5 , from the school uniform to the wedding dress, from the understanding of maturity, from the love to the white

5 this is the pet, from the school uniform to the wedding dress, from the understanding of maturity, from the love to the white head ~

The first book: “I am a big sister” Author: Time

Book Review: Wearing the book Su Tievan, the school hegemony woman travels to the schoolbalanced woman all the way to counter a variety of Su Shuang’s evil spirits. Shen Di didn’t expect, just playing a nap in the middle of the work, she actually went into a book, it became a book without evil, the notorious anti-school big sister is big? ! The character of the woman, the style of acting is the type I like, the big sister is not necessarily a bad thing, but also guides the partner to go together to a better future. Sinking is really kind, and righteousness, and courageous.


The man and fierce and milk are also super good for the female master, and it is a good life. Her partners have a wonderful ending and have some as they are good at. I don’t want to choose a book. I don’t want to be in other words. One pass is a male master. The storyline is very cool, likes the friends who started together, distinguished, the characters are very good. It is worth learning together.

Second book: “Her smiling like a sugar” Author: Hui Yin


Book Review: From the school uniform to the wedding dress, the man is very handsome to learn, but also to make a favor of his girlfriend, and the female master is positively, in order to catch the male master chasing her goal, constantly working hard! The best love is much supporting each other, so that both sides become better … Mutual achievement and mutual attachment, a group of friends, make me see youth campus love.

Third: “She and the first first, I have to” authors: 图 先 森

Book Review: Double SubaChong Campus Pets, Women, Gu Yicheng, the male, the bureaucrat, joyful, noisy, the scholar, gave up the math, can also be said to put the two diseases Creating, Gu Yixiao business, a doctor a businessman, everything is so busy, although there is such a paragraph in the edge of the breakup, but it still sticks to it, she is also especially for her, otherwise it is also Will not be “难” when Siyi is married, two people live in the end, still very happy. Everyone has a homemade, every pair is perfect!

Have a female owner of our black lotus, the Siyi of the Surgical Knife, the favorite of the two, the secondary school girl sleeves, or the evil capitalist paying, ever paying, or the Lion teacher’s small moon Qingxu’s small sun forest, the squad leader Wang Si and the other half of the road, don’t look a lot, but they have their own stories, there are each other, only memories, but there will be no regrets or not sweet, very sweet Sweet! From the high school to graduate to the old, from the school uniform to the wedding dress, from the mind of the mind to mature, maybe the young favorite is like this. A book that makes me feel that there is a book that has a tear.


The fourth: “Plopping Ploth like you” Author: Ning Yu Shen

Book Review: From the school uniform to the wedding dress, walk from the love to the white head. There is a girl called the leaves, and there is a boy called Gu Yanluo. A boy called Gu Yanluo, one is too inferior but not willing, an too proudly said that she secretly protects her, she replaces her sister to Charlot, he has a heart to swear It is impossible to find someone who makes the sister become a vegetative person. Two people who are inadvertently do not have together.


Gu Yanluo met the leaves of the leaves before, and the days were mixed, and they were bullied, not in class, and the most important woman is the mother Lin Yu and my sister thinking. After meeting the sleepless, a row is because the leaves are not sleeping, the couple’s net name couple avatar, will speak love, will be domineering when sleeping is bullying, “giving me people apologize!” I can’t wait for everything that I have not sleeping. related. I am going to school, carefully exam, help sleep and tutorial … The process is abused, but the ending is very sweet!


The fifth book: “Rebirth of cold wife a exploded” Author: Jinshire

Book Review: Leisity of the big women’s heart, reverse, the plurality of plots, the pre-emotional line is slightly slow, the leaves are really beautiful, wise, kind, and the people are killed, this world is After reporting the hatred, continued the leading edge, if the world is not the step-by-step count of the surname, this woman is really very precisely!

This takes a step of watching the ten steps, and it is also very people who can do it, and there is a favorite person who knows her trust her. The president of the male main surface is, actually a small milk dog; doing you all the best, even if the wife is the first ….. full-text story is compact, ups and downs, sweet, abuse, praise!

The above is 5 this popularity, from the school uniform to the wedding dress, from the understanding of maturity, from the love to the white head ~ I feel recommended, please, collect, forward, thank you!

What have you seen in the same type of novel, let you impress it? Or who want to see which type of novel, welcome to share the message and the worms in the comment area ~