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Beyond the “Oil, what is the short video in the short video?

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In the street market of Malabo, the capital of the Equatorial Guinea, a Chinese picked up a bag from the booth, in the local area, it was treated as a food sale. The Chinese outer number is called stone, and it is called him like him.


The stone is incredibly to take out a piece of “ontology”, with a fluent Spanish to ask African guys around: “Is this stone picked up from the ground?” The young man told him that the stone came from the mountain, mainly for pregnant women. Eat, I have a good health.

It may be that the expression of the stone is incredible, and the African guy takes a small knife, scrapes off the gray soil of the surface, and cuts a small piece to the mouth. That expression seems to be said: “You look, I said it can be eaten, no lie to you.”

Eat stones in the African market, map source quick cut screenshot

Stone still didn’t dare to blame, and they muttered against the lens: “This stone will not feel the stomach, and the same thing.”

The video is abrupt.

Malabo is the capital of the Equatorial Guinea and is the most prosperous city in this country. The market visited by the stone is very like China’s weekend, blue plastic plates, and all kinds of food and condiment sacks and large pots are piled into a hill.

Compared with other bloggers who shoot videos in Africa, the stone is not big V. Shooting video is not his main business. In 2019, he was assigned by the company until the African continent from the unopened, became a foreign land. More and more people have begun to see Africa from the short video, the stone is in the shake and fast hand, and the “stone pot in Africa” ​​is slowly accumulated from hundreds of fans.

In addition to the high school history book, in addition to the natural scenery documentary, some African pictures belonging to the moment are in front of the author. After the author clicks on the release, it will take back to the domestic netizens.

Disabled continent

“New Tang Book · Western Region” has recorded a distant country: “There is a pilot plant in the sea, there is no resort.” In the west of the Indian Ocean, a piece of the mainland that was not completely discovered, one The place named Duggling State, written by Song Yuhe Ouyang repair to the Western Region Graph.

I have been going to the Ming Dynasty. After Zheng He has completed the sailing, the Oriental talent eventually has a clear perception of this continent.

But the goods are far from others. As early as the Song Dynasty, the fragrance made from the country has entered China under the operation of Persian merchants. This fragrance made from intestinal sick secretions in whales has been taken with a great name – Long Qiang.

Compared to Dial the country, the names of this area Somalia may be more familiar. In contemporary network context, it is synonymous with pirates, “Somali Pirate” is more like a fixed match, not a combination of two words.

This is the case in most page numbers in history. African continent is condensed into several keywords, such as Egyptian pyramids, Somali pirates, South African diamonds, and princes in 2010 may have Uzuula.

The same is probably the same as the Eastern civilization in the Western eyes, but after the rise, the keyword is dismantled into a richer cultural and history to find brilliant reasons.

Before walking on Africa, the stone is limited to the Looks here. “I have no so-called black and other Africa’s concept before. (Understanding of Africa) is the picture inside the TV before, very poor, eat unique, so some cases.”

My friend asked him where to work, and usually have similar confusion after answering. “I said to Africa, everyone’s impression is, ah, how to go to that place, dirty mess.”

Until the truly embarrassed, the stone realized that Africa is a large continent of the block, there are many countries that have a huge gap between these countries. His resident Equatorial Guinea has not imagined that poverty. After discovering oil resources in the 1990s, the local government has done many infrastructure work, and it is not bad to develop in the Naganfang countries in the Sahara Desert.

Equatorial sea, map source respondents

In the first year of Africa, the stone didn’t go out, and he adapted to a very unfamiliar culture. Until the shooting of the short video, he often went out and walked more to the local life of Africa.

Africa has never lacks a fascinating culture. Like the Once Latin American literature, African literature ushered in the post-lasting prosperity period in the post-colonial era.

