The opening of the Canton Fair, the multi-path of the Guangong integration into the “double cycle”

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A 10-day 129th Canton Fair is in full swing. 177 Dongguan companies participated in 575 booths. What is the status quo of Dongguan foreign trade in the epidemic? As the barometer and windsome of Chinese foreign trade, the annual Canton Fair is a good observation window.

The reporter conducted a research on Dongguan enterprises who participated in the Canton Fair with the staff of the Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, discovered an exciting phenomenon: Dongguan foreign trade enterprise orders are obvious, most of the enterprise is working hard in overtime. In the context of accelerating the “Double Cycling” new development pattern, more and more Dongguan foreign trade enterprises have begun to integrate “double cycle” with a play of the Canton Fair.

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Brand makes the market share of Guan enterprises have gradually increased

“100 foundrs turned to make a brand, can succeed may have only one.” This sentence was widely circulated in the foundry industry, but the reporter found that the company found in Dongguan enterprises at the Canton Fair. Wonderful transformation breaks this strange circle.

On April 16, “Domestic International Double Circuit, Domestic Trade External Trade” – Canton Fair Double Cycling Promotion Activities. Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Commerce organized 16 Dongguan enterprises to participate in this Canton Fair dual cycle promotion. Among them, Dongguan Junyi Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jun Industrial”) carries a variety of design novel, practical storage package. The company’s head of the company told reporters that the brand used by the storage package from the company’s 2016, the US company was originally a customer who was joined by the Canton Fair through the Canton Fair.

“The brand is an important tool for opening the foreign market. Therefore, after many years of cooperation, 40% of the US customers have acquired the brand, this brand is ranked first in the US office supplies industry market share.” Li Chichang told reporters that through the brand strategy, Junyi Industrial Products have increased year by year, which is well integrated into foreign circles. Compared with the Guangfa held on the previous two, Junyi Industrial has greatly improved the traffic of the online booth traffic of this Canton Fair and the effect is good.

It is not just a Junge industry that reflects the effect of this current Canton Fair. Deng Wenwu, the head of Dongguan Shengqiang Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sound Strengthen Electronics”) told reporters that since the opening of the Canton Fair, Sound and strong Electronics will live broadcast every day, attracting many buyers, and there will be a lot of lots every day. Interested buyers add requests for WeChat and other contacts.

Soluble Electronics has sold 30 million yuan in a quarter of this year, which is basically the same as the fourth quarter of last year. Deng Wenwu smiled and told reporters: “Every year in the fourth quarter is the peak season of the industry, the first quarter is off-season, but this year’s situation is not light season.”

The brand strategy has always been an important way to strengthen electron integration into the “double cycle”. Deng Wenwu told reporters that the advantages of sound and electronics are in “external circulation”, mainly through the Canton Fair with many foreign brands, lending ships out of the sea, and sells well to dozens of countries in overseas countries.

Li Xing Laser is a professional manufacturer of laser machinery. In an interview with a reporter, Yao Yudong, chairman of the company told reporters: “There are too many orders.” It is understood that the sales of Li Xing laser increased by more than 30%. Li Xing Laser has received many buyers’ inquiry every day in the live broadcast of this Canton Fair. “The live broadcast effect is too good, so on the basis of the original 8 live broadcast, there is an additional addition to 20 games.” Yao Yudong said.

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Domestic and international markets promote each other

“We have just taken a place in Wuhan soon, preparing to build a factory, the production capacity of the plant mainly facing the domestic market, and the new factory in Dongguan stone has been built,” Dongguan Jingkan Liquan Co., Ltd. Zhang Linfeng, deputy general manager (hereinafter referred to as “Grand Can”).


The fine cannula can mainly produce a variety of iron pots for packaging smoke, wine, tea and other products, and the annual iron tank exceeds 500 million, and the internal sales and export purchase are half. In order to integrate into the domestic circulation, the beautiful cans have been constantly in Zhejiang Jiaxing, Hubei Wuhan and other mainland city buildings, in order to better close the domestic customers. “Our products are relatively low, in addition to being more sensitive to raw material prices, the transportation costs are also very sensitive, close to customer construction plant can reduce transportation costs, and effectively improve the competitiveness of products.” Zhang Linfeng said.

