The novel: Beauty classmates were confused, the young man was a angry, but it sang a big trouble

Some families around Lin Yang also left.

Today, Lin Yang’s strength, which family force does not want to bind a few points, Dragon Tiger Hall and others are naturally do not want to see Lin Yang to pay.

“Yan Yao, proudly, do you know Mr. Lin? I just said that you also said a few words.”

Xu Zhendong pulled Xu Wei Yao two.

He is the helmmer of the Xu’s group, and why is there a sense of smell, and then ask two people.


Xu Yuyao finally slowed the God, his face was pale.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Xu Zhendong was not right.

Xu Yuyao took a deep breath, this only one hundred or five, one hundred and one, ten minutes, listened to Xu Yuyao, Xu Zhendong, who arrived, couldn’t help but hurt: “Yu Yao! People always will Change, let alone some true life, people in the truth, that is to change. “

“Once you go to a certain time, it is really straight to the cloud, flying to nine days.”

“Mr. Lin, but can not be sinned again, otherwise we can’t afford!”

Xu Zhendong was cold and half.

The baby’s daughter said, is some bad past and experience.

Xu Youcai saw so much sister. They were high school students. I thought that he thought that he was only a baby to eat, and he didn’t open it again.

He didn’t know, in Lin Yang’s heart, he impressed more than his sister.

The wine has passed three patrols.

The banquet gradually arrived at a climax.

A group of black water halls lifted a good martial art army, spurt, and Liu heard and said with Lin Yang, leaving the banquet, hurried to prepare those herbs.

Dragon Tiger Hall, also secretly sent people to start preparing for the drug.

For a time, the banquet is still hot, but it is crazy, but the center of this is far from the center of the scene.

“It’s almost, it is.”

Lin Yang didn’t like this banquet, and a few people in Dragon Tiger Hall said simple, they left here.

He just walked out of the hotel gate, then his body rang.


“Lin Yang, do you have time? I painted a few of your portraits, I want to give you.”

The phone is called the sound of Chu River.

So late, Lin Yang wants to call the Chu River.

“I am going to find you …”

Lin Yang’s face showed a smile. When the two people settled, Lin Yang hit a car and left the Wisterian Light Restaurant.

Twenty minutes later.

In the evening wind in the early summer, under the stunned street light of the Guanzhou high school school, a black sports dress dressed in the Chu River smoke appeared in front of Lin Yang, and she saw Lin Yang came, and he was busy handing the paintings in his hand. .

“Look, do you like it?”

Chu River is soft.

Lin Yang immediately opened the drawing, but the smile on his face was a bit of a little sad.

There are three drawings.

The first is that he stood on the podium of the physical and Olympiad double-hit yuan, the scenery, the appearance of the giguism;

The second is the streets encountered two years ago. He is stumbling, no fighting;

The third quarter is the Queen’s box. He is quietly sitting in the corner of the box, and drinking alone in the style;


Three figures, different appearances, each have each charm and taste.

But the same lifelike, exhausted.

“It’s really good to draw.”

Lin Yang couldn’t help but praise.

“You like it.”

See Lin Yang likes, Chu River could not help but smile, she stared at Lin Yang quiet and peaceful side face, I don’t know why she has always a feeling, that is, Lin Yang is back, and the return is somewhat different.

In the past, he had a high arrogant talent and arrogance, now it is hidden.

It has made a cloud of light and light, and self-confidence.

She can’t help but look at my heart.

“What’s wrong, have something on my face?”

Lin Yang asked with a smile.

“No no……”

Chu River is so busy to move, the little face is red, the two have a laughter, walk towards the campus, at the middle of June, the Bai Guang high school high school has been completed, but the second grade has the last few days of courses. .

The two came to the playground.

Monthly star, faint moon sprinkler.

At this time, I walked a few of the strange clothes that dressed up trend.

Bai Lang High School, is the alma mater, as the best high school in the city, in addition to some of the cultural and excellent people.

More is some of the famous rich people.

Almost a large half of the clouds will be sent here to learn here because there is excellent hard and hard facility conditions here, and because the clouds can meet each other,

“Hey, which class is this small sister, will not be a senior college student?”

One of the boys, tall, with a earrings, and saw the beautiful Chu River smoke and immediately came over.

Chu River smoke is generally truse.

Like that day, the two people will pick up her, that is, her bodyguard and driver, but she is sneak out today, so the bodyguard is not around.

Several people came, the Chu River cigarette noodles, and then cold tang: “What do you want to do?”

“Why? Do you have no number in your heart?”

The high-tech young woman is laughing.

These people are all famous rich people, do not learn, with their own business, and the things of this kind of tuning girls do more, and now the Chu River smoke shows can be meal, not speaking.

How can they miss it?

The remaining few people are also close to the Chu River.

No, I didn’t forget to see Lin Yang: “Where the poor boy, I don’t hurry.”

They drunk, Lin Yang seems to have not heard it, not moving.

“Kid, do you find it?”

Suddenly, the high school boys were acknowledged, and a whip leg was kicked toward Lin Yang.

Said to do it.


The whip legs have been scored, with the wind of the bamboo, and the head of the bamboo! He called Qi Qi, is the president of the Bai Guang Taekwondo Association, has already had the strength of the six paragraphs of the black band, and the force has experienced a long-term unusual person.

In addition, he is behind the family, and there is no one to provoke in the school.

Just a little overlord!

The whip leg seems to be on the ax, after the body, the Chu River has accumulated color: “Be careful, Lin Yang.”

Lin Yang only raised his hand.

Subsequently, only heard it!

Qi Ruyan, the right leg, the right leg immediately, he painted on the ground, there is no blood color on the face, and the younger brother will become a big change, this is, they are brother!

His strength, they still know.

Is this defeated this?

At the same time, their hearts, hurried to the latter, and the latter had hurting faints.

When they came back, Lin Yang two people were not here.

“Hurry to send Qi Ge to the medical room, fast!”

“What should I do?”

“What can I do, can you play him? When Qi Ge woke up again.”

After several boys said, several people quickly lifted Qi Ran to the medical room.

On the other hand, Lin Yang came to the Chu River to go to the campus. The Qing Dynasty in the early summer, the green pentagonal calornesia containing yellow, stunned street light under the chuhe smoke, the shammous, fascinated .