In October 202, the Nobel Literature Award was awarded Tanzania writer Abdul-Razak Gulner. The news of the domestic Internet information platform in the first time is used by the writer’s English name. Gulner has no long novels published in China, only two short novels are included in the “African Short Story Collection” published in 2014.

Compared to European and American literary works, African writers are very popular in China, although Gern is already a 7th African writer who won the Nobel Literature Award. Investigated professors who have participated in the translation of “African short novels” and said in an interview with “News Morning News” said: “African writers will receive the Nobel Literature Award again. It is a good thing to make readers around the world will more interested. African literature, but pays attention to Africa and cares about the survival situation of Africans. “

The French writer Le Krezio, who is the winner of the Nobel Literature, called Ocean Province, “I can’t see the continent”, because “until today, it still does not know the outside world, it is just the way, some degree On, it is not present. “

The fate of Africa is also coming.

Whether oriental or Western contexts, Africa is present in the long history in the background, and gentle oriental trends as the birthplace of Dragon Zone, greedy Western Empire regards it as a sloppy. In understanding Africa, pay attention to African issues, the perspective is more folk short video, has been in front of literature and movies, and puts the Africans’ survival in front of the audience.

At first, this “see” with gaze gaze.

Short video bloggers align the lens for African girls and young people, teach them to use the Chinese explanation of the Chinese meals that they are cooking:

“Oil, don’t worry. Eggs, don’t worry. Tomato, engage in it.”

Smart businessman began selling African children’s blessing video, selling prices from dozens of blocks to hundreds of pieces. The children stood a row, holding a brand with Chinese, singing or shouting the Chinese greetings just learned.

Under the gaze, Africa first is seen as a performance.

Because of the fresh sensory experience, the audience is willing to pay the time and money to consume this performance. Criticism This gaze appeared too much higher, the “actors” gained more concerned about how many candies were taken after they were stopped after the recording is stopped.

Later, the lens also started to take so deliberate people and things. Millions of people see the dusty downtown, thin boy girl and the tribe leader in traditional costumes in dozens of seconds.


Heads and foreign places

Most of the stones are taken when walking on the streets in the local area. I haven’t seen anything, I haven’t eaten, he took it, cut into a video to go online. He has studied in South America. In addition to Chinese, he also learned Spanish and French, enough to let him talk to most of Africa. This is the prerequisite for his shooting video.

Here, he is a foreign land. Many locally habits often live, and it is fresh and strange to him.

For example, he started very strange why there is no vegetable sold in the supermarket in the equatorial Guinea, occasionally buy potatoes, but the green leaf is basically not seen. Later, he found that African vegetables were more expensive than meat, and the general supermarket did not sell, and the Chinese supermarket can be bought, but the price is simply a high price for local prices. “In Equatorial Guinea, if you see that there is always green leafy vegetables on the table, it is the family above the middle.”

“Cucumber 20 yuan 1 catties, radish 15, small cabbage 15, lotus root and garlic in this African rare vegetable, one pound to be hundreds.” Stone company’s door guards, running the soil attempt to open the cherry tomatoes in the yard, As a result, the leaves were all overwhelmed.

In the lens, the door guards smashed a wilted tomato vine, which is the only harvest after the watering of the water. Stone introduction, although Africa is large, but not all land is suitable for planting, like his Equatorial Guinea, because there are many land, it is not suitable for planting vegetables. “The most important thing is the Buddha’s character of the African, although there are many land, but no one is willing to go to the land.”

The lack of vegetables is also derived from some strange special foods, for example, by the locals called vegetable soup. Seven vegetables such as pepper, onions, celery are chopped, smashed into a mud, put into the black plastic bag, selling it on the market.

It is possible to engrave skills in China DNA. When the African Assistant Little Brother tried to make a cucumber, the stone couldn’t see it. He would teach him to put it on the seeds in the seeds and sprinkle water.

