Two needles 300,000, how much is the “beauty corruption” of the female corrupt official?

Obviously, there is an early front car, some female officials still have a lucky psychology, which is not self-contained in “beauty corruption”.

On September 3 this year, Zhang Liyu, member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Public Security Department of Fujian Province. According to the highest inspection website, the procuratorial organ filed a public prosecution in accordance with the law.

According to the previous informed, Zhang Li is a political and legal party member leading cadre, losing the ideal beliefs, backs up the initial mission, destroy the principle of the bottom line, indifferent party discipline national law, speculative drilling, through interesting loans, high interest rates, and smashing people Intervene in personnel arrangements and case treatment, fighting against organizational reviews.

At the same time, there is also a crime in the notification also has received attention: Zhang Li is accepting beauty services that may affect fair implementation.

It is worth noting that in these years, the female corrupt officials of the horse, suspected of “beauty corruption”, Zhang Liji is only the corner of the iceberg.

“Beauty Corruption”

Open resume showed that Zhang Liyu was born in November 1963, once served as the Organization Department of Fujian Provincial Party Committee, 2013, the three director of the Department of Organization, the Ministry of Organization of Fujian Committee, visited the Party Committee of the Fujian Provincial Public Security Department, director of the Political Department.


In August 2019, Zhang Li was served as a member of the party committee and deputy director of the Fujian Provincial Public Security Department, and after 4 months, he was held at the same time. In April this year, she was discharged from the party committee of the Fujian Provincial Public Security Department, deputy director, and the same month were investigated.

According to the discipline committee, Zhang Liyu “five pois all” – serious violations of party political discipline, organizational discipline, integrity discipline, work discipline and life discipline.

Among them, there are two details to receive attention. First, Zhang Li is suspected of two sins. In addition to accepting bribes, there is also a crime of bribery, and the ruling of high profits, the Quanzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate sued her “With the purpose of transferring, the financial institution credit funds Gao Li transmissions.” The second is Zhang Liyi suspected of “beauty corruption”.

The so-called “beauty corruption” is a luxury consumption arrangement such as high-end beauty such as high-end beauty. Zhang Li’s specific is how to borrow beauty and corruption, and there is no disclosure in the current notification. However, there have been similar cases in the past.

Xu Ai Lian once served as the mayor of Manzhouli, the luxuriant life, and beauty. One of the business owners who have long laundered the greening project and settlement projects, while giving her bribes more than 20 million yuan, they also vote for it, specifically arranged mesenchymal stem cell injection.

That is a more stem cell, with self-renewal and multi-directional ability, and the beauty industry can promote metabolism, promote organizational cells, and delay the official aging, and popular, it is “anti-aging”, injection price is not. The bribery business owner paid two-time mesenchymal stem cell injection for Xu Ailian, with a total of 300,000 yuan.


In May 2018, Xu Ai Line went to Shanghai to inject the first plexite stem cells. In October, she learned that the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission was investigating, flustered, and quickly contacted the briber to return money, and put their name from the list of voluntary infusion. However, the sky is restored, Xu Ai Lian eventually did not escape the sanctions of the law.


Xu Ai Lian.

Article 34 of the People’s Republic of China on Public Procurement Personnel Actually: “Accepted, providing a banquet, tourism, fitness, entertainment, etc., travel, fitness, entertainment, etc. may be warned, remember or record After the circumstances, the circumstances are severely degraded or dismissed. “

In fact, “Beauty Corruption” has taken into public vision before 10 years ago. Many people may still remember the news that once sensation – Beijing procuratorate first investigated the series of corruption and bribery in the beauty club.

That time, 13 people were “beauty corruption”, and the suspects were more than the bureau, the department level cadres, the people involved in the case, the wide range of the water scope is rare.

10 years ago, I have walked into the public vision

In March 2011, the Beijing procuratorial organ received anonymous for anonymity. The letter reflects the long-term consumption, behavioral consumption of the chairman of the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, the chairman of the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, long-term consumption, suspicious.

This short anonymity will be reported to the high attention of the procuratorial organ. Initial investigating personnel found that the trade unions in which Bai Hong adminisculated will have financial and bank accounts, often have a large number of checks, cash expenses, and return of the invoice for the payment is mostly “conference fee” “training fee” “office supplies “Gifts”, etc., but there is no invoice directly related to “Beauty Club”.