In this reporter, in the investigation of Dongguan enterprises participating in the Canton Fair, companies carry out global layouts are not in a small number. In addition to Dongguan’s factory in addition to Dongguan’s factory, it is also built in Cambodia and Hunan.

According to data, in recent years, with the continuous advancement of the “all road” initiative, the pace of enterprises will continue to accelerate. As of March this year, Dongguan has 572 foreign investment projects, with a total investment of 2.5 billion US dollars, involving more than 50 countries, of which nearly 60% of investments are mainly distributed in developed countries such as the United States, Germany, Spain and Australia. Nearly 40% of investments are distributed in Thailand, Malay, Vietnam and other ASEAN countries.

In the first quarter sales of Li Xing, there are 30% from overseas markets, 70% from the domestic market, and the domestic market is the main market of Zhixing laser. Therefore, while stabilizing overseas markets, Li Xing laser is constantly increasing investment in the domestic market. At present, there are currently 10 cities such as Chengdu and Shanghai, in order to better close customers.

Guangdong Roman Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Roman Intelligence”) is a company specializing in the production of electric toothbrush, razor, straight hair, etc. Sales in the first quarter of $ 150 million, an increase of more than 40% year-on-year, with more than 70% of domestic sales.

Chairman of the company told reporters that Roman intelligence started to have a domestic sales market from 2017, and in the one hand, it is inseparable from the advanced experience gained in overseas customers. On the other hand, when it is in the development of the domestic sales market, Raman intelligence is in the brand, product , Marketing, etc.

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There is a live broadcast of 13 million yuan in a live broadcast.

In the interview, the reporter found that the gate-owned enterprises have increased the development of the online development, and e-commerce has become a weapon that has been integrated into the “double cycle” in Guan enterprises.

Taking Roman intelligence as an example, in the sales of 150 million yuan in the first quarter of this year, domestic market sales is about 100 million yuan, of which 80% from online sales accounts. Last year, LuoM smart invites the goods network red Li Jiaqi to produce an electric toothbrush produced by the company, and a live broadcast has received more than 13 million yuan.

In addition to the online stores in Tmall, Jingdong, Roman intelligence also sells independent brand products through cross-border e-commerce channels, and supplies for sellers of the relevant e-commerce platform. “We also intend to develop micro business.” Yan Youchun said to the reporter.

It is understood that the story of Raman Smart and Nethong Cooperation Belt in Dongguan is not a lonely, such as Dongguan De Loud Platice Co., Ltd. has also worked with Nethong, Wiya last year, 3 minutes of live broadcast more than 7,000 ‘Lunar ‘Series of watches. During the cooperation with Nethong, Dongguan Enterprise has also improved significantly in addition to sales of sales.

Deng Wenwu told reporters that in order to open up online channels, Significant electronics also specialize in “Olympia” brand, selling domestic and foreign markets in e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Jingdong, Tmall. In order to take advantage of this platform of Canton Fair, Sound Electronics Arrange 2 live broadcasts during this Canton Fair, 6 foreign trade staff have taken to live broadcast recommendation.

It is understood that the platform system of this current Canton Fair has been fully upgraded and transformed. On the basis of negotiating online, on the basis of online broadcast, there is a series of functions such as domestic procurement docking. In order to help exhibitors to master relevant situations, understand various support policies and cross-border e-commerce conditions, Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Commerce also has specially convened a preparatory meeting, and the relevant situation has been explained to the company, helping to participate in the new era of exhibitions, welcome new opportunity and challenge.

Huangpu Customs issued data on April 17 showed that the double number of foreign trade import and exports in Dongguan will increase in the first quarter of this year: the total value of import and export is 321.6 billion yuan, an increase of 28.6% year-on-year. Among them, the export is 191.2 billion yuan, an increase of 28.0% year-on-year; imports of 13.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29.5%. It is worth mentioning that in January this year, the growth rate of foreign trade in Dongguan City rebounded. The first three months of foreign trade import and export monthly growth rate is high in double-digit.

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