How to wear boots in winter? This way, the style, matching, is fashionable, and it is slim

Every time I put a new dress, I found a new look, as if I married a romantic time, let people be addicted and enjoy. Beautiful fashion seems to have a magical magic. Once you try to have a beautiful dress, you will never put those flat and even some rustic items.

A delicate woman will always find the most suitable item in each season, and did not step on the sky in the snow, and did not wear the wolf of sandals in the cold wind. Some is only a natural Beautiful and elegant. Do you want to be such a exquisite woman? Then this winter boots wear guidelines, you must see ~


The boots can be short, salt sweetest, but no matter what good-looking boots, they can not blindly wear chaos.

If you want to select a pair of boots that you adapt to you, you have to pay attention to the details below.

>> Color, style, boots length, high, design


1 Getting Started: Directly choose the most uncomfortable solid color

No matter what style, what material boots,

As long as you choose black and white, it will not be wrong.

Black and white solid color boots can almost control all items.

The left side of the blue jeans, black boots and Asian nature have echo, super fashionable. Right milk white boots are equipped with cards, and the warmth of the winter is very soft.

2 Advanced articles: boots color and clothing matching keep consistent


Of course, we can’t wear a thin-changing black and white boots in winter. At this time, we must learn to choose the advancement of boots.

That is to keep the boots and clothing consistency.

In fact, the color of the boots and the colors of local costumes echoes each other.

You can sing like the first little sister, dyeing white boots and handbags, or like the second little sister, dark brown boots and black semi-skirts form colors echo.

Master a consistent boots color method, other color boots can also be easy to control!



1 Getting Started: Choose the basic style of the wind, no gender boots


Before you haven’t touched your fixed clothes,

You can choose a neutral wind or no gender-style boots.

That is, the color is basically black and white ash, there is no obvious gender feature, while the boots do not have a style attributes such as a bow, metal accessories.

For example, a pure-colored boot, black Martin boots are typical neutral wind boots.


2 Advanced articles: boots style and some single item echo or collide

When you find your own clothes or figure out the difference between all types of style, you can choose boots according to style!

The first kind of wearing is the choice of unified boots with the overall garment style.


Of course, it is also possible to let clothing and boots form a style collision.

For example, the workplace wind is equipped with sexy wind boots, and the sweet wind is equipped with cool boots.

[Boots Length]

1 Getting Started: Choose everyone’s suitable ankle boots

Whether you are a high child or a short child, like minimalist wind or gorgeous wind, you

You can wear an ankle boots near the ankle, a hundred and don’t press a child, it is also thin ~

2 Advances: Select the detail according to the body shape and wear detail

Downing length: When wearing a short skirt above the knee, the small child is suitable for short boots, and the high child is suitable for water boots. When wearing a long dress below the calf, no matter the short, there must be short boots.

Height and legs: high children

Preferred selection of long boots or medium boots above the length of the upper leg, the lower legs,

Small child

Preferably, the ankle boots and boots near the ankle of the calf are preferred.

People with long legs can easily control all boots, people with short legs prefer to choose boots, do not try to exceed the long boots of the knee length.

[With high]

1 Getting Started: Choose low-key, not easy to make mistakes, low or flat

1 to 3 cm of the heel height is low

This high-quality boots can increase their visual height, and they will not be too exaggerated, and girls who don’t worry about high heels can also be controlled. Flat shoe has a certain requirement for height and body, asking a high child to be thin, so we look good.

2 Advanced articles: According to the size of the body, high and the same

A small child or a thin body is suitable for fine, high skeleton or circular figure, to give priority to the coarse boots.

The height of high heel boots cannot exceed six cm,


Otherwise it will be too exaggerated.




The design of the boots mainly refers to the decoration of the shoes, and needs to be selected according to the complexity of dress.

As so far, the upper and lower apparel design is simple and a pure-colored block, and the boots can take a little metal decoration to increase the exquisite.

But if the costume design is complex, the more simple and better boots.


Boots + drop

Finally, I chose a strong self-satisfied boot, but the match is to pay attention to each detail. Finally, don’t ignore the closestness of the relationship between boots ~

How do boots that make up? The answer is below, and then look down!

Idea: I must remember “leave white” in a skirt.


When mixing with a short skirt, the leaves of the leg should be in the middle of the thigh to the lower leg or knee. When you do a long skirt, the white position should try to be in the skin of the skin’s skin.

Retro A word skirt with oil painting atmosphere with cool handsome Martin boots, showing slim legs, handsome and beautiful; ominable elegant nude long skirt with same color white bare boots, slightly revealing a small leg, It is another kind of elegant.

Idea 2: Matching pants must pay attention to the width of the line

When the spread of loose bread, the leg line should be changed from a width to narrowness. With tight pants, pants, yoga pants, etc., the lines should be consistent as much as possible, and the boots can be 1-2 cm than the pants.


The first set of micro-loose pipe pants is equipped with an alkle of almost slim bare boots, it will look very clean. The second set of completely slim small black pants with gray loose boots, super thin.

Idea 3: No matter what style, calves and feet must be simple

Regardless of the simple basic or gorgeous design,


Some of the legs and boots should remain simple.

The first set of upper body uses superposition, and the lower half of the simple jeans is equipped with pure black bare boots to relieve the complex feelings of stacking. The second set of down jackets are plenty, but it is simple enough in the trousers and boots, the lines are enough, so it will not be cumbersome.



The boots and the dressing, the skirt must have a leisure of the legs, wearing a trousers to ensure the smoothness and width changes of the lines, other matching needs to ensure the cleanliness of the legs.

Conclusion articles


Regardless of the popular trend, wearing a collection is always full of uncertainty, just like our future. But a pair of suitable boots, a set of matching programs that will not be out of time, but can make each set of unknown matchs are full of charm.

Wear once, the United States once, has been wearing a long-term boots to wear guidelines, whether it is the same as a boots or equipped. I hope this boot guide can take care of every detail you match ~