The leaders spent 13 yuan to buy 140 packs pots to share

Really disgusting

Coordinate: Magic, ordinary office building

Let’s talk about the cause first

I have a small snack in the office, and everyone will eat together.

Cooky ham sausage snacks.

I have been eaten, I feel delicious, I bought it for everyone to share.

Leaders are a middle-aged uncle, a chronic disease, basically can only eat light food such as sewage radish, bidding goodbye to all seafood frying food. It is still an old-colored, seeing the little girl who is applied to the face, I am smiling, I am not talking to the boys …

He saw our snacks for a long time, but it is based on everyone who spends money to buy, and has not impacts the overall view of the office, so there is nothing.

but! ! He suddenly sounded his self-speaking, 13 140 packs of pots in the office yesterday! ! Really cheap! Order! Buy! The most afraid of the air suddenly quiet …………

Everyone is in the heart (these are all on the road to spit): 13 pieces, 140 packs Average 1 cents less than 1 pack, but also! ! The actual price, I dare not imagine! !

Your department leaders, there are more than 20 people, just buy snacks, unit prices can almost ignore … I think you can not participate in everyone’s snack group, since all buy, don’t buy it, you can buy it silently. , Then give you a minute! Oh, it’s really, no words, you have to turn it on the ceiling! !


At noon today, the pot is arrived! ! Express Uncle Uncle is hard, the next day, the next day, the next day is at noon. When you come, you will start to sell everywhere. Everyone in the big afternoon is either eating, or just eat well, do everyone special embarrassment, eat nor, not eating!

It is connected to the coated, like the Alps lollipop, so there is 140 packs, the amount is there, it seems quite a lot. The packaging size is almost the same as the pots sold in spicy hot hot. but! ! ! The spicy pamber is a whole, some or 2 pieces. It’s in this pot, probably only 10 pieces of fingers of the sized fragments, the square is probably! ! I don’t know, I don’t want to open it, the pot size is depends on hand, but it may not be quite accurate, but it should be much worse. This can also take it out to show off (black question mark)

Finally, he also made a look at these pots in our side, putting us more bought before.

Say, I am not prejudial to the pot, everything exists reasonable, definitely there is its value. But holding a few times higher than our salary, but the search for the search for everyone, showing off everywhere, emmmm, how to say, it is disgusting! ! !

First hit so many words! !