Stones watering the vegetables in the yard, the map source fast hand screenshot

African locals do not eat vegetables because the price of the vegetable planting industry is expensive, but they still have a lot of things that are uncommon, and they are high-priced in China. The original taste also has the national boundaries, the ancestors accidentally attempts and long time, which has created different food traditions of different ethnic groups.

For stones of foreign mutants, the dislocation between diet cultures can also bring a lot of surprises.

In October October, it is a good time to eat crabs in China. Compared with the four or five hundred Yangcheng Lake harachlra crabs, Africa’s crabs are much cheaper.

The stone has a hundred dollars on the roadside to buy a five string live crabs. The big crab just caught was brought together after the blue or red plastic rope, a string of ten or so, African young people raised the crab on the side of the crab, mainly sold to foreigners like stones.

African big crabs, map source quick-sided screenshot

Dozens of crabs are processed by a big project, stone and friends have been brushed in the pool for a long time, before they finished the cooking. The big crab with a block is filled with a pot, and the spicy background is cooked, it is a pot of African Hao horizontal spicy crab.

Stone and other Chinese friends have a lot of fun, only a African friend who has dinner at the same table has no anti-eye chopsticks. Under the persuasion, the African friend finally decided to try it. After eating the first crab in life, he left the evaluation of “好 但 但 好”.

There are also local people who love to eat, but there is no food in the stone. The stone pie mentioned in the previous article, the stone was originally wanted to take a video experience, but it was still not a heart. Another friend who went with him was tasted, and immediately touched it with water. “The sand is sticky, and I feel that I feel sticky to the mouth, I can brush it with a brush, he uses two bottles of water to really be clean.”

In addition to the stone cake, there is also a big snail in the market. The snail of the fist is tied together with a tie crab. Press the series sale, the finger is poked, and the snail that is squeezed together will also creeze.

In China, African big snails are one of the first 16 foreign invasive species, including the list of “foreign invasion species”, which is the middle host of many parasites. But in Africa, it is a hot commodity on the market, and selling big snails or even an important industry. The locals will take the snails with iron tabs, steamed or stir-fry.

Introducing the video of African big snails, Guangdong, Guangxi and Fujian fans showed.

“Rainy days are like ants, climb everywhere.”

“I will sprinkle salt directly, and I will run to the house in the rain, I am bored.”

“This snail is much more, I usually take the stone to die.”

I am very rare, and the domestic netizens discussed how to cook, but how to eliminate it. African big snails are fast, and it is a strong harm to crops. In the Asian continent, it is not a dish on the table, but the invasive person of human life.

For Africa, the stone is a foreign land; and there is a continent in short video, it is a foreign land of the domestic audience. The development of information technology has shortcase the time of this shore to the other side, Zheng He is calculated in units of year, turned into a mobile phone and a WiFi password after 600 years.

But regardless of which era of arrival, the exchange of items is the theme of the constant life. Stone likes to give African locals Amway China food, according to what he said, the most successful Amway is actually a preserved egg.

Stone to locals Amway eggs, graphic source shake screenshot


“When I shared them, I saw the state of their initial face, and then took a little despise. After the last tasted, I suddenly felt very delicious.” Stone said, sometimes shooting a short video will have Some interpretation of the ingredients, but he can feel that his African friends are sincerely like to eat premium eggs.

Stones are very enjoyable. “I will think this is a victory of Chinese culture output, so I will have an inexplicable pride.”

600 years have passed, no matter from the official or folk, the oriental can always feel similar joy from communication and sharing culture.

Habituality takes time

Video of this video, seeing the novel mysterious life, while the video of the bloggers in Africa live more uneasy than the lens.

Xiaolong has more than forty-million fans in the fast hand, and the public first video is posted on December 2020. He took a video of a local person to buy Xima (the potato grinding powder, one of the local main foods), no editing, no sound, short a short clip of a short, gain tens of thousands of pieces.

But the same is a short video blogger, Xiaolong’s feelings for Africa is more negative. In the face of our inquiry for African life, he only left a sentence: “Africa is not suitable for Chinese.”

