No wonder the little child loves the short section! Winter “short cotton + straight pants”, fashionable and high

There is less warm and practical short jacket in winter, and the short-range jacket can reduce the visual effect of the upper body, and then equipped with high waist pants to make a chest of the whole legs.

Small children, if there is no thinking in winter, try the combination of “Short Hand Case + Straight Pants”, which is undoubtedly a penetration, and also takes into account good looks.


First, “black and white gray” cotton clothing

The warm and thick cotton clothes, the jacket is a must-have costume in winter, especially for small children, short cotton jackets are more suitable, and casual is not bloated. In autumn and winter, there is less than “black and white gray” single product, this basic colorful single product classic, not picking people, simple matching can wear casual feelings.

Gray cotton suit, this refreshing and elegant tone of cold cotton clothes, low saturation, visually very slim, and can highlight the cold temperament of women.


In the matching of the gray down jacket, the black letter printed sweater is selected, and the pattern of the two items is relatively loose, so the lower half can choose a slightly close straight pants, and will not choose a bloated drag.

The canvas shoes on the feet add refreshing and aging temperament to the overall shape, and the young girl chooses this set.

If you think that the cotton suit in the solid color is too tone, you can also try a black gray splicing cotton clothing. This short style cotton clothing is simple atmosphere, and it is visually low.

The mix of the lower body pants is also very simple, choose black straight pants, leisure and generous, tightening design of trousers, to a certain extent, weaken bloated feelings, avoid being too dragged.

Middle-long style white down jacket, wide design is suitable for most girls, the lower body is equipped with blue jeans and black boots, which forms a casual free style. Refreshing white down jackets are in color, and the color is clear, and it can maximize the whiteness of the skin.


Among the pure black down jackets, the inner steps can choose a black and white stripe style bottoming shirt to a certain extent, weaken the single-conditioned sense. Short cotton clothes are not like other down jackets, this clothing is as refreshing and simple, and above the foundation and colors can demonstrate the image of the atmospheric low-key.


In the autumn and winter season, it is not easy to be bloated as a wide leg pants. It will not expose leg-type defects like a tights, and we can use the steps of pants. Visually, the perfect extension is visually thin and the leg is long.


Second, bright cotton clothing

Grass green cotton clothes, it is too bright in winter, giving people a feeling of vibrant. The unique heart shaped pattern in cotton clothes is reduced. Match the orange parcels on the plane, perfectly improve the highlights and eye-catching index.


After the dark blue cotton jacket is designed to be short types, this single product is more practical, in the winter chooses such a jacket, so that the gas field is refreshing and generous.


Compared with other cotton jackets, this cotton clothing is more thin, and it is not visually bloated. Wearing a plush hat, standing in the snow, sweet, too sweet, too winter atmosphere.

The fresh and elegant sky blue itself is a refreshing and cured color, in the winter of this color cotton jacket, does not need too much embellishment and match, and will not feel monotonous. This bright color is not only very white, but also full of quiet and soft ladies.

Black straight trousers and snow boots, and the sure is a cute playful taste. Trousers in the trousers, can balance the swollen feelings brought by the blue down jacket, and the overall matching looks very harmonious.