This type of cloth is used, and the illuminance calculation can be calculated to calculate the illuminance value.

2, cartridge lamp

Embedded cartridge lamps. This approach is suitable for residential buildings or hotels, hotels, hotels, hotels, hotels, hotels, hotels, hotels, hotels, hotels, hotels, hotels or other entertainment venues. The light source of embedded cartridges generally uses warm-colored tonal power energy-saving lamps for creating warm, peace or romantic atmosphere to coordinate with the overall function of the building. Due to the narrowness of the bottom of the lamp light cup, the cartridge light is divided into vertical cartridge lamps and horizontal lamps. Each form has a variety of styles, and the light distribution curve is different, and it is generally narrow light or medium light. Lamps. When designing, pay attention to the high ratio of the luminaire, avoiding the uneven spot in the corridor. Taking a ceiling height 2.5 m as an example, in general, the distribution spacing of the medium-filled light-free lamp is 1.75 to 2.5m, and the spacing of the narrow-filled light-filled lamp is 1.25 to 1.75m. This cloth lamp can be used to calculate the illuminance value using the spot illuminance calculation.

3, cassette fluorescent lamp

Using a cassette fluorescent ceiling or a grid-type fluorescent lamp embedded uniformly. This method is highly illuminated, suitable for office, scientific research, and inner corridors in teaching buildings (external corridors are chertded) to create bright and efficient lighting environments. The average illumination between the corridor and the stairwell can be easily calculated using the utilization factor method.

4, spotlight

The spotlight is a typical non-main lamp, an unpredictable lamps, if a row of small split lamps are combined, the light can be fantast, and can be placed around the ceiling or furniture, or within the wall, wall dress or The skirt line. At present, the quality of spotlights in the market is very good. It is difficult to distinguish from the meat, so the purchase of the spotlights best chooses brand products and selects the high quality transformer.

5, wall light

The wall lamp is generally used with glass lampshade, and the light reflected light through the wall can make the light of the light, projected and fainting light, showing different features due to the different materials. The decorative effect of the wall light is generally more obvious than the lighting effect, so when choosing, you must first see if it is installed on the wall. When choosing a wall light, pay attention to a few points, first of all, choose a protective cover, follow it to pay attention to the quality of the lamp cover and the bracket.

6, light curtain wall design

There is also a common method of the aisle lighting design, that is, the lighting curtain wall, the so-called lighting wall means installed with embedded light strips or LED curtain walls, so that the entire wall or ceiling of home is a uniform light color, so that the home is more warm Comfortable, but this lighting design is high for home overall lighting and design requirements, and it is best to match each other.

Extra corridor luminaire

For foreign corridors, it is generally in the courtyard or park, so it is generally outdoor lights, such as outdoor wall lights, outdoor wall lights, outdoor headlights, and now buy more outdoor wall lights, For details, what type of wall lamp is to be installed, you have to see what kind of decoration style is your corridor. Generally, many corridors are more in Chinese, so they can choose Chinese antique outdoor wall lights or continental outdoor wall lights, colors There are many bronze.

Inner corridor luminaire selection

The inner corridor is generally set at home, so you can choose indoor lights. Generally, it is a small ceiling lamp, ceiling light, wall light, etc., you have to see what you specifically like, the lamp is designed. Where is the design, if it is designed to select a ceiling lamp or a ceiling lamp, a lamp, and so on if it is on the wall, the wall light is better.

How to design home improvement aisle corridor

1. Place a mirror in the aisle, use reflection to play a good penetration effect, expand the field of view.

2, placing a gorgeous retro crystal chandelier at the top of the aisle, making light, is a good choice.

3, the wooden wall skirt design is beautiful and practical, beautifully style, and the gloss quality can be very good.

4, the walls of the aisle to create a photo wall or a home gallery is an effective way to avoid a single, adding emotion.

5. Create a large storage cabinet hidden in the wall in the aisle, which is the most effective use of space. 6. Install the decorative ground lamp under the aisle floor, and the light is also full of beautiful little things, such as flowers, pebbles, etc., will be pleasing.