For Chinese, African life is really much difficult than in China.


Here, the stone is crowded like a bus in the first time, the same transporter. There are two rows of seats on both sides of the narrow naches, and the passengers shoulder the shoulders, and they are stacked on one side. He inspected the project in the tropical rainforest, and the local people traveled through the jungle, and the unknown bug biting is a package.


Sitting in the Africa, the map source respondent

In addition to natural environment and material conditions, the cultural environment of the habit of Africa is also a big problem.

In 1960, in 1960, it is only 60 years since its inception, the previous Africa is trapped in colonial rule, throwing a large resource, and most of them have lost their own language. Today, most of the universities in most countries are still in French, English or Portuguese, like a straight country, and retain traces that cannot be retrieved in colonial age.

The scars left by the colonial memory have not been faded. The equatorial Guinea in which the stone is located, began to allow tourists to take pictures a few years ago. “The locals see what foreigners take pictures of mobile phones, they will stop, the police see you will even arrest you, because he thinks you are leaking, this is not allowed.”

Transition takes time. In just a few years, there is already a native to appear under the lens of the stone, learn to reclaim waste vegetables, or taste the crabs that have never been eaten. “(Africa) also has a variety of cultural traditions, some people are conservative, some people are open. Now I have a good discouragement in advance.”

Two years from Africa, the stone gradually became a non-African communication from a person who knows about Africa. Some netizens commented on the shake, saying that their face blindly couldn’t clear the African front, and the stone just came to Africa and similar confusion. “Divided because you don’t care carefully, so I look like it. African or Europeans see us Chinese, if they don’t care, I will feel almost one thing.” After a long time, contact More, there will be no such problem. Under the observation, everyone has their own characteristics, and the difference between people and people is very big.

More than three people need to habits Africa, African people need some time to get used to life.

In Africa, the most uncomfortable in Africa is that many locals will pay directly to him, and some friends who have just met will let him eat, buy Xuebi, or charge the call. Stone said that this is the local habit, they feel that foreigners are rich. “They think that the rich should help the poor. White, the Chinese are all rich, they can come over to help us do buildings, help us do a lot of things.” At first, the stone will refuse, and then discovered this It is a habit of some people who will tell them directly that they have no money.

Africa has its own cultural customs and eating habits. Many videos have filled a large amount of edible oil when they cook, and made cherry tomatoes, which was because of their normal food tapacosa. The cassava is grinding powder, mixed with corn, and stirring in boiling water until solidification. This is the most common staple food in Africa.

The original tribe of Africa still retains many traditional customs. When celebrating the tribal festival, the young people in the tribe will get up early, tie the branches with bark, and take the shed. After the others arrive, young people wear traditional costumes and dance together. In the pace of neatly, the thin dust is raised. Women’s traditional costumes hanging the bell, the light bell fluttering with the dance step, making natural accompaniment for this party.

Achibe, is known as the father of African modern literature, has said: “The African people are not the first time in European, and the African society is not ideal, it I often have an alive, rich and beautiful philosophy. “

In addition to the writing of Western centralism, Africa’s own story is dusty. Today, it is not only in the literary work, but also appears in the mobile phone lens. There are both passionate, wild, free Africa, and are also poverty, conservative, stagnant Africa.

If “see” is to find a culture of a culture, then “flat” is to understand a culture of a culture.

At least today, people from the East know that the origins of the dragoniance will also take the wind oil to Africa. This bottle of green small things, now is the hard infaudes of Africa, when the weather is hot, the Africans will point it to the tip of the tongue and the tip of the tongue. Feel a cool cool.

Every time I returned to China, I will bring a lot of wind and oil when I start, and his friends like this gift. I don’t know how to make a bunch of small bottles, he will not imagine the night wind on the West Pacific for 600 years.

In this paper, the stone and small dragons are pseudonym.



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