Qin Wei wears a suit shorts to catch the plane, thin legs, thin knees are also awkward, both beautiful and eat more.

After entering the autumn, the weather is getting colder, and many people don’t know what clothing should be worn. It is recommended to wear a cat.

Suit shorts, using self-contained single item


Effectively reflect the side of women’s advanced and stylish. And, if the suit shorts are matched, it can reflect a variety of postures.

This time, 42-year-old Qin Wei took a black suit shorts, with simple white luggage and black suit jacket,

Highlight women’s cool and handsome


Everything does not lose fashion. Also, the revealed legs are thin, and the skin is thin. Even if it is beautiful, you should eat more. Under her interpretation,

The suit shorts blooms a different charm

. Below, the cat sisters tidy three details of suit shorts to help us better shape the trendy shape of suit shorts.

Details, choose a slightly loose version, create a lazy and casual effect, do not pick

I want to create a trendy shape in suit shorts, and picking a suitable suit shorts in a suit. Simple suit shorts

Not fashion, no body, can not shape fashion styling

. Therefore, the cat sister suggested choosing a slightly loose suit shorts. Such version does not pick up your body, suitable for a wide range. While modifying the body, while obstructing, it can create a lazy and casual effect.

The loose version is not bonded to the leg line, which can avoid tightening, lum

It also alleviated potential engraved and dull atmosphere.

Common body types are pears shaped, apple shaped and banana shaped body. And suit shorts can be divided into tight, slim, and Oversize. For pear shaped body,

It is not recommended to wear a tight, slim version


It is easy to reveal the fat and cause tight sensing. Moreover, the potential problem with suit shorts is to easily appear on the engraving and dullness. A loose version of suit shorts is lazy, and it is also possible to easily slowly ease the potential engraving and dullness.

Combined with the above, the cat sister suggested choosing a loose version.

This time, 42-year-old Qin Wei appeared in the airport, wearing suit shorts is a slightly loose version design.

Slightly loose, loose version, greatly alleviate the weight of the lower body


In this way, it has played a skinny effect. For pear shaped body, it is very suitable. And, the loose version is controlled very well.

No 邋遢 and bloated situations

. Qin Wei did not have “Auntie”, wearing a suit shorts to measure the weight, but I really envy.


Detail II, high waist type to increase waist line position, optimize body proportion

The suit shorts can be divided into low waist, ordinary waist, high waist style.

The cat sister suggested choosing a high waist style, using this style to improve the position of the waist line,

Effective optimization

. Whether it is for women who are uncoordinated or legs, they can draw long-legged lines, create a superior body proportion of “three or seven points” and the sensation of the long legs.

If it is simple

Select high waist style

, Matching one piece, it is also necessary to pay attention to the overall harmony. Recommended utilization

Topping under the jacket, plus the waist, plus waistband, choose shorts to open the waist, etc.

It emphasizes the existence of slender waist and high waistline, so that the overall shape is more stylish, the advanced and exquisite, and it will be relatively easy to control.

Detail 3, choose the la carte to avoid the long legs, simple and good

For women, I want to put in a suit shorts in a fashion, and I need to consider it in a number of aspects when choosing. Among them, the length of the suit shorts is also in the details that we need to pay attention to. Cat sister suggest

Select the style of the lap

, Revealing a large leg skin, can avoid pulling low legs, both simple and good. In this way, small children can easily control.


If you are worried

The laptop is not good.

It is recommended to choose the most classic to

Length in the middle of the thigh

It can effectively draw the leg lines and shape the proportion of good body. Just like the above figure, Qin Wei wearing suit shorts is to reach the length of the middle of the thigh. With a slightly loose version, it is slim and eliminating the long leg line, highlighting the sensation of the long leg.

Take a suggestion point:

Suits with fashion, practicing and handsome, is also a common single item in the workplace.

Causes engraving and dullness


. In particular, solid colored suit shorts is the most prone to such problems. In order to avoid this, we can choose a suit shorts with elements, slow down and engraved, and the shape will be more eye-catching. Can be taken

Matching method

, Make the shape more fashionable, advanced and exquisite.

Ok, this issue is shared here, let’s see you next time, bye.

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