How to choose a cutter? Superb

First of all, have skin fruit, do you need to peel before eating?

Many experts think this is a two difficult choice.

There are some fruits, and most of the nutritional values ​​are mostly in the epidermis, if cut off, the nutrition of the fruit is greatly lost.

Under the influence of today’s social needs, in order to make more and more fruits, it has become a year, or it is extended to the shelf life, and it seems fresh, pesticides and waxing is a general probability. Therefore, it is not peeled, the residual pesticide will harm the body.

But its real skin is rich in nutrients, the amount is there, and the damage to the pesticide residue is still worthwhile.


Since it is going to peel, how do you choose a cutter?

I saw an article, saying that it is a choice of a good cutting knife, as long as the thin layer is cut, it is not worried about the pulp waste of the way, and can guarantee nutritional retention.


In the past, everyone used a fruit knife. There were still many people who took the “skin” skills, but some people were annoyed because of the “cut half of half” hand-lost behavior until they were dedicated to peeling The peeling knife began to be popular. Finally, it is only balanced, and the fruits also escape.

Blade material

1. Metal blade: It is not easy to rust, but it is easy to be uncomfortable.

2. Plastic blade: It is more common, the price is cheap, the pendant speed is fast, and it is not easy to hurt.


3. Ceramic blade: It is recommended, it is not easy to oxidize rust, which is more sharp than the metal blade, and is also safe than it.


The angle and size of the knife also affects. The angle is small, the lower knife is deep, the gap is large, and the meat is cut off. So you can select the knife appropriate, the angle is close to the flat peeling knife, and the blade is a beveled, more convenient, not easy to waste.

Ping and sawtooth

Pullhead cutters suitable for fruits with smooth epidermal, such as apples, pears, etc., with small sawtooth peeling knives, compared to skin thickening and rough, similar to cucumber.

Choosing a suitable hand cutting knife is also a technology, not only don’t waste fruit, vegetables, not easy to hurt yourself. Energy and practical!