After in-depth investigation, it was found that the “Meeting Fees” “training fee” “Office supplies” and other invoices are a hotel, a business company, a sales company, etc. And these companies have a common superior management company, which is the management company of a woman meeting in Beijing.

According to the survey, this is a high-end club that only provides professional beauty and health services, there are a number of branch chain operations in the golden space of Zhongguancun, Liangma River, Wanliu, Beijing, China. club.

Procuratorate staff began to collect clues and evidence involved in Bai Hong’s suspected crime, while white macros of criminal records also surfaced. According to statistics, from July 2006 to March 2011, Bai Hong took the position of the position of the chairman of the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, and received cash check or cash from the city’s health system trade fairs in the municipal health system. A total of RMB 3.99 million in a worker fee to be managed to transfer yourself to a number of people such as Beijing World Fitness Club, paying their personal beauty, health care.

In the meantime, she went three times a week, more and more frequently and more, sometimes they came back, and the family didn’t go back to beauty. In the more than 2,000 square meters of clubs, she experienced hundreds of characteristics such as beauty, body, fitness, etc.

· Hua Hong, Chairman of the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau of the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau.

While investigating Bai Hong case, the procuratorate won the secret customer information and related accounts inside the women’s world fitness club, more suspected of cosmetic criminal clues start surface.

In this day, Beijing, China’s consisting of 13 corruptions in the beauty club, 13 after accepting bribes, 12 cases of criminal suspects are women, and the other is the former deputy chief of Beijing Urban Construction Group (Male ” ) Conduct lovers to make lover for high-end beauty common corruption.

According to the incomplete statistics of the procuratorial organs, “beauty addiction” of female criminal suspect in 13 cases is great, and each person is in the consumption record of the beauty club!

The concealedness makes people

It is mentioned that “beauty corruption” has to mention Liu Guangming.


Before the fall of the horse, Liu Guangming is the Director of the Anshan Taxation Bureau of Liaoning Province. In the public report, Liu Guangming is over half a hundred years old, but when the skin is firm, the light is glow, and even some people say she “like a 28th, the girl”. “

Liu Guangming is born in a common miner, which is high, and people are also more beautiful. After participating in the work, the deputy director of an ordinary tax office was jumped from the deputy director of the Anshan Administration. During this time, she spent 5 million yuan to Hong Kong, which was more than 500,000 yuan, which was the most staggia of up to 500,000 yuan hips plastic project.

It is said that Liu Guangming pays special attention to his appearance. It is often intertwined. After each time you come to find yourself more attractive, you will become more and more obsessed with beauty, and.

According to the materials mastered by the Tax Branch, Liu Guangming, During the Director of the Anshan State Taxation Bureau, the annual tax vulnerability held by the Anshan State Taxation Bureau at least 900 million yuan, and the number was amazing.


· Liu Guangming.

There is media report that the female corrupt officials suspected of “beauty corruption” are at the age of 40 and 50 years old, living in the position, the cause is successful, and there is a beauty “hobby” in private life.

For example, I have served as a member of the original party group of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and Vice-Chairman’s “Female Tiger” was referred to as a banquet and shopping, high-grade beauty, including the impact of fair implementation of official duties, and illegally accessing the private club.

For example, Shen Zhili, the Standing Committee and Vice President of the Northern University of Technology, and Shen Zili, referred to “inexhaustible and beautiful, life”, was sentenced to 10 years in prison because of the crime of accepting bribes.


· Some beauty greedy female officials exposed by the media. Image Source: People’s Network Public York Data Center.

On the one hand, “beauty corruption” itself is very concealed; on the other hand, bribery has new ways. In order to make a profit, some beauty institutions will go to register the associated empty shell company. In this way, through this company, these beauty institutions can help women’s corrupt officials, and provide a convenient condition for their parity. .

There is a new situation in frequent corruption: some people do not collect cash to collect flowers, some people carry big mirror jade, and some people take public funds to reward the anchor … Even the beauty, now there is repeated “corrupt way”. The beauty is not very thick, but officials will eventually be severely punished by the party discipline if they are “dressing” with corruption, and will eventually be severely punished by the party discipline.

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