Libe the hard disk from the chassis, can you play these roles? I didn’t expect it before.

Previously, the impression of the M.2 hard drive was installed on the motherboard. On the M.2 interface, the high-end motherboard will match two or more M.2 interfaces. For the first time, it is simple and convenient to install the M.2 hard drive, but after loading other computer accessories, the space of the chassis will become very crowded, and it is difficult to remove the hard disk. Author is trying to take out the hard disk without removing other accessories, it is easy to scratch the finger, or lose the screw of the fixed hard disk.

Reason for choosing a hard disk box


Maybe someone will ask questions, why do you want to remove the hard drive? Is it not used inside? In fact, in most cases, the hard disk will not be moved in it. But special circumstances will always be, it will still be very troublesome. It is reason to say that the original intention of the M.2 hard disk is not convenient? Store massive data on a card-type hard drive, but loses part of its advantage after installation.

Today, most M.2 hard drives have adopted NVME protocols, and the performance is getting stronger. We can combine the portability of M.2 hard drives together, and the solution is to choose a M.2 hard drive box. . I chose a Green Uniform Gran Car M.2 dual protocol hard disk box, except for its color, the high and compatibility of the dual protocol is also intended for a long time.

Hard disk box experience


After the hard disk box is in the hands, it finds that its structural design is very playable. The first time I can don’t understand how to open the box, so there is a very detailed installation process in the specification.

After making this installation method, start trying to put a spare M.2 hard disk into, “咔 擦 咔 擦” sound is a bit like assembled the pistol, let me think of “New Police Story”, Wu Yanzu and Scene of Jackie Chan.


Although the mechanical feels, the hard disk box is distinguished, but there is no feeling of cutting hands, and there is a layer of silicone protective cover. Even if you put it in your pocket with your mobile phone, it will not affect each other.

Just right speed

Our requirements for the hard disk box are not only a carrier of the hard disk, but also can play the speed of the hard disk itself. The interface of the machine organizer is USB 3.2 Gen2 specification, and the transmission rate can reach 10Gbps.


After the harsh software speeds, the average transmission speed can be over 950MB / s, and the 10G size file is not over. Whether it is a game disk, office disk, or even Win to Go system disk, this speed can be satisfied.


Today, in the M.2 hard drive, do you think about preparing a mobile hard disk solution for